1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Agents to Axeltree Manufactures


Holmes Lewis J., Bridgewater
Vail I. B., North Carver

Agricultural Implement Manufacturers

Bates Caleb, (rock lifters and revolving harrows,) Kingston
Atsatt E.S., Mattapoisett

Agricultural Implement Dealers (See also Country Stores)

Cloud H. H., No. Abington, Abington.
Dyer N. N., Abington.
French Jos., Abington
Poole F., Abington
Ripley W., Abington
Soule Charles, Abington
Hunt John, N. Bridgewater
Reynolds E. D. & O. B. (Eagle Seed Sower), N. Bridgewater
Doane G. H., Middleboro
Drew Wm. K., Plymouth
Harlow & Barnes, Plymouth
Written & Holmes, Plymouth
Copeland Heman, (Kniffen Mower), West Bridgewater

Anchor Manufacturers

Barstow Edwin, Hanover
Curtis George, Hanover
Holmes Alexander, Kingston
Holmes Gaius, Kingston
Simmons F. O., Kingston


Nash Sylvanus, Abington
Dyer N. N., So. Abington Abington
Estes J. J., East Abington
Crooker B. T., Bridgewater.
Conant John A., East Bridgewater.
Curtis Robt. S., Hanover
Wilder Isaac M., Hanover
Fearing Wm. 2d, Hingham
Hunt J. L., Hingham
Sparrow Wm. E., Mattapoisett.
Shaw J. B. & J., Middleboro
Bixby C. C, & CO., No. Bridgewater
Cobb Tyler, No. Bridgewater
Dearborn S. Francis, No. Bridgewater
Hubbard Benj., Plymouth
Egbert Jarvis, Plymouth
Warren Winslow, Plymouth
Baker & Williams, West Bridgewater


Vaughan J. C., Carver
Eaton S.K., Mattapoisett


Gay Wm. A., Hingham
Hudson Wm. jr., Hingham


Whitmarsh A., Abington
Cook Joshua, No. Abington, Abington
Whitmarsh J., Centre, Abington
Corthell W., P. So. Abington, Abington
Gilson L. C., East, Abington
Winslow Pelham, E., Abington
Alden Benjamin, Duxbury
Alden S. G., East Bridgewater
Swift Van R., Bridgewater
Inglee Edwin, Halifax
Cox William, Hanson
Seymour C. W., Hingham
Sampson A. H., Kingston
Atsatt E.S., Mattapoisett
Alden Milton, Middleboro
Hinckley S., Middleboro
Clapp B. R., No. Bridgewater
Tinkham O. G., No. Bridgewater
Holmes B. H., Plymouth
Prouty C. W., Scituate
Vinal Thomas, Scituate

Auger, Bit and Gimlet Makers

Damon Lewis, (hollow auger), Bridgewater
Drew C. P. & CO. (calking tools), Kingston.

Axeltree Manufacturers

Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater


Plymouth County MA,

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