1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Dentists to Dyers


Bourne & King, Abington
Donham G. E., E. Abington, Abington
Washburn Christian, Bridgewater
Washburn N. & C., Bridgewater
Daly & Rolte, Hingham
Leach C. W., Lakeville
Minor Westley, Marion
Henry Stephen, Marshfield
Leach C. W., Middleboro
Packard J. E., North Bridgewater
Puffer L. W., Bridgewater
Whitney Geo. K., Bridgewater
Drew T. B., Plymouth
Shumway Thomas D., Plymouth

Designer & Draughtsman

Wilbar Winslow C. Bridgewater

Dressmakers (See also Milliners)

Shaw Mary Miss E. Abington, Abington
Studley Susan Mrs., Abington, Abington
Bouldry Mary Miss, S. Abington, Abington
Healey Susan H. Mrs., Abington, Abington
West John Mrs., Abington, Abington
Hayden Sarah, Bridgewater
Howes Hannah B., Middleboro
Simmons H. A, Mrs., Middleboro
Churchill Helen Miss., No. Bridgewater
Foye E. A. Mrs., Bridgewater
Knowles Emma C. Miss, Bridgewater
Mathison Lizzie Miss, Bridgewater
Dawley Catharine Miss, Campello, Bridgewater
Bacon Rebecca Miss, Plymouth
Bradford Sarah Miss, Plymouth
Bughee Orelia Miss, Plymouth
Collingwood Susan Mrs., Plymouth
Godard Harriet Miss, Plymouth
Kickerson Mary Miss, Plymouth

Dry Goods (See also Country Stores, also Hosiery, also Laces, Embroideries, &c.)

Smith E. J., Abington
Whitmarsh Z. N., Abington
Pearson G.H.& Co. S. Abington, Abington
Dunham C. & Co. E. Abington, Abington
Rice J. A., Abington, Abington
Rosenfeld Nathan, Abington, Abington
Torrey D. & E. P., Abington, Abington
Gleason & Greenwood, N. Abington, Abington
Crane J. E. Bridgewater
Crocker T. W. & CO., Bridgewater
Hobart Caleb, Bridgewater
Nutter I. N. & E.W. East Bridgewater
Bates J. B., Hanover
Wood Alex. Hanover
Bowker A., Hanson
Drew C., Hanson
Bartlett L. A. Mrs. & Co., Hingham
Lincoln G. jr., Hingham
Burges & Bailey, Kingston
Hunt & Sampson, Kingston
LeBaron Lemuel, Mattapoisett
Alden A. G., Middleboro
Roddick & McJennet, Middleboro
Rosenfeld & Foss, Middleboro
Benner B. C. & Co., No. Bridgewater
Brett Bros., Bridgewater
Cobb David, Bridgewater
Wheeler E. B. Mrs., Bridgewater
Robinson H. W. & Co., Bridgewater
Howaed & Keith, Campello, Bridgewater
Jennings I., Pembroke
Thresher I., Pembroke
Burbank S. M. Jr., Pembroke
Carruth J. B., Pembroke
Harlow J. H. & Co., Pembroke
Whiting Benj., Pembroke
Torrey G. H., South Scituate
Perkins Charles, West Bridgewater


Jenkins Bro & Co So Carver, Carver
Dodge J. E., Plymouth


Plymouth County MA,

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