1867 East Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Adams Bethuel, mechanic, Pearl
Adams Rufus, mechanic, Satucket
Alden Abner L. shoemaker, Village
Alden Bartlett K. carpenter. Village
Alden Benjamin K. Village
Alden Joseph, mechanic, village
Alden Samuel G. lumber dealer, Village
Alger Ebenezer, farmer, Beaver
Alger Orlando M. farmer, Beaver
Allen Bailey, carpenter. Village
Allen David, shoemaker, Beaver
Allen Galen, shoemaker, Beaver
Allen George, clerk
Allen George W. shoe cutter, Shaw’s Mill
Allen Henry, machinist
Allen James S. shoe manuf. Beaver
Allen John A. shoe cutter, Shaw’s Mill
Allen Samuel B. tailor, Joppa
Allen Samuel B. 2d, shoemaker, Satucket
Allen Samuel P. teacher, Joppa
Allen Sidney, farmer, Shaw s Mill
Allen William, teacher, Satucket

Bailey Levi P. shoemaker
Bailey William S. Village
Baker Ansel G. teamer
Bancroft Edwin W. shoemaker, Shaw’s Mill
Barren George W. shoemaker, Beaver
Bartlett Ezekiel K. shoemaker
Bates Irving, shoe manuf. Joppa
Bates Jacob, farmer, West Crook
Bates Moses, manuf. and editor, Village
Bates Reuben, shoemaker.
Bates Samuel, confectioner, Northville
Bates William H. H. machinist
Beal Alonzo, shoemaker, Robbins Pond
Beal Asaph, stitcher, Robbins Pond
Beal Blaney P. shoemaker, Black Brook
Beal Nathaniel, farmer
Beal Samuel, shoemaker, Birch Swamp
Bell John, shoemaker, Beaver
Bell Leander, shoemaker
Bennett Chas. W. machinist, Satucket
Bennett Eleazer C. machinist, Satucket
Benson Albion K. forge man
Benson George, carpenter, Joppa
Bird Cushing, shoemaker, Satucket
Bird Edmund, shoemaker, Satucket
Bird Elijah, farmer, Satucket
Bird Elijah S. tack maker, Satucket
Bird George E. shoemaker-
Bird William, shoemaker, Village
Bisbee Joseph E. shoemaker
Bisbee Otis, forge man
Blackman Andrew G. shoe finisher
Blanchard Augustus W. shoemaker, Birch Swamp
Blanchard Daniel T. shoemaker, Northville
Blanchard Eli, shoemaker, Northville
Blanchard George W. shoemaker, Northville
Bonney Charles H. carpenter
Bonney Gladden, carpenter, West Crook
Bonney Lucius, millwright
Bosworth Ambrose, machinist
Bottemore Alfred, farmer, Satucket
Bouldry Nathaniel S. laborer
Bourne Isaac, P. mechanic, Satucket
Bourne Isaac N. mechanic, Satucket
Brett Royal T. mason, Joppa
Brett William U. tack maker, Village
Brown Charles, wheelwright
Brown Charles H. shoemaker, Robbins Pond
Brown David W. farmer, Northville
Brown Edwin, heater, Northville
Brown Isaac, shoemaker, Northville
Brown John E. shoemaker, Northville
Brown Warren, mechanic, Satucket
Bryant George, nurseryman, Joppa
Bryant Francis C. Joppa
Bryant Seth, shoe manuf. Joppa
Bullock Jabez, furnace man
Burgess Silas, machinist Village
Burrill Jarvis, agent and printer. Village
Byram Branch L. mechanic, Robbins Pond
Byram George H. mechanic, Village
Byram Harrison G. mason Birch Swamp
Byram Lorenzo G. moulder
Byrnes Arthur S. nailer, Village

Carlton George H. carpenter, Shaw’s Mill
Carney Edward, laborer Village
Carroll John, shoemaker Village
Cary Francis, farmer, Joppa
Casey Edmund, laborer, Beaver
Chadwick John H. laborer
Chamberlain Francis B. peddler, Northville
Chamberlain Joseph, farmer Village
Chamberlain Nathan, laborer
Chandler Hervey, hairdresser, Village
Chandler Nymphus M. mechanic, Village
Chandler Samuel V. shoemaker
Chaplin Daniel, physician, Village
Chapman John, foreman, O. C. Iron Foundry
Churchill Abisha S. shoe finisher, Joppa
Churchill Caleb S. shoemaker, Northville
Churchill Frederick S. shoe finisher, Joppa
Churchill Levi merchant, Joppa
Churchill Luther, farmer Birch Swamp
Churchill Luther Jr., shoemaker
Churchill Newton, stitcher, Joppa
Churchill Warren K. post master, Joppa
Clark Elijah L. foreman iron works
Conant John, shoe cutter, Joppa
Conant John A. merchant. Village
Conant Seth P. shoemaker, Satucket
Conant Thomas, shoe cutter, Joppa
Cook John, laborer. Village
Cooper James H. carpenter. Harmony
Copeland Roland F. farmer. Black Brook
Costello John, cigar maker. Village
Crooker Elbridge, box maker, Beaver
Crowley Patrick, laborer Village
Cummins Thomas, laborer Harmony
Curtis Elbridge, shoe cutter, Joppa
Curtis Elbridge E. carpenter, Joppa
Curtis Minot S. painter, Joppa
Curtis Robert, clerk, Joppa
Cushing Joseph AV. shoemaker, Satucket

Davenport Eliphalet, laborer, Village
Davenport Geo, TI. shoemaker
Davenport John E. painter, Joppa
Dee James, mechanic, Satucket
Delano Lewis, shoemaker
Desmond Daniel, laborer Village
Dickerman Lucius, nailer
Dickerman Lucius F. nailer
Doody Michael, furnace man, Beaver
Drake Ira, farmer, Northville
Drake Ira W. peddler, Northville
Drake Timothy, farmer Birch Swamp
Dunbar Lemuel, shoemaker, Beaver
Dunn Jeremiah, laborer, Village
Dyer Albert H. shoemaker

Eddy Allen P. cigar maker. Village
Edson Albert C. shoemaker
Edson Benj. F. carpenter
Edson Daniel P. mechanic, Satucket
Edson Franklin, shoe dealer. Village
Edson Henry, shoe dealer, .Joppa
Edson Jonah, brass founder, Joppa
Edson Nahum, nailer. Village
Edson Plyns, nailer. Village
Edson Seth B. shoemaker
Edson William, shoemaker
Ellis Barzilla F. laborer. Village
Elwell George E. mechanic, Satucket
Erskine Hiram H. mechanic, Village
Estes Alanson, shoemaker
Eustis William H. box-maker. Pearl

Farrington William F. clergyman
Feeney Michael, laborer. Village
Field Edward F. shoemaker
Field William G. carpenter, Joppa
Fish Adoniram J. mechanic, Satucket
Fisher Elisha P. mechanic, Satucket
Fisher Jeremiah, mechanic, Satucket
Flagg Francis E. shoemaker. Black Brook
Flynn John, shoemaker, Harmony
Folsom Jacob, Village
Ford Arnnah T. Joppa
Ford Edmond, laborer, Beaver
Foster Joseph, butcher
Freeman Enoch, laborer, Satucket
Freeman Josephus, laborer, Beaver
Freeman Theodore C. shoemaker
French Daniel, furniture dealer, Joppa
French Nathaniel W. farmer, Northville
French Samuel, hostler Village
Fuller Ezra T. carpenter
Fuller Isadus, carpenter. Village

Gallagher John, shoemaker Harmony
Gammons Rufus K. forge man Village
Gardner Thomas C. mechanic Village
Gardner William C. carpenter, Village
Gardner William W. carpenter Village
Gilbert William J. hammers man Village
Gould Clarence C. stitcher, Village
Gould Henry K. painter Village
Gould Morris C. painter, Village
Goss Caleb, box maker, Beaver
Goss Charles H. box maker, Beaver
Griffin Alfred, stable keeper Village
Griffin Jeremiah, laborer, Village
Griffin Michael, laborer Village
Griggs Charles, .shoemaker, West Crook
Griggs Stephen, shoemaker West Crook
Griggs Thomas, shoemaker, West Crook
Gross George, carpenter, Shaw’s Mill
Grover Otis, shoemaker, Shaw’s Mill
Grow Henry A, painter Village
Gurney Alfred, laborer West Crook
Gurney Almon, tanner West Crook
Gurney Almon A. shoemaker West Crook
Gurney Cyrus, farmer West Crook
Gurney David H. shoemaker Village
Gurney David S. teamer
Gurney Henry, farmer, West Crook
Gurney Levi T. shoemaker, West Crook
Gurney Seth P. shoemaker, West Crook


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