1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Gas Light Companies to Gun Smiths

Gas Light Companies 

Middleboro. Incorp. 1856. Capital $5,000. Proprietor. Nahum D. Wilbar.
North Bridgewater. Incorp. 1859. Capital, $16,000. Treas., H. W. Robinson; Supt. J. R. Perkins.
Plymouth. Incorp. 1858. Capital, $40,000. Pres., Winslow Drew; Treas. Wm. S. Danforth.

General Agency 

Holmes Lewis J. Bridgewater

Gas Fitters and Fixtures 

Drew Wm. R., Plymouth

Gents’ Furnishing Goods 

Estes & Whiting, Abington
Sherman B., Abington
Burges & Bailey, Kingston
Hunt & Sampson, Kingston
Toole M., Middleboro
Brett H. A., North Bridgewater
Bryant G. E. & H. I., Bridgewater
Kingman & Hollywood, Bridgewater
Scott Walter, Bridgewater

Glaziers Points Manufacturers 

Wood N. & Co., Plymouth

Grist Mills

Beals N. A. jr., East Abington, Abington
Reed A. S. & Co., N. Abington, Abington
Career J. E. & Co. Bridgewater
Atwood Bartlett S., Carver
Perkins Alvin, Carver
Cushman Stephen, South Carver, Carver
Richards E. E. East Bridgewater
Keen Sam’l. Joppa, East Bridgewater
Prior Allen, Duxbury
E. Carver Co., Halifax
Gardner Thomas, Hanover
Cashing Elisha, Hanson
Cashing T. & G., Hanson
Howland C. L., Hanson
Munroe Ethan, Hanson
Whiton Bela, Hingham
Hinds Sumner, Lakeville
Dean Joshna W., Marion
Hiller Barnabas, Marion
Dunham H. C., Marshfield
Hatch Samuel, Marshfield
Lewis Charles, Marshfield
Little Wm F. & S., Marshfield
Hatch Ichabod West Marshfield
Bolles Solomon E., Mattapoisett
Cowen Abner P., Mattapoisett
Dexter E & Son, Mattapoisett
Tinkham Abraham, Mattapoisett
Town Mills, Mattapoisett
Namasket Manuf. Co., Middleboro
French Merritt, Bridgewater
Barnes E. & J. C., Plymouth
Cobb F. B., Plymouth
Clark Wm South Plymouth
Lewis David, Rochester
Clapp Thomas, Scituate
Cole Jenkins & Co., Scituate
Gannett Freeman, Scituate
Gannet Joy, North Scituate
Tobey Joshua B. S., Wareham, Wareham
Ames O. & Sons, West Bridgewater

Grocers (Retail) (See also Country Stores)

Dunham & Pratt, Abington
Faxon B. E., Abington
Ford James, Abington
Loud Alden S., Abington
Noyes John N., Abington
Soule & Brown, Abington
Whitmarsh Z. N., Abington
Bigelow D. E., Abington, Abington
Curtis Abner, E., Abington, Abington
Curtis Henry R., E. Abington, Abington
French Joseph, E. Abington, Abington
Grover C. H. & D. H., E. Abington, Abington
Poole Franklin, E. Abington, Abington
Soule Geo. C., E. Abington, Abington
Sprague E. E. Abington, Abington
Stevens David, E. Abington, Abington
Torrey D. & E. P., E. Abington, Abington
Culver J. M., North Abington, Abington
Bates & Reed, So. Abington, Abington
Dyer N. N., Abington, Abington
Noyes & Harding, Abington, Abington
Packard Dan, Abington, Abington
Crane J.E. Bridgewater
Crocker T. W. & CO., Bridgewater
Hobart Caleb, Bridgewater
Hathaway, W. B., Bridgewater
Keith L. M., Bridgewater
Brewster Charles E. Duxbury
Freeman W. S.,
Hunting Amos, East Bridgewater
Keith M. M., Bridgewater
Brooks John S., Hanover
Curtis Robert S., Hanover
Stetson I. G., Hanover
Bates J. B. Hanover
Howland C. L. Hanson
Sprague Nath’l., Hanson
Howland F. W. jr. S. Hanson, Hanson
Bowker A., Hanson
Drew Cyrus, Hanson
Howland A. B., Hanson
Easterbrook Samuel, Hingham
Thayer A. E., Hingham
Trowbridge Roswell, Hingham
Gardner J. 2d, Hingham
Hersey Geo., Hingham
Horsey J., Hingham
Burges & Bailey, Kingston
Haskins Cephas, Lakeville
Atsatt John, Mattapoisett
Luce William, Mattapoisett
Snow M. & L., Mattapoisett
Snow & Hammond, Mattapoisett
Peirce Bros, Middleboro
Thomas Ira, Mattapoisett
Thompson I. W., Mattapoisett
Waterman George, Mattapoisett
Gushing & Munroe, Mattapoisett
Cobb David, North Bridgewater
Cobb L E., North Bridgewater
Curtis S. B. & G. E., North Bridgewater
Dearborne S. Francis, North Bridgewater
Hayward Ambrose, North Bridgewater
Hayward Daniel, North Bridgewater
Jones Nathan, North Bridgewater
Lovell Daniel, North Bridgewater
Southworth & Noyes, North Bridgewater
Tilden John, North Bridgewater
Packard Joel T., North Bridgewater
Baker Horace, Campello, North Bridgewater
Howard & Keith, North Bridgewater
Jennings Isaac, Pembroke
Thrasher I., Pembroke
Atwood Adoniram J., Plymouth
Barnes Corban, Plymouth
Bosworth Daniel E., Plymouth
Bradford A. J., Plymouth
Brown S. P., Plymouth
Burns Wm., Plymouth
Churchill F. H., Plymouth
Cobb F. B., Plymouth
Finney B. C. & Co., Plymouth
Finney E. C., Plymouth
Goodwin William, Plymouth
Loring Thomas, Plymouth
May Charles T., Plymouth
Perkins Arad, Plymouth
Perkins Roland H., Plymouth
Robbins .Josiah A., Plymouth
Sears T. B., Plymouth
Sherman E. F., Plymouth
Turner E. C., Plymouth
Wadsworth W., Plymouth
Bradford Henry A., Plympton
Randall Wm., Plympton
Wilbur Reuben A., Plympton
Tollman Thomas, South Scituate
Wilder Harrison, South Scituate
Torrey Geo H., South Scituate
Bartlett L. H., Wareham
Howard B. F., Wareham
Fuller John S., W. Wareham, Wareham
Baker & Williams, West Bridgewater
Dunbar Welcome, West Bridgewater
Edson Melvin C., West Bridgewater
Perkins Charles, West Bridgewater
Perkins George, West Bridgewater
Richards E. E., West Bridgewater

Gun Smiths

Merritt Ira, Abington
Dunham George F. Plymouth


Plymouth County MA,

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