History of Waterloo Indiana, 1856-1956

This centennial, titled “Historical Celebration, Waterloo, 1856-1956: a century of progress in living,” published by the Waterloo Centennial Commission in 1956, serves as an official record commemorating the centennial of Waterloo, Indiana. It also serves as a history of Waterloo Indiana for the years of 1856-1956.

The document is structured into various sections, beginning with an account of Waterloo’s early history, starting from its establishment in 1856, influenced significantly by the construction of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad. It includes information about the town’s early settlers, the establishment of businesses, and notable historical events.

Included in the document is a description of the centennial celebration, highlighting the planned events, parades, and the community’s involvement in commemorating this milestone. It outlines the roles of committees and individuals in organizing these festivities.

Further sections delve into the histories of local churches and schools, underlining their evolution and impact on Waterloo’s community life and educational landscape. The document also discusses the advancement of public services such as the fire department and postal services, emphasizing the improvements made over the years.

Additionally, the document covers Waterloo’s industrial and commercial growth, mentioning key businesses and industries that have contributed to the local economy, as well as the advent of technologies like television broadcasting.

It also describes the active community and organizational life in Waterloo, including various clubs and societies that have contributed to the town’s social fabric. Personal stories and anecdotes are shared in a section dedicated to memorable incidents and notable figures from Waterloo’s history.

Lastly, the document highlights recent developments in Waterloo and includes advertisements from local businesses, indicating the community’s progress and optimism for the future.

A considerable part of this publication features advertisements. Between these numerous ads, there are engaging bits of historical information about Waterloo that are not to be overlooked. This inventive approach aimed to capture the attention of readers back then, encouraging them to explore both the advertisements and the embedded historical gems. I suggest using your browser search as there is no index for the “Historical Celebration, Waterloo, 1856-1956.”

Note: Pages 11-12 are missing from this manuscript. We would appreciate a copy of those 2 pages if anyone has them.
One of the group of men that called themselves the Brothers of the Brush took on the unfortunate abbreviation of K.K.K. to describe their chapter. This is an abbreviation of Kelley Kurley Kuties and not the more infamous abbreviation known today. Read responsibly, please.

Table of Contents

Early History, p. 3
The Railroad Story, p. 6
Churches, p. 8
Schools, p. 10
Note that pages 11-12 are missing from this manuscript. We would appreciate a copy of those 2 pages if anyone has them.
Modern Fire Department, p. 13
March of Progress, p. 14
Time Marches On, p. 15
Industry, p. 16
Organizations, p. 18
Memories, p. 20
Advertisements, p. 29


Waterloo Centennial Commission, Historical Celebration, Waterloo, 1856-1956: a century of progress in living, Waterloo, Indiana : Town of Waterloo, 1956.


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