1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Country Stores

Where is kept a general assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Agricultural Implements, Hardware, &c. Those dealing in only one kind of goods will be found under their respective heading.

Faxon B. E., Abington
Loud Alden S., Abington
Soule & Brown, Abington
Whitmarsh Z. N., Abington
Bigelow David, East Abington, Abington
Curtis Abner, East Abington, Abington
Torrey D. & E. P., East Abington, Abington
Ford James, North Abington, East Abington, Abington
Gleason & Greenwood, East Abington, Abington
Sprague Elbridge, Abington, Abington
Cook Randall, South Abington, Abington
Dyer N. N., South Abington, Abington
Perry Daniel jr., South Abington, Abington
Crane Joshua E., Bridgewater
Crocker T. W. & Co., Bridgewater
Hobart Caleb, Bridgewater
Ellis M. & Co. South Carver, Carver
Rider Charles, South Carver, Carver
Savery Wm. S. North Carver, Carver
Ford N. & Sons, Duxbury
Protective Union Div. 654, Duxbury
Sampson John, Duxbury
Soule Harvey, Duxbury
Wadsworth Henry, Duxbury
Chandler Charles Co., W. Duxbury
High Street Union Store, W. Duxbury
Conant John A., East Bridgewater
Hicks Jotham, Bridgewater
Nutter I. N. & E. W. Bridgewater
Rosenfield G., Bridgewater
Churchill L. & W. K. Joppa, Bridgewater
Richard Luther, Bridgewater
Drew James T. Halifax
Inglee Edwin, Halifax
Fuller N., Halifax
Bates John B. Hanover
Blanchard Ebenezer, Hanover
Brooks John S., Hanover
Curtis Henry J., Hanover
Curtis Robert S., Hanover
Magoun H. B., Hanover
Stetson I. G., Hanover
Wilder I. M., Hanover
Wool Alexander, Hanover
Bowker Andrew, Hanson
Drew Cyrus, Hanson
Howland Albert B., Hanson
Howland Luther, Hanson
Drayton John, South Hanson, Hanson
Burr F. & Co., Hingham
Burr M. H. & J., Hingham
Cain David, Hingham
Eldridge, Reuben, Hingham
Fearing William 2d, Hingham
Gardner Calvin, Hingham
Hersey Geo. Jr. & Co., Hingham
Hersey Isaac, Hingham
Hunt C. S., Hingham
Jacobs D. & L., Hingham
Whiton Royal, Hingham
Gushing Alonzo, South Hingham, Hingham
Lane Josiah, Hingham, Hingham
Sprague Bela T., Hingham, Hingham
Wilder D. & J., Hingham, Hingham
Pope Joseph, Hull
Burges & Bailey, Kingston
Cobb Philander, Kingston
Hunt & Sampson, Kingston
Robbins Charles T., Kingston
Haskins C., Lakeville
Delano W. P., Marion
Hadley A. J., Marion
Hall S. W., Marion
Mendell Jonathan, Marion
Swift M. H., Marion
Baker Geo. M., Marshfield
Crossly H T. & Son, Marshfield
Hall Elisha W., East Marshfield
Tilden Henry, East Marshfield
Tilden Wm M., East Marshfield
Weatherbee Geo. H. Jr., East Marshfield
Kinney Jireh jr., Mattapoisett
Luce Wm., Mattapoisett
Le Baron Lemuel, Mattapoisett
Mandall John, Mattapoisett
Snow& Hammond, Mattapoisett
Taylor Henry, Mattapoisett
Peirce P. H. & Co., Middleboro
Eddy W. S. & Son, E. Middleboro, Middleboro
White & Hooper, N., Middleboro, Middleboro
Cobb David, North Bridgewater
Sprague C., North Bridgewater
Howard & Keith, Campello, Bridgewater
Protective Union, 355, Pembroke
Collamore Horace, N. Pembroke, Pembroke
E. Pembroke Store Co., Pembroke
High St. Union Store, W. Duxbury, Pembroke
Bryant W. H. H. South Hanson, Pembroke
Protective Union, South Hanson, Pembroke
Cobb F. B. Plymouth
Bradford A. J., Plymouth
Drew Ellis, Plymouth
Loring Thos., Plymouth
Morton Alvin G., Plymouth
Perkins Arad, Plymouth
Perkins R. H., Plymouth
Turner E. C., Plymouth
Bramhall Geo. Chiltonville, Plymouth
Brattles Caleb, Chiltonville, Plymouth
Doten & Hoxie, Plymouth
Clark William, South Plymouth
Parker Z. Plympton
Harrub J M. North Plymouth
Cushman J. M. Rochester
Leonard T. W., Rochester
Sherman J. W., Rochester
Allen Wm. P., Scituate
Bailey H. W., Scituate
Ford Daniel L., Scituate
Smith J. H., Scituate
Bailey H. & Co., North Scituate
Turner _____, North Scituate
Brown Benjamin jr., Scituate
Litchfield M. S. & Z. H., North Scituate
Vidal Dexter, North Scituate
Wetherbee Thomas, North Scituate
Fogg E. T. South Scituate
Torbey G.H., South Scituate
Basse L. A., Wareham
Bodfish P. N., Wareham
Ellis Stephen, Wareham
Gibbs Alvin, Wareham
Thompson E. N., Wareham
Humphrey Galen, East Wareham
Sanford George, East Wareham
Washburn Cromwell, South Wareham
Baker & Williams, West Bridgewater


Plymouth County MA,

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