1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Machinery and Tools to Nurserymen

Machinery and Tools (See also Machinists and Machinery Manufacturers)

Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater

Machinists and Machinery Manufacturers 

Young Jacob K., Abington
Ellis H., Abington
Kimball E. A., Abington
Giles J. H., Abington
Andrews M., Bridgewater
Alden Leander M., Bridgewater
Copeland G. A., Bridgewater
Hall Alfred, Bridgewater
Hayward Edwin, Bridgewater
Keith Philo, Bridgewater
Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater
Leonard Elmer, Bridgewater
Leonard G. F., Bridgewater
Munroe D. B., Bridgewater
Pratt Edwin, Bridgewater
Southern Cotton Gin Co., Bridgewater
Townsend J. P., Bridgewater
Union Machine Co, Bridgewater
Bates Martin S., Hanover
Merrill Isaac G., Hanover
Bates Caleb, (bolt machines) Kingston
Ripley C. M., Kingston
Snell E. T. & Co., North Bridgewater
Plymouth Mills, J Farris, Agent, Plymouth
Shipman Geo. West Bridgewater
Marble Workers (See also Stone Cutters)
Fitzgerald, W. H., Abington
Clapp Geo. H., Hanover
Bowker Davis W., Kingston
Bryant Geo. W. & Co., North Bridgewater
Clark Robert, Plymouth
Leonard Thomas, Wareham


Bennett Nathaniel, Abington
Faunce Ichabod, Abington
Faunce Quincy, Abington
Loring Edward S., Bridgewater
Perkins Simeon, Bridgewater
Standish Job, Bridgewater
Barstow Henry, Duxbury
Barstow Charles, Joppa, E. Bridgewater
Harris Seth L., Hanover
Everson B., Hanson
Harris Seth L., Hanson
Stetson H. James, Kingston
Vail Wm. Marion
Sturtevant N. C., Mattapoisett
Thompson Martson, Middleboro
Vaughn Harrison, Middleboro
Washburn Solomon, Middleboro
Vaughn John G., Middleboro
Elbridge Davis, North Bridgewater
Hall Domino, Bridgewater
Jackson Ephraim, Bridgewater
Mason Charles, Bridgewater
Churchill Thomas, Plymouth
Dunham Richard W., Plymouth
Hoyt John F., Plymouth
Doten Prince, Plymouth
Macomber Warren S., Plymouth
Robbins Edmund, Plymouth
Wood Isaac T., Plymouth
Griffith George T. Wareham
Griffith Wm. W., Wareham
Hatch Job, Wareham
Hamblin J.W., East Wareham, Wareham
Howard Everett, West Bridgewater

Melodeon Manufacturers 

Reynolds Philip, North Bridgewater

Milliners and Millinery Goods (also DressMakers)

Nash Benj. L. Abington
Studley Susan Mrs., East Abington
Sharp E. E. Mrs., South Abington
Crocker T. W. & Co., Bridgewater
Rider Charles Mrs., Carver
Kirby Sarah, Duxbury
Frost M. Mrs., Hanover
Thomas Christiana, Hanson
Beal Mary, South Hanson
Burges & Bailey, Kingston
Barrows S.F., Middleboro
Briggs Roland Mrs., Middleboro
Andrews M. E. Mrs., North Bridgewater
Reynolds M. R., Bridgewater
Robinson H. W. & Co., Bridgewater
Shedd W. M., Bridgewater
French Mary A. Mrs., Bridgewater
Studley S. H., Bridgewater
Atwood J. B. Mrs. Plymouth
Olney Z. Mrs., Plymouth
Washburn & Turner, Plymouth
Howard M. S., Wareham


Bonney Lucius, East Bridgewater
Phillips Mark, Bridgewater
Phillips Wadsworth, Bridgewater
Washburn Isaac, Bridgewater
Bonney Calvin, Hanson
Stetson Thomas, Hanson
Whitten John A., Hanson
Phillips Lot, South Hanson

Mowing Machines 

Copeland Heman, West Bridgewater

Nail Manufacturers (See also Tacks, Brads and Shoe Nails)

Dunbar, Hobart & Whidden, Abington
East Bridgewater Iron Co., E. Bridgewater
Cobb & Drew, Plymouth
Robinson Iron Co., Plymouth
Plymouth Tack and Rivet Works, Plymouth
Kinney Lewis & Co., S. Wareham, Wareham
Poll Mills, J. B. Tobey, Treas., West Wareham, Wareham
Parker Mills, C. C. Sprague, agt., Wareham
Tisdale Nail Co., J. F. Sherman, agent. East Wareham, Wareham
Tremont Nail Co., J. B. Tobey, treas., West Wareham, Wareham

Nurserymen, Seedsmen & Florists 

Hooper Thomas, Bridgewater
Atwood E. E., Carver
Shaw E. W., Carver
Peterson Jabez, Duxbury
Tinkham Otis, Lakeville
Cushman Elbridge, Middleboro
Montello Nursery, L. W., Middleboro
Puffer, North Bridgewater
Watson B. M., Plymouth
Weston Coomer, Plymouth
Brooks Nath’l, S. Scituate
Billings Willard, West Bridgewater


Plymouth County MA,

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