Biographical Sketch of Bartlett Shipp

The profession of law has among its followers many young men possessed of the necessary qualifications which if judicially administered, will within a few short years, earn for them a prominent place in the ranks of the legal fraternity, there being today, as there has been for centuries past, “plenty of room at the top.” The subject of this sketch is one of that number who has it in his power to become a leader, having been favored by circumstances, and being possessed of energy, industry and ambition sufficient to nerve him to the contest and carry aim onward and upward toward the very summit of legal fame. He was born in North Carolina in 18164, and after receiving his preliminary education, entered the State University, graduating In 1883. He then studied law under the direction of Judge Bynum and Colonel Folk, both eminent practitioners, and was admitted two years later.
He has actively practiced his profession since, remaining


Biography, Mining,

Baker County OR,

Eastern Oregon Gold Fields.

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