1867 Hanover Massachusetts Directory

Aiken James, clergyman, 2d Cong’l

Bailey A. H. laborer
Bailey Benjamin, farmer
Bailey Benjamin W. shoemaker
Bailey Edwin, shoemaker
Bailey G. J. shoemaker
Bailey J. D. keeps Alms House
Bailey J. Q. shoemaker
Bailey M. C. house painter
Bailey Stephen, shoemaker
Bailey S. W. clerk
Barker Joshua, iron caster
Barstow Daniel, farmer
Barstow Edward, master mariner
Barstow H. B. farmer
Barstow Nathaniel, master mariner
Barstow Robert, acting master in navy
Barstow Samuel, farmer
Bass Elisha, ship joiner
Bates Enos, stone cutter
Bates G. M. tack maker
Bates E. J. shoe stitcher
Bates Hira, farmer
Bates H. S. merchant
Bates H. W. shoemaker
Bates Joshua, shoemaker
Bates J. S. farmer
Bates L. F. shoemaker
Bates L. T. tack maker
Bates M. S. machinist
Bates Rufus, farmer
Bates S. W. shoemaker
Bates T. M. shoemaker
Bates T. O. mason
Bates Walter, mason
Beal Zadoc, farmer
Benner H. G. shoemaker
Benner J. H. shoe cutter
Blanchard E. merchant
Blanchard Eben, merchant
Bonney A. F. shoemaker
Bonney Josiah, farmer
Bonney J. W. farmer
Briggs C. B. shoemaker
Briggs E. B. shoemaker
Briggs J. G. farmer
Briggs Joseph, farmer
Briggs William S. farmer
Brooks Ara, shoemaker
Brooks A. S. shoemaker
Brooks E. G. shoemaker
Brooks Gilbert, shoemaker
Brooks James, fanner
Brooks John, farmer
Brooks Joseph, shoemaker
Brooks Joseph, jr., shoe cutter
Brooks J. S. merchant
Brooks J. W. shoe cutter
Brooks Thomas D. shoe cutter
Bryant Snow H. painter
Buffum Samuel F. shoe manuf.
Burgess B. F. shoemaker

Callahan John, shoemaker
Capell William, shoemaker
Cashman James, farmer
Chamberlain A. B. mason
Chamberlain Francis, shoe cutter
Chamberlain Josiah, shoe cutter
Chamberlain J. Warren, shoe cutter
Chamberlain J. Warren, jr., shoe cutter
Chamberlain L. E. shoemaker
Chamberlain M. F. mason
Chamberlain Norman, shoemaker
Chamberlain N. V. shoemaker
Chapman Daniel, farmer
Chapman L. shoemaker
Christy M. laborer
Church Benj. farmer
Church Martin, fanner
Church R. S. shoe cutter
Church S. H. anchor smith
Church S. S. caulker
Church Wm. tanner
Churchill Job,
Clark Andrew, shoemaker
Cushing John, sea captain
Clark Joshua M. shoemaker
Cooley Pat. laborer
Corbin Francis, house painter
Corthell David, shoemaker
Crane Rufus shoe manuf.
Crocker C. E. shoemaker
Crocker Ensign, road builder
Cudworth John, ship carpenter
Curtis Benj. N. clerk
Curtis C. L. shoemaker
Curtis Enos, farmer
Curtis K. H. shoemaker
Curtis Geo. anchor smith
Curtis G. M. shoemaker
Curtis George W. farmer
Curtis Hiram, farmer
Curtis H. J. merchant
Curtis John, farmer
Curtis Loring, farmer
Curtis R. S. merchant and p. m.
Curtis W. H. fish monger
Curtis W. H. 2d, shoemaker
Curtis William, farmer
Curtis William 2d, clothing maker
Cutler Samuel, Episcopal clergyman

Damon Albert, shoemaker
Damon Alfred, shoemaker
Damon A. T. shoemaker
Damon Bernard, shoemaker
Damon C. H. shoemaker
Damon Daniel, farmer
Damon Ellis, shoemaker
Damon George, farmer
Damon Geo. F. shoe manuf.
Damon James E. shoemaker
Damon John, laborer
Damon Joseph, farmer
Damon Rector, shoe manuf.
Damon Thomas, carpenter
Darling David, farmer
Davis D. jr., farmer
Davis J. T. shoe stitcher
Dawes William
Dennis William, farmer
Digan Bernard, laborer
Donley E. iron worker
Downs Nathaniel, physician
Dwelley C. H. farmer
Dwelley E. B. cattle dealer
Dwelley Jedediah, shoe cutter
Dwelley J. H. shoemaker
Dwelley J. M. mason
Dwelley Joseph, farmer
Dwelley J. S. shoemaker
Dwelley Lemuel, farmer
Dwelley Nathan, farmer
Dyer Charles, farmer
Dyer Charles jr., tack maker
Dyer Theodore, farmer

Eells J. P. ship painter
Eells Robert, wheelwright
Ellis F. B. shoemaker
Ellis Joseph, shoemaker
Ellis J. T. shoemaker
Ellis N. B. shoemaker
Ellis Spooner, fanner
Estes H. C. shoemaker
Estes John, shoemaker
Estes John W. shoemaker
Estes Zaccheus, farmer

Finney Benjamin, shoemaker
Fish F. H. shoemaker
Ford Charles jr., shoemaker
Foster Joshua, farmer
Foster Otis, blacksmith
Freeman Joseph, clergy man
French J. O. druggist

Gardner George B. shoemaker
Gardner Hiram, farmer
Gardner J. H. fisherman
Gardner J. B. express man
Gardner Noah, laborer
Gardner T. B. saw and grist mill
Gates Joshua, farmer
Green Francis, shoemaker
Goodrich T. B. shoe manuf.
Gurney J. R. tack maker

Hammond H. M. laborer
Hanson R. A. tin man
Harding S. W. shoemaker
Hatch John, carpenter
Hatch J. jr., leather cutter
Hayden M. H. shoemaker
Holbrook Josiah, laborer
Hollis Samuel, shoemaker
Hollis Silas, carpenter
Howard Frank, Hotel keeper
Howes Julius, shoe cutter
Howes Julius jr., shoemaker
Howes J. W.
Howes William, shoemaker
Howes W. R. physician
Howland Alonzo, shoemaker
Howland C. A. shoemaker
Howland H. W. shoemaker
Hurley John, shoemaker

Jacob Charles, farmer
Jacob S. O. farmer
Josselyn Charles, shoemaker
Josselyn C. B, shoemaker
Josselyn Cyrus, shoemaker
Josselyn E. C carpenter
Josselyn Eleazer, farmer
Josselyn E. M. carpenter
Josselyn Ira, farmer
Josselyn Lewis, shoemaker
Josselyn Oren, anchor smith

Keene P. T. teamer
Keene P. T. jr., clerk
Keene Samuel, shoemaker
Killam C. H. shoe manuf.
Killam R. W. clerk
Kingman J. W. tack maker

Leavitt Kinsman, stone cutter
Lindsey Jerome, shoemaker
Litchfield Luther, shoemaker
Litchfield L. jr., shoemaker
Little E. E. shoemaker
Little Peabody, shoemaker

Mann A. G. farmer
Mann C. G. carpenter
Mann David, farmer
Mann Henry, shoemaker
Mann H. F. farmer
Mann Joshua, farmer
Magoun Abner, farmer
Magoun A. B. merchant
Magoun H. B. merchant
McLaughlin G. J. shoemaker
Merrill Isaac jr., farmer
Moore J. C. laborer
Morse Marcus, shoe manuf.
Morse Quincy, shoe dresser
Munroe Elbert, shoemaker
Munroe F. M. shoemaker
Munroe Hiram, shoemaker
Murch C. B. furrier
Murphy Daniel, laborer

Niles T. E. shoemaker
Nott Hugh, merchant

Oakman K. P. house carpenter

Paine A. D. shoemaker
Perkins Lewis, anchor smith
Perkins Ozias, farmer
Pei-ry Elijah, peddler
Perry Ethan, farmer
Perry E. T. trader
Perry Franklin, shoemaker
Perry Jerome, nail tinner
Perry Josiah, caster
Perry Josiah F. shoe cutter
Perry Kilborn R. shoemaker
Perry Levi, shoemaker
Perry P. E. shoemaker
Perry Samuel, farmer
Perry Seth, laborer
Phillips Albert, shoemaker
Phillips O. B. shoemaker
Phillips Edmund, farmer
Phillips Ezra, tack manuf.
Phillips M. A. merchant
Phillips William, shoemaker
Pool B. B. shoemaker
Pool John, shoemaker
Pool S. A. shoemaker
Pratt B, C. ship carpenter
Priest A. C. shoemaker
Puffer John, shoe cutter

Reed Andrew, Baptist clergyman
Reed S. II. shoemaker
Ripley W. shoemaker
Rogers Edwin, farmer
Rogers Reuben, house carpenter
Rose Charles farmer
Rose Edwin, farmer
Rose J. S. shoemaker
Russell Lucius, shoemaker
Russell Lyman, shoemaker
Russell Marcus P. shoemaker
Russell Solomon, anchor smith
Russell William P. shoemaker

Searles William H. shoemaker
Sheldon Francis, shoemaker
Sherman W. S. tack maker
Simmons Ebenczer, carpenter
Simmons Perez, .Attorney
Simmons Warren, farmer
Smith Charles, laborer
Smith J. M. tack maker
Smith J. S. shoe dresser
Smith W. E. shoemaker
Soule Abisha, shoemaker
Stetson Albert, town clerk
Stetson Benjamin, Laborer
Stetson B. L. farmer
Stetson C. T. tack manuf.
Stetson Harrison, shoemaker
Stetson J. G. merchant
Stetson Jeremiah, shoemaker
Stetson J. F. tack maker
Stetson Joshua, ship carpenter
Stetson J. Q. shoemaker
Stetson H. M. farmer
Stetson M. W. farmer
Stetson Reuben, farmer
Stetson S. C. shoemaker
Stetson Turner, shoemaker
Stetson W. F. shoemaker
Stetson W. W. shoemaker
Stockbridge Lebbeus, tanner
Stockbridge William, farmer
Stoddard C. 0. Shoe cutter
Stoddard D. H. shoemaker
Stoddard D. T. carpenter
Stoddard Francis, shoemaker
Stoddard H. A. shoe manuf.
Stoddard J. A. carpenter
Stoddard L. M. shoe dresser
Stoddard William B. shoemaker
Studley B. F. shoemaker
Studley David, farmer
Studley E. H. shoe manuf.
Studley George, carpenter
Studley Jabez, farmer
Studley J. H. shoe manuf.
Studley Joshua, farmer
Studley Judson, shoemaker
Studley J. W. shoemaker
Studley Philander, shoe cutter
Studley Robert, clerk
Studley William, shoemaker
Sturtevant G. shoemaker
Sturtevant R. M. shoemaker
Sturtevant Z. G. farmer
Sylvester E. Q. tack manuf.
Sylvester E. W. shoemaker
Sylvester G. F. tack maker
Sylvester James, farmer
Sylvester J. B. anchor-smith
Sylvester L. C. farmer
Sylvester Michael, farmer
Sylvester M. K. tack maker
Sylvester Robert, farmer

Thayer C. E. shoe cutter
Thayer Ebenezer, farmer
Thayer M. C. shoemaker
Thomas Charles, shoemaker
Thompson Lyman, stonecutter
Torrey Dexter, shoemaker
Tower C. L. shoemaker
Tower John, shoemaker
Tower Reuben, shoemaker
Tribou A, T. shoemaker
Tribou John T. shoemaker
Tribou L. W. fisherman
Tubbs Joseph, farmer
Turner C. E. shoemaker
Turner E. J. shoemaker
Turner G. W. farmer
Turner J. M. mason
Turner James, shoemaker
Turner Luther, carpenter
Turner S. K. shoe manuf.
Turner S. S. carpenter
Turner Thomas, carriage-maker
Turner William F. shoe manuf.

Vinal Joseph, shoemaker
Vining A. D. shoemaker
Vining C. C. Shoemaker
Vining Joseph, shoemaker
Vining Judson, shoemaker
Vining L. L. shoemaker
Vining W. H. shoemaker
Vining William J. shoemaker

Whiting E. M. fisherman
Whiting G. B. shoemaker
Whiting G. C. auctioneer
Whiting G. D. shoemaker
Whiting Jared, farmer
Whiting J. S. sole leather-cutter
Whiting L. A. shoemaker
Whiting L. C. shoe cutter
Whiting Nathan, shoemaker
Whiting O. T. shoemaker
Whiting Sylvanus, shoemaker
Whiting T. B. shoemaker
Whiting William, farmer
Wilder J. M. merchant
Wilder J. C. farmer
Winslow Charles, shoemaker
Winslow D. W. shoemaker
Winslow E. B. shoemaker
Winslow H. T. shoe cutter
Winslow J. B. shoemaker
Winslow Josiah, farmer
Winslow Oliver, tack maker
Winslow Richmond, farmer
Witherell C. S. anchor-smith
Wood Alex, merchant
Wood E. F. trader
Wright Henry, shoemaker
Wright Warren, blacksmith


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