Biography of A. W. Ellis

There is not a more popular citizen in Sumpter than A. R. Ellis. He possesses all those admirable traits of character which contribute to the widest business and social success, and anything he identities himself with is always a go. He furnishes it with a tin, and snap, which is his strongest characteristic, and which has tended to put him to the “front” among business men in this county. Born in Michigan in 1865, the early portion of his life was spent there and in the state of New York.
Coming to California in 1888, he drifted into mining and later crossing into Nevada in 1892, he discovered the “April Fool.” and in two years took out $150,000.00, selling then to Capt. J. R. DeLaw. In August of 1894, he came to Cracker and bought out C. Rimbol’s interests consisting of about 400 acres of placer land and three-fourths of a section of timber and homestead Land. including the Sumpter. His placer properties are yielding a good profit, the ground being very rich and with proper appliances would even be far more valuable. He has lately begun to improve some of his city property, erecting a handsome home and a large opera house 62×100, the lower floor to be occupied by stores. He is also interested in other enterprises, being a heavy stockholder in the Sumpter Lumber Co. New Year’s day, he married Miss Spalding, of Baker City.


Biography, Mining,

Baker County OR,

Eastern Oregon Gold Fields.

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