1867 Mattapoisett Massachusetts Directory

Aiken Warren, cooper
Aiken Warren, jr., machinist
Allen James S. ship-wright
Alien James S. jr., shoemaker
Ames Daniel a. carpenter
Ames Nathaniel F. ship-wright
Ames Theodore, rigger
Atsatt John T. merchant
Atsatt Philip, shoemaker
Atsatt William, shoemaker

Bacon Benjamin, ship-wright
Barlow Franklin, rigger
Barlow Gideon B. rigger
Barlow Gideon B. jr., mariner
Barlow George, rigger
Barrows Alpnens, blacksmith
Barrows Andrew J. painter
Barrows Joseph L. painter
Barrows Philip A. mariner
Barrows Samuel, painter
Barstow Benjamin, ship-wright
Barstow Calvin, joiner
Barstow Charles B. mariner
Barstow Elijah W. Lieut. 5th Keg. Art’y.
Barstow Henry, box mill
Barstow Henry W. joiner
Barstow James, rigger
Barstow James, 2a, joiner
Barstow John, ship-wright
Barstow Nathan H. box mill
Barstow Solomon, mariner
Barstow Wilson, farmer
Bates Joshua T. ship-wright
Beal Charles C farmer
Blankenship James R. mariner
Bolles Charles E. dentist
Bolles Job A. mariner
Bolles John D. mariner
Bolles Joseph W. mariner
Bolles Joshua, farmer
Bolles Prince, cooper
Bolles Solomon E. mill
Bolles William B. cooper
Bowles Resolved W. auctioneer
Bowles Stephen W. farmer
Bowles William T. farmer
Boodry Dennis S. carpenter
Boodry Nathan, ship-wright
Bourne Edmund L. mariner
Bourne George W. mariner
Bourne William L. carpenter
Bowlin Josiah, blacksmith
Bowlin William H. seaman
Bowman Alexander B. mariner
Bowman Benjamin, mariner
Bowman Luther A. mariner
Bowman Macy, mariner
Briggs Nathan, mariner
Brightman Henry G. farmer
Brown James L. shoemaker
Brownell Ezra, farmer
Buck Charles H. mariner
Buell Edward, ship-wright
Bumpus Henry F. farmer
Burbank Charles M. ship-wright
Burbank Ezra, ship-wright
Burbank Joseph, ship-wright

Butts Joseph A. farmer
Butts Patrick M. farmer

Cannon Arvin, ship-wright
Cannon David H. ship-wright
Cannon David H. 2d
Cannon Elisha, caulker
Cannon Elisha, 2d, mariner
Gannon Frederick J. mariner
Cannon George H. mariner
Cannon Hallet M. ship-wright
Camion James, ship-wright
Cannon Thomas J. mariner
Carr John P. auctioneer
Carter James, mariner
Caswell Elbridge G. stonecutter
Caswell Elbridge G. jr. cooper
Clark Elijah M. mariner
Clark James M. mariner
Clark Jonathan M. farmer
Cleavland John P., D. D.
Coleman Andrew, clerk
Cowin Abner P. ship-wright
Cowin George D.
Cowin Isaac L. carpenter
Cowin Seth, mason
Crosby David, expressman
Crosby Nathaniel A. Ship-wright
Cross Franklin, farmer
Gushing William K. ship-wright

Davis George H. machinist
Davis Lemuel L. B. mariner
Davis Thomas K. mariner
Davis William L. machinist
Delano Thomas S. mariner
Denham Andrew, farmer
Denham Charles W. ship-wright
Denham Nathaniel H. farmer
Dexter Alden, caulker
Dexter Benjamin F. ship-wright
Dexter Caleb, ship-wright
Dexter Calvin, ship-wright
Dexter Charles, mariner
Dexter Elisha, miller
Dexter Elisha L. miller
Dexter Ephraim, caulker
Dexter Ephraim A. caulker
Dexter George H. mariner
Dexter Gideon, ship-wright
Dexter Horace, mariner
Dexter .James W. painter
Dexter John, ship-wright
Dexter John 2d, caulker
Dexter John S. carpenter
Dexter Joseph, farmer
Dexter Leonard, mariner
Dexter Samuel, caulker
Dexter Samuel jr., caulker
Dexter Sumner, mariner
Dexter Thomas, caulker
Dexter Warren, ship-wright
Durfee Edward

Eaton Solomon K. architect and surveyor
Ellis Albert, mariner
Ellis Daniel S. farmer
Ellis Jarvis, farmer

Faunce Rev. William,
Faunce William T. shoemaker
Forbes James D. clerk
Freeman Seth, mariner
Friedhoff James, mariner

Gibbs Charles M. butcher
Gifford David, farmer
Gifford Ephraim
Gifford John L. mariner
Gifford Sylvanus, carpenter
Gilbert Benjamin D. Ship-wright
Goodspeed Hiram H. mariner

Hall Larnet, jr., lighthouse and depot keeper ,
Hall Martin, blacksmith
Hallett Eben A. hotel
Hammond Ammittai B. farmer
Hammond Charles B. mariner
Hammond E. farmer
Hammond George F. mariner
Hammond Hiram M. farmer
Hammond John M. farmer
Hammond Joseph J. fanner
Hammond Larnet H. merchant
Hammond Nathaniel, ship-wright
Hammond Noah, farmer
Hammond Roland, student
Hammond Thomas P. farmer
Hammond William, soap manuf.
Handy Elisha B. mariner
Harlow William, mariner
Harris Joseph, blacksmith
Harris William jr., mariner
Haskins Lorenzo D. carpenter
Hathaway Edwin F. mariner
Hathaway Isaac, farmer
Hathaway Philip D. farmer
Hiller Alpheus B. joiner
Hiller Benjamin E. joiner
Hiller Caleb, ship-wright
Hiller David P. mariner
Hiller Edward B. farmer
Hiller Isaac, farmer
Hiller Isaac jr., farmer
Hiller Jonathan, joiner
Hiller L. farmer
Hiller Nathan O. carpenter
Hiller Nathaniel, farmer
Hiller Nathaniel P. ship-wright
Hiller Seth, carpenter
Hiller Prince, joiner
Holmes Jonathan H. ship-builder
Holmes Josiah, jr., ship-builder
Holmes Heman G. moulder
Howes Marshall, stone cutter
Howland Roland, shipwright
Howland Thomas, ship-wright
Howland Weston, ship-wright
Hoxie Asa, mariner
Hudson Joseph, sail-maker
Hudson Wilson B. sail maker

Jackson Andrew, mariner
Jenney Alonzo M. ship-wright
Jenney Elisha C. peddler
Jenney John, sawyer
Jenney Joseph K. mariner
Johnson Charles H. cabinet maker
Johnson Thomas, mariner
Jones Ebenezer, painter
Jones Lot N. butcher
Jones Sylvanus T. mariner

Keene Freeman C. mariner
Keith Benjamin F, carpenter
Keith Charles, express
Keith Charles F. mariner
Keith Marshall, mariner
Keith William H. mariner
King Caleb, clerk
King James, mariner
Kinney Charles F. mariner
Kinney Charles F. 2d, mariner
Kinney Jireh, shoemaker
Kinney Jireh jr., saloon
Kinney Jonathan, mason
Kinney Samuel, mason
Knobb William, farmer
Konkiel Christian, farmer

Landers Thomas C. mariner
Lawson Elias, mariner
LeBaron Albert S. jeweler
LeBaron Edward, farmer
LeBaron Enoch H. patent halters
LeBaron Frederick L. patent halters
LeBaron James, farmer
LeBaron Lemuel, merchant
LeBaron Marcus B. sawyer
Lewis George W. ship-wright
Lobdell George W., R. R. contractor
Luce Charles O. ship-wright
Luce Shubael K. mariner
Luce Thomas, farmer
Luce William, merchant

Macomber Joshua L. mariner
Mendall Ellis, shoemaker
Mendall Nathan H. mariner
Merrithew Edmund, jr
Merrithew Russell, mariner
Merrithew Stephen, mariner
Merrithew William W. mariner
Morse Ansel, ship-wright
Morse Edward A. mariner
Morse George F. mariner
Moise Theodore S. mariner
Murray John, fanner

Nelson Thomas, cabinet maker
Nye Charles H. mariner
Nye Charles F. mariner
Nye Francis, ship-wright
Nye Francis L. mariner
Nye George B. mariner
Nye Ichabod, ship-wright
Nye Joseph J. farmer
Nye Prince M. mariner

Parker John, shipwright
Parker Nathaniel D. shipwright
Payne Abraham, shipwright
Payne Daniel H. shipwright
Payne Francis M. mariner
Payne James A. mariner
Polly Jacob, farmer
Purrington Henry J. caner
Purrington Henry W. ship wright
Purrington George, carpenter
Purrington George, jr., merchant
Purrington Isaiah, mariner
Purrington James H. carpet sweeper
Purrington Joseph, shipwright
Purrington Samuel, shipwright

Randall Charles, caulker
Randall Charles mariner
Randall Clement, caulker
Randall Fayette E. farmer
Randall George W. farmer
Randall Joseph S. caulker
Randall Lemuel, farmer
Randall Leonard, farmer
Randall Lewis, farmer
Randall Stephen, farmer
Randall Thomas, farmer
Randall William R. caulker
Ransom James B. farmer
Ransom James B. jr., mariner
Ransom Joseph H. mariner
Ransom Nathaniel C. mariner
Ransom Sidney, mariner
Robinson Benjamin F. mariner
Robinson Joseph H. mariner
Robinson Josiah, miller
Robinson Josiah, jr., mariner
Robinson William, sawyer
Rounceville Job P. mariner

Sampson Andrew C. mariner
Sampson Benjamin F. mariner
Sampson Joseph T. mariner
Sampson Thomas C. shipwright
Sanford Edward C. mariner
Shaw Bruce F. farmer
Shaw James, farmer
Shaw John A. farmer
Shearman Job, shipwright
Shearman Noah, teacher
Shurtleff Alvah H. farmer
Shurtleff Henry A. farmer
Silva Edgar S. mariner
Sisson Andrew F. farmer
Smith Charles W. shipwright
Smith John, shipwright
Smith Joseph E. sawyer
Snow Allen W. mariner
Snow Dennis F., K. K. agent
Snow Eliot K. mariner
Snow Ephraim, wheelwright
Snow Harrison, mariner
Snow Harvey, shipwright
Snow Henry A. wheelwright
Snow Henry L. mariner
Snow Ivory, shipwright
Snow Joseph W. carpenter
Snow Levi, grocer
Snow Martin, grocer
Snow Prince, shipwright
Snow Rufus D. machinist
Snow Russel E. mariner
Snow Silas W. mariner
Snow Stephen, shipwright
Snow William, shipwright
Snow Wiatt shipwright
Snow Wiatt. jr., grocer
Southworth Andrew, mariner
Sparrow William E. apothecary and physician
Spooner William, farmer
Stevens Thatcher C. blacksmith
Sturtevant Noah C. mason
Sturtevant Samuel, jr., merchant
Sturtevant Samuel L. carpenter
Sweat William W. physician

Taker Joseph B. mariner
Taber William L. mariner
Taylor Henry, merchant
Tinkham Abraham, farmer
Tinkham Clark, farmer
Tinkham Isaac D. farmer
Tinkham James H. shipwright
Tinkham James W. shipwright
Tinkham Nelson B. farmer
Tripp Job P. farmer

Washburn James M. ship wright
Washburn John, shipwright
Washburn John M. shoemaker
Weeks Ansel, surveyor
Welch John, mariner
Westgate Edward A. farmer
Willis Elijah, merchant
Winslow Benjamin, shipwright
Winston Orsamus, peddler
Winters James
Wright Alfred M. farmer


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