1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Ice Dealers to Lumber Dealers

Ice Dealers

Noyes Lorenzo D., Abington
Witherell Jabez, Bridgewater
Jenkins Merritt, East Bridgewater
Nelson James, Hingham
Howes & Sturtevant, Mattapoisett
Cleveland Walter F., North Bridgewater
Stoddard John T., Plymouth
Clapp H. T., Scituate
Burrell J. D., West Bridgewater

Insurance Agents

Rowland F. P., Abington
Pierce H. B., North Abington
Kingman Benj. S., Bridgewater
Kingman Philip D., Bridgewater
Leach James C., Bridgewater
Dwelley J., Hanson
Harding David, Hingham
Baker Geo. M., Marshfield
Robinson Everett, Middleboro
Hayward S. A., North Bridgewater
Danforth W. S., Plymouth
Hall J. T. Plymouth
Beul John, Scituate
Hayden Joseph P. Wareham

Iron Founders (See also Iron Manufactures also Stoves)

Lazell Perkins & Co., Bridgewater
Perkins Henry, Bridgewater
Pratt Lewis & Co., Carver
Ellis M. & Co., Carver
Savery Wm., Carver
Bird Wm. E., East Bridgewater
Old Colony Iron Foundry, Moses Bates, Bridgewater
Barstow Edwin, Hanover
Curtis George, Hanover
Howard Charles & Co. Hingham
LeBaron John B., Middleboro
Plymouth Iron Foundry, Wm. R. Drew, Treas., Plymouth
Franconia Iron & Steel Co., Wm. Hammond, Treas., office Lindall, cor. Congress St., Boston, Wareham
Agawam Iron Foundry (hollow-ware), J. F. Sherman, agent, E. Wareham, Wareham

Iron Manufactures (See also Forges also Iron Founders)

Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater

Japan, Oils & Varnish (See also Paints, Oils and Glass)

Shaw Geo. H., Middleboro

Jewelry, Watches and Plate

Noyes Isaiah, Abington
Studley W. B., East Abington, Abington
Hewett E. A., Bridgewater
Potter J. H., East Bridgewater
Leonard Jos., Hanson
Tower Reuben S. Hingham, Hingham
Wilder Ezra, Hingham, Hingham
Ewell Daniel E., Marshfield
LeBaron A. S., Mattapoisett
Tinkham Foster, Middleboro
Carpenter U. H., Middleboro
Gurney L. F., North Bridgewater
Hewett Herman, North Bridgewater
Studley Luther, Bridgewater
Atwood E. W., Plymouth
Gooding Benj. R. Plymouth
Sherman N. J. Wareham

Last Makers 

Giles J. H. Abington
Sprague Chandler, (also boot trees and forms) No. Bridgewater


Keith J. E. Abington
Harris J. B. East Abington
Hobart Benj., South Abington
Whitman Jared, South Abington
Kingman Hosea, Bridgewater
Latham Williams, Bridgewater
Stetson Samuel, Duxbury
Harris B. W., East Bridgewater
Osborne W. H., Bridgewater
Simmons Perez, Hanover
Thaxter David, Hingham
Chamberlain G. A. W. Hingham
Beal Joseph S. Kingston
Robinson Everett, Middleboro
Wood Wm. H., Middleboro
Perkins Jonas R. North Bridgewater
White J., Middleboro
Damon Daniel E., Plymouth
Davis Charles G., Plymouth
Loud Jacob H., Plymouth
Mason Albert, Plymouth
Russell John J., Plymouth
Thomas Wm., Plymouth
Whitman Wm. H., Plymouth
Bates Wm., Wareham
Miller Seth jr., Wareham
Sproat James G., Wareham
Packard Austin, W., Bridgewater
Gray Orrin T., Cochesett, Bridgewater

Liquor Agents

Wormell J. D., Abington
Hawes Samuel, Bridgewater
Griffith C. W., Carver
Sherman F. P., Duxbury
Rogers Thomas, East Bridgewater
Vaughan C. P., Halifax
Whiting J. S., Hanover
Thomas 0. H., Hanson
Reed John, Hull
Tupper Seth, Kingston
Jenney C. E., Lakeville
Batchelder John, Marion
Cole W. M., Marshfield
Damon Lincoln, N. Marshfield
Sparrow Wm. E., Mattapoisett
Soule George, Middleboro
Clark George, North Bridgewater
Cook Russell, Scituate
Beasley George, South Scituate
Bemis E., Pembroke
May C T., Plymouth
Sturtevant L., Plympton
Runnells Levi A., Wareham
Wood Thomas Mrs., West Bridgewater
Copeland Albert, Bridgewater

Livery Stables (See Stables)

Lumber Dealers (See also Saw Mills)

Reed A. S. & Co., N. Abington, Abington
Alden Sam’l G., East Bridgewater
Reed & Adams, Bridgewater
Inglee Lucius, Halifax
Thompson E. B., Halifax
Perry Ethan, Hanover
Studley Joshua, Hanover
Bourne Wm., Hanson
Clement James F., Hingham
Cushing David 2d, Hingham
Atsatt John T., Mattapoisett
Barstow N. H. & H., Mattapoisett
Dexter E. & Son, Mattapoisett
Washburn P. & W., Middleboro
Wood A. C., Middleboro
Soule Oakes S., North Bridgewater
Brown Nathaniel, Plymouth
Jackson George H., Plymouth
Robbins Leavitt, Plymouth
Haskell Wm. C., Rochester
King & Lewis, Rochester
Rounseville Alden, Jr., Rochester
Damon & Lewis, Scituate
Damon Franklin & Co., Scituate
Ames Thomas, West Bridgewater


Plymouth County MA,

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