Oregon Gold Mining Stock Certificate

Baker County Oregon Gold Mining History

Oregon Gold Mining Stock Certificate
Oregon Gold Mining Stock Certificate

Extensive gold mines had been worked in southern Oregon since 1849. The placer mines of Rogue river had yielded tens of millions of dollars of the precious metals, and many of them were yet profitably worked. Eastern Oregon, since 1862, had closely followed, if, indeed, it had not exceeded southern Oregon in gold productions. The mines of Grant and Baker counties had ranked among the best of the Pacific coast during the 19th century. Though the old placers were considered practically exhausted in the late 1800’s, new ones from time to time were discovered, and a very large amount of gold was annually produced from them. In addition to the placer mines, quartz gold mines and silver mines were worked, and there is a large output of gold and silver from them.

The Baker County Oregon Gold Mining History collection provides the reader an overlook of gold mining, principally in Baker County, Oregon, but also extending to the counties of Grant, Harney, Malheur and Union. Along with the history of gold mining in Baker County, Oregon, this manuscript also provides detailed articles on the specific mercantile interests tied into the gold trade in Eastern Oregon, as well as biographies of the miners and principal players of the era.


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  1. Roberto Magnaghi

    I’m from family and I’d like to Know more on the history of my great grandfather
    Do you have any notice regarding Mr THOMAS GILBERT BOWICK ?
    Thanks in advance
    Rosemary Muller Moritt (…Bowick-Muller family )

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