1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Eating Houses to Furniture Manufacturers

Eating Houses (See also Oysters & Refreshments)

Edge Tool Manufacturers 

Jacobs Jos & Son, Hingham

Embroidery Stamping

Thomas B. O., North Bridgewater


Abington, Ford, 3 Washington St. Boston
Bridgewater, Alden, 5 Congress sq.
Campello, Hancock, 5 Congress sq.
Campello, K. B. Kinsley, 11 State
East Abington, Randall, 3 Washington
East Bridgewater, Sampson & Co., 5 Congress sq.
East Pembroke, Alden 5 Congress sq.
Halifax, Rich & Weston, 6 Congress sq.
Hanover, Randall, 3 Washington
Hanover, Jones, 5 Congress sq.
Hanson, Rich & Weston, 5 Congress sq.
Hanson, Brooks, 34 Court sq
Hingham, Cushing, 3 Washington
Hingham, Kennerson, 8 Court sq
Joppa Village, Sampson & Co., 5 Congress square
Kingston, Brooks, 31 Court sq
Marion, Paulding 11 State
Marion and New Bedford, J, B. Barden
Marion and New Bedford, S. C. Leonard
Marshfield, Hatch, 40 Elm
Marshfield, Foster, 40 Elm
Mattapoisett, Paulding, 11 State
Middleboro, K. B. Kinsley, 11 State
Middleboro, Taunton and Providence, Davenport & Mason
So. Bridgewater, Hancock, 3 Wash.
No. Bridgewater, Joslyn, 8 Court sq
No. Duxbury, Alden, 5 Congress sq
No. Scituate, Hunt, 40 Elm
Pembroke, Randall, 3 Washington
Plympton, Rich & Weston, 5 Congress sp
Plymouth, Rich & Weston, 5 Cong, sq
Plymouth, Holmes, 8 Court sq
Scituate, Beal, 11 State
Scituate, Hatch, 40 Elsa
Scituate, Hunt, 40 Kim
Scotland, Leonard, 98 Washington
So. Abington, Weston, 3 Washington
So. Hingham, Gardner, 3 Washington
So. Scituate, Foster, 40 Elm
Wareham, Witherell & Co., 34 Court sq
W. Bridgewater, Sampson, 5 Cong, sq
W. Bridgewater, K. B. Kinsley, 11 State
W. Duxbury, Randall, 3 Washington
W. Scituate, Gardner, 3 Washington
W. Scituate, Cushing, 3 Washington
W. Scituate, Foster, 40 Elm

Fancy Goods (See also Variety Stores)

Nash Sylvanus, Abington
Estes J. J., East Abington, Abington
Sherman Benj., East Abington, Abington
Pearson G. H. & CO., S. Abington, Abington
Hall Curtis J. Bridgewater
Crooker Benj. T. Bridgewater
Ripley Hervey C., Bridgewater
Burges & Bailey, Kingston
Kinney Jireh, Jr., Mattapoisett
Bixby C. C. & Co., North Bridgewater
Clapp B. B., Bridgewater
Curtis S. B. & G. E., Bridgewater
Copeland C. P., Bridgewater
Reed Thomas, Bridgewater
Thomas H. O., Bridgewater
Doten C. C, see opp. last cover, Plymouth
Hall J. T., Plymouth

Fish Dealers

Nye John, Hingham
Spring C., Hingham
Whiton Peter L., Hingham
Fuller John, Kingston
Gushing Josiah C., Middleboro
Hamilton E., North Bridgewater
Baldwin Wm. M. & Co., Plymouth
Barnes Bradford, Plymouth
Manter & Blackmer, Plymouth
Bonney E. H. Scituate
Gardner Enoch C., Scituate
Hamblin Geo. S., Wareham


Delano B. & Son, Kingston
Holmes Edward, Kingston
Atwood Jesse R., Plymouth
Barnes Corban, Plymouth
Allen Nath’l W., Plymouth
Brewster Isaac, Plymouth
Churchill John D., Plymouth
Finney Clark, Plymouth
Finney E. O., Plymouth
Harlow Nath’l E., Plymouth
Morton A. G., Plymouth
Morton James, Plymouth
Nelson Wm. H., Plymouth
Turner Ezekiel C., Plymouth
Whiting Henry, Plymouth


Hooper Thos., Bridgewater

Flour & Grain (See also Produce Dealers)

Noyes John N., Abington
Soule & Brown, Abington
Heed A. N. & Co., N. Abington, Abington
Crane J. E. Bridgewater
Crocker T. W. & Co., Bridgewater
Fobes Willard W., Bridgewater
Hathaway W. B., Bridgewater
Hobart Caleb, Bridgewater
Keith L. M., Bridgewater
Prior Allen, Duxbury
Shaw Samuel D. East Bridgewater
Hicks Jotham, Bridgewater
Richards E. E., Bridgewater
Waterman J. K., Bridgewater
Bates Henry S., Hanover
Curtis Robert, Hanover
Stetson I. G., Hanover
Wood E. F., Hanover
Howland C. L., Hanson
Gurney J. K., So Hanson
Whiton Bela, Hingham
Trowbridge R., Hingham
Burges & Bailey, Kingston
Hunt & Sampson, Kingston
Tilden Charles L., Marshfield
Snow L & M., Mattapoisett
Cobb L. E., North Bridgewater
Curtis S. B. & G. E., North Bridgewater
Hayward Daniel, North Bridgewater
Packard E. & Co., Bridgewater
Foss Nelson J. Campello, Bridgewater
Cobb F. B., Plymouth
Drew Ellis, Plymouth
Loring Thomas, Plymouth
Pratt L. & Co. Plymouth
Leonard Chas. H., Rochester
Rounseville Alden, Jr., Rochester
Cole & Jenkins, Scituate
Besse L. A., Wareham
Gurney A. S., Wareham
Richards E. E., West Bridgewater
Baker & Williams, West Bridgewater
Edson M. C., West Bridgewater
Perkins Charles, West Bridgewater
Perkins George, West Bridgewater


Lazell, Perkins & Co. Bridgewater

Furniture Dealers (See also Cabinet Makers, also Furniture Manufactures)

Toney D. & E. P., E. Abington, Abington
Holbrook Loring, S., Abington, Abington
Prophett Wm. Bridgewater
French Daniel, Joppa, E. Bridgewater
Burges & Bailey, Kingston
Soule Geo. Middleboro
Howard Clark & Co., North Bridgewater
Brown J. P., Plymouth
Soule Silas T., Wareham

Furniture Manufacturers

Nelson Thos. Mattapoisett
Howard, Clark, & Co., North Bridgewater


Plymouth County MA,

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