Some Descendants of Thomas Rowley of Windsor, Connecticut

Title:Some descendants of Thomas Rowley of Windsor, Connecticut, with lineage of families allied by marriage
Author:Mildred Gertrude Rowley Crankshaw
Publication date:1961-1965
Digitizing sponsor:Internet Archive
Contributor:Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
RepositoryInternet Archive
Some descendants of Thomas Rowley of Windsor Connecticut
Some descendants of Thomas Rowley of Windsor Connecticut

Some descendants of Thomas Rowley of Windsor. Thomas Rowley. Thomas Rowley (Rowell) a cordwainer, was in Windsor Connecticut as early as 1662, and Simsbury Connecticut by 1670. He died 1 May, 1705/8, estate inventory dated 1 May 1708. Married at Windsor, 5 May, 1669 by Rev. Wolcott, Mary Denslow, daughter of Henry, Windsor, born 10 Aug. 1651, died at Windsor 14 June, 1739, ae 91. Mary was admitted to Windsor Church in 1686. Thomas served in the Colonial Wars. On the list of those who gave to the poor.


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