1867 Lakeville Massachusetts Directory

Aldrich John E. shoemaker
Allen Clothier, farmer
Allen John, farmer
Allen John F. farmer
Andrews Gustavus G. carpenter
Andrews Stillman S. carpenter
Ashley Abraham, teamer
Ashley David, farmer
Ashley John C. farmer
Ashley John E. farmer
Ashley Joseph, farmer
Ashley Josiah K. cooper
Ashley Luther, mason and farmer
Ashley Silas P. farmer

Back George, shoemaker
Baker Abisha, farmer
Baker Freeman, farmer
Baker Josiah, farmer
Baker Marcus, farmer
Baker Simeon, farmer
Baker William, farmer
Baker William 2d farmer
Barney George, farmer
Barney William, farmer
Barrows Elijah W. clergyman
Bassett Charles H. shoemaker
Benton William H.
Bishop Dexter, hack-driver
Booth Henry B. farmer
Briggs Jonathan C. fanner
Briggs Joseph H. carpenter
Briggs Peltiah, farmer
Brown Edward, shoemaker
Bump Josiah B. shoemaker
Bump Thomas W. shoemaker

Canedy Alexander, laborer
Canedy Elkanah W. farmer
Canedy John W. farmer
Canedy William, farmer
Carpenter Henry G. hotel-keeper
Carpenter William H. hotel-keeper
Carver Gilbert W. laborer
Caswell Abraham, shoemaker
Caswell Abraham H. shoemaker
Caswell Eliab, farmer
Caswell Horatio, trader
Caswell Martin L. shoe cutter
Caswell Nathaniel, laborer
Caswell Solomon, farmer
Caswell William H. farmer
Caswell Stetson, trader
Churchill George W. farmer
Churchill Libbeus, painter
Clark Stephen, farmer
Cole Charles G. laborer
Cole Job N. laborer
Cole Samuel, farmer
Cole Thomas F. shoemaker
Coombs Clarence A. shoemaker
Coombs Hopestill B. shoemaker
Coombs James M. farmer
Coombs Simeon, mason
Coombs William A. farmer
Crane Ebenezer, farmer
Crane Luther, carpenter
Cudworth Elisha G. farmer
Cudworth John, farmer
Cudworth Joseph S. shoemaker
Cummings Jason, farmer

Dean Allen, brick burner
Dean Barney T. shoemaker
Dean Henry A. shoe manuf.
Dean James A. shoemaker
Dean John, shoemaker
Dean Philip O. farmer
Dean William, shoe manuf.
DeMeranville Josiah, farmer
DeMeranville Josiah jr.
Dunham Edward E. shoemaker
Durfee William N. laborer

Elmes Hiram, shoemaker
Elmes Royal, farmer
Emerson John L. shoemaker

Farmer Charles, cooper
Fisher Obed T. laborer
Freeman Alexander H. shoemaker

Godfrey Job M. farmer
Goff Joseph W. machinist
Griffith William, dry goods packer

Hackett Edward W. farmer
Hackett Peleg S. farmer
Hafford Reuben, farmer
Hafford William F. farmer
Hall Levi, farmer
Harlow William, farmer
Harvey Abiezer T. farmer
Haskins Austin, shoemaker
Haskins Bartlett, shoemaker
Haskins Cephas, station agent
Haskins Edmund, tailor
Haskins Franklin, carpenter
Haskins Gilbert T. laborer
Haskins Ira, laborer
Haskins Irvin
Haskins Levi H. farmer
Haskins Martin K. carpenter
Haskins Myrick, carpenter
Haskins Orin E. farmer
Haskins Thompson R. laborer
Haskins John C. farmer
Hinds John, sawyer
Hinds Stephen V. sawyer
Hinds Sumner, farmer
Hoard George S. farmer
Hopkins William H. com. merchant
Hopkins William H. jr., com. merchant
Horr Elijah, shoemaker
Horr Job, farmer
Howland James M. farmer

Jackson Abraham, clergyman
Jenney Charles E. farmer
Jenney Edwin, farmer
Jones Ebenezer, laborer
Jones Paul L. shoemaker

Keen Seth, farmer
Keith Joseph W. laborer
Kinsley John, carpenter

Leach Charles W. dentist
Leonard Abiatha, farmer
Leonard Ezra S, shoemaker
Leonard Frederick, farmer
Leonard Gideon, farmer
Leonard Henry B. shoemaker
Leonard James, farmer
Leonard j. J. C. farmer
Letcher John W. laborer
Loner William E. shoemaker
Lovell Thomas J. straw manuf.

McCulley EZRA, farmer
McCulley Stephen, farmer
McGee Andrew, farmer
Meach John, seaman
Meach Lawson, fanner
Miller Samuel, shoemaker
Montgomery John, farmer
Montgomery John F. farmer

Nance Frederick A. cooper
Nelson Cyrus, farmer
Nelson Horatio, farmer
Nelson John H. farmer
Nelson Sidney T. farmer
Nelson Thomas M. farmer
Norveill Levi, farmer
Nye L. farmer

Osborn Andrew, shoemaker
Osborn George, nail manuf.
Osborn Joseph C. nail worker

Parkhurst Walter B. fanner
Parris Abner laborer
Parris Enos, farmer
Parris Moses, laborer
Parris William C, trader
Parry John E. farmer
Paul Roger, cooper
Paul William, farmer
Pawn David S. farmer
Pawn John, farmer
Pawn John H. seaman
Peirce Abram, laborer
Peirce Anson L. farmer
Peirce Charles T. carpenter
Peirce Ethan E. farmer
Peirce Enos, farmer
Peirce Henry, fanner
Peirce Isaac, farmer
Peirce James P. farmer
Peirce Job, farmer
Peirce John, farmer
Pence Levi, farmer
Peirce Philip H. farmer
Peirce James, trader
Pickens Benjamin A. farmer
Pickens Davis, teamer
Pickens Edward P. farmer
Pickens Henry C. painter
Pickens Jonathan, farmer
Pickens Josephus, farmer
Pickens Silas, farmer
Pickens Silas D. shoemaker
Pickens Zaccheus, farmer
Pickens Zattue, farmer

Reed Benjamin H. stonecutter
Reed Henry B. laborer
Reed John C. farmer
Reed John E. farmer
Reed Levi, stonecutter
Reed Milton, laborer
Richmond Benjamin, farmer
Richmond Charles B. box manuf.
Richmond Eleazer, box manuf.
Richmond Hiram L. shoemaker
Richmond Leonard, trader
Richmond William, laborer
Robbins Joseph W. farmer
Robbins Lemuel, farmer
Robbins Lemuel, jr. farmer
Robbins Orin S. laborer
Roberts Austin J. farmer
Robinson Adoniram J. butcher
Rogers Harris, farmer
Rogers Hiram, shoemaker

Sampson Abiel M. farmer
Sampson Charles H. farmer
Sampson Ebenezer, farmer
Sampson Francis E. farmer
Sampson Horatio N. farmer
Sampson James M. farmer
Sampson Nathaniel, farmer
Sampson Nathaniel M. farmer
Sampson Sylvanus W. carpenter
Sampson Uriah, farmer
Sears Abner J. farmer
Sears John W. farmer
Shaw Abraham, farmer
Shaw Francis T. shoemaker
Shaw Jarius H. carpenter
Shaw John, shoemaker
Shaw Zebulon, farmer
Shockley Andrew J. farmer
Shockey Charles, farmer
Southworth Abiel, farmer
Southworth Albert, farmer
Southworth Alvarius C. farmer
Southworth Enoch, blacksmith
Southworth James, farmer
Southworth Otis, carpenter
Southworth Thomas, farmer
Southworth Warren H. carpenter
Spooner George H. farmer
Spooner Thomas jr., farmer
Staples Charles W. shoemaker
Staples George B. shoemaker
Staples Harrison, farmer
Staples James, farmer
Staples James M. peddler
Staples Job M. shoemaker
Staples William B. farmer
Stetson Sprague S. farmer
Strowbridge Benjamin H. farmer

Terry S. farmer
Thresher Cyrus, farmer
Thresher George E. shoemaker
Thresher Israel, farmer
Thresher Job, farmer
Thresher Stephen M. shoemaker
Tinkham Dennis, laborer
Tinkham Francis M. sawyer
Tinkham Horatio, shoemaker
Tinkham Josiah F. farmer
Tinkham Otis, shoemaker
Tobey Job T. fanner
Tolman Nicholas W. farmer
Townsend John, shoemaker

Vails Adoniram, laborer
Vails Joseph W. laborer

Ward James W. clergyman
Washburn Charles E. farmer
Washburn Cyrus, trader
Washburn Francis farmer
Washburn Hiram, cooper
Washburn Leonard, carpenter
Washburn Salmon, farmer
Westgate C. T. farmer
White Benjamin, farmer
White George M. farmer
White Henry C. shoemaker
Williams Elkanah, farmer
Williams Eli, farmer
Williams Eli W. farmer
Williams Elisha, farmer
Williams Elisha H. farmer
Williams George, farmer
Williams George W. shoemaker
Williams Henry L. farmer
Williams John, farmer
Williams Samuel, laborer
Winslow Asa, farmer
Winslow Asa T. farmer
Winslow Jirah, farmer
Winslow Leander, farmer


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