1867 Rochester Massachusetts Directory

Alley Charles H. farmer
Allen Daniel, master mariner
Allen Joseph, farmer
Ashley George H. mariner
Ashley Rufus M. mariner
Atwood Elias, cooper
Atwood Thornton, cooper
Atwood Warren, cooper

Barrett William, butcher
Bates Elijah farmer
Bates Ephraim, farmer
Bates Rowland B. master mariner
Bearse Gershom, shoemaker
Bennett Henry H. farmer,
Bennett John, farmer
Bennett John G. farmer
Bennett Michael, farmer
Benson Benjamin, mariner
Benson Charles S. shoemaker
Benson Ephraim, farmer
Benson John A. master mariner
Benson Joseph D. farmer
Benson Rufns, farmer
Benson William, farmer
Bisbee Josiah, farmer
Bishop Alvin, farmer
Bishop Charles H. farmer
Bishop Israel S. farmer
Bishop Joseph E. farmer
Bishop Micah S. farmer
Blackmer Charles M. farmer
Blackmer Garrison B. farmer
Blackmer John, farmer
Bliss Alexander, carpenter
Bliss Ezra S. farmer
Bolton Enos, farmer
Bonney George, farmer
Bonney Nathaniel, master mariner
Bonney Selim, farmer
Bourne Thomas, farmer
Bourne William, master mariner
Bradford Henry C. farmer
Braley Abner, farmer
Braley Charles A. farmer
Braley Francis W. mariner
Braley George F. mariner
Braley Isaac V. mariner
Braley John, farmer
Braley Joseph G. mariner
Braley Lorenzo D. cigar manuf.
Braley Salmon, farmer
Braley Solomon U, shoemaker
Braley Samuel T. master mariner
Braley Thomas L. mariner
Brett Pliny, clergyman
Brightman William T. farmer
Bumpus Ansel, farmer
Bumpus Elisha M. blacksmith
Bumpus Samuel, cooper
Bumpus Samuel S. mariner

Church Charles H. F. blacksmith
Church Henry W. farmer
Church Joseph E. farmer
Church Joseph W. farmer
Church Lemuel, farmer and merchant
Church Walter S. farmer and carpenter
Church Walter S. jr., mariner
Church William H. farmer
Clark Charles H. farmer
Clark Ira, farmer
Clark James H. farmer
Clark John H. farmer
Clark John M. A, farmer
Clark Joseph farmer
Clark Nathan jr., farmer
Clark Peleg, tanner
Clark Peleg B. farmer
Clark Peleg W. farmer
Clark Thomas L. farmer
Clark Willard, farmer
Clapp Joseph H. farmer
Clapp Nathaniel, farmer
Clapp William, farmer
Cobb Timothy, farmer
Cobb Watson T. farmer
Cole Isaac, mariner
Cole John, carpenter
Cole Joseph, marble worker
Cole Theodore W. marble worker
Crapo Francis N. farmer
Crapo Humphrey K. farmer
Crapo John A. farmer
Crapo Luther, farmer
Crapo Philip, farmer
Cromwell .Joseph H. mariner
Cowing Charles E. farmer
Cowing Jonathan F. master mariner
Cowing Reuben B. farmer
Cowing Samuel, fanner
Cowing Seth, farmer
Cowing William H. carpenter
Cushing James E clergyman
Cushman Henry P. mariner
Cushman Jesse M. merchant

Dahoney Daniel, laborer
Damon Charles H. painter
Davis Zenas, stone cutter
Dexter John G. master mariner
Dexter Prince, farmer
Damon John B. master mariner
Damon .John B. jr., farmer
Douglass Barnabas N. farmer
Douglass James O. farmer
Douglass William M. farmer
Drake Alvin, farmer
Durfee Nathan W. farmer

Elliot Samuel, farmer
Ellis Josiah B. nailer
Ellis Thomas, farmer and mill sawyer

Fields Deluge S.

Gammons Ebenezer K. farmer
Gammons Ebenezer K. jr., mariner
Gammons Ephraim K. farmer
Gammons Noble B. farmer
Gerrish George I. farmer
Gifford Abraham, mill sawyer
Gifford Hendrick, mariner
Gifford James, farmer
Gilford Nathan N. farmer & mill sawyer
Gurney Samuel N. nailer

Hall Clark M. farmer
Hall Daniel H. farmer
Hall George, farmer
Haskell George W. farmer
Haskell John C. civil engineer
Haskell Joseph, physician and surgeon
Haskell Wm. C. farmer and mill sawyer
Haskell Wm. P. farmer
Haskins Charles F. mariner
Haskins Charles H. farmer
Haskins Rufus T. mariner
Hathaway Elnathan, farmer
Hathaway George W. farmer
Hathaway Jonathan, farmer
Hathaway Judah, mariner
Hathaway William H. mariner
Healy George F. trader
Hewes William L. farmer
Herr Benjamin, farmer
Humphrey George W. farmer

Jefferson Salem, farmer

King Nathaniel, farmer
King Theophilus, merchant

Leonard Edwin, clergyman
Leach Lambert, mason
Leonard Theodore W. merchant
Lewis David, farmer and miller
Lewis David S. miller
Look Jacob, mill sawyer
Look James H. farmer and mill sawyer
Look James H. jr. farmer

Maxim Charles M. farmer
Maxim Hosea
Maxim Marcus, farmer
Mendell Alpheus, farmer
Mendell Benjamin, farmer
Mendell Benjamin W. farmer
Mendell John, mariner
Mendell Noah F. farmer
Morris Oren, laborer
Morse Andrew
Morse John N. farmer
Morse Joseph G. machinist
Morse Josiah, farmer
Morse Josiah, jr., teamer
Morse Nahum F. farmer
Morse Newbury, farmer
Morse Thomas N. farmer
Morton Benjamin W. carpenter

Nickerson Frederick W. nailer
Nickerson Hiram, nailer
Nickerson Israel F. trader
Niles Seth, farmer
Nye Charles C. cooper
Nye Elisha, farmer
Nye Henry C. farmer
Nye John L. cooper
Nye Richard B. cooper

Paine Gardner, carpenter
Paine James, mariner
Parlow Abraham B. farmer
Parlow Nathaniel, farmer
Peirce Dennis, farmer
Peirce Dennis A. trader
Peirce Eli, farmer
Peirce Eliphalet, farmer
Peirce George, clergyman
Peirce George H. shoemaker
Peirce John W. farmer
Peirce Joshua D. mariner
Peirce Josiah, farmer
Peirce Lucius E. farmer
Peirce Moses W. nailer
Peirce Robert, clergyman
Perkins Elbridge G. blacksmith
Perkins John, farmer
Perkins Leonard, laborer
Perkins Luke, farmer
Perkins Luke T. farmer
Perkins Thos. P. W. blacksmith & trader
Perry Andrew F. mariner
Perry Isaac F. B. peddler
Perry James E. E. farmer
Perry John O. mariner
Perry Jonathan, farmer

Randall Calvin H. farmer
Randall George H. farmer
Randall George G. master mariner
Randall Jeremiah, farmer
Randall Leander, farmer
Randall Robert C. prop’r boarding house
Rankin Alexander H. teacher
Rankin William, farmer
Raymond Thomas, nailer
Reckard Ansel M. farmer
Reynolds Stephen K. farmer
Ricketson Charles, farmer
Ricketson Paul, farmer
Riley James, laborer
Rogers Mason, painter
Rounseville Alden, miller & mill sawyer
Rounseville Alden, jr. miller & mill sawyer
Ruggles James, farmer
Ryder Allen D. master mariner
Ryder Barnabas C. wheelwright
Ryder James H. mill sawyer
Ryder John S. farmer
Ryder Madison W. mill sawyer
Ryder Martin, farmer
Ryder Martin L. farmer

Savery Rufus, farmer
Sears Nathaniel, carpenter
Sears Stephen C. farmer
Sears William, farmer
Shaw Lewis, fanner
Shaw William E. farmer
Sherman Bartlett, shoemaker
Sherman Dennis, farmer
Sherman Edward A. farmer
Sherman George B. master mariner
Sherman James B. shoemaker
Sherman James G. B. carpenter
Sherman John W. merchant
Sherman Kelly, farmer
Sherman Leonard, farmer
Sherman Martin, farmer
Sherman Nathaniel B. farmer
Sherman Nehemiah, shoemaker
Sherman Otis, carpenter
Sherman Thomas, carpenter
Sherman Thomas A. carpenter
Sherman William F. carpenter
Shockley Joseph, farmer
Shurtleff Alvah T. cooper
Silveira Jose, farmer
Smellie James, farmer
Smellie Walter, mill sawyer
Smellie William H. blacksmith
Smith Consider, former
Smith George F. clergyman
Smith Royal, farmer
Snell Isaiah, shoemaker
Snell Otis H. mariner
Snell Otis P. mariner
Sparrow Josiah, wheelwright
Spoonor Abraham, laborer
Spooner Edward P. farmer
Spooner Noah, farmer
Staples Samuel B. miller & shingle sawyer
Stetson William, farmer
Stevens Henry, carpenter
Stevens John, farmer
Stevens Joseph B. carpenter
Stevens Joseph C. farmer
Stevens Micah W. mill sawyer
Sturtevant Charles, physician & surgeon
Sturtevant Charles H. mill sawyer
Sturtevant John B. farmer
Sturtevant William, master mariner
Surrey Henry, mariner
Swift Pelham E. wheelwright

Taber Charles, mariner
Taylor Benjamin, farmer
Taylor Edward B. farmer
Thompson Zebulon H. marble worker
Tillson Hiram, peddler
Townsend Silas
Tripp Handell J. mill sawyer
True Melvin H. farmer

Vaughn Henry L. carpenter
Vaughn Josiah D. carpenter

Waldron George W. farmer
Waldron Hiram, farmer
West Benjamin H. carpenter
West Charles G. mariner
Wilbur Isaiah, farmer
Wilbur Isaiah T. farmer
Wild Addison A. farmer
Wrightington Orlando, laborer
Wrightington Richard, farmer


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