Biographical Sketch of J. A. Churchill

Among the public institutions of our country note more deservedly attract the attention of all lovers of law and order than do our public schools. It is all important, therefore, that each city should have some man of learning and ambition at the bead to represent, as It were, in a single individual the individual interest of every child in it. We are peculiarly fortunate in the section of capacity to fill this position. lie has the ripe experience of a successful teacher, the energy and ambition of a man who is just entering the prime of life, the love of the work in culcated into him by his long continued connection with public instruction, and a spirit of that progress to the overthrow of old fogyism, if necessary, which will insure his educational work the advancement made by other public interests. Prof. Churchill is a native of Ohio, and received his preliminary education in the public schools of that commonwealth. He later took a thorough coarse in the Normal University, located at Ada, Ohio, teaching in the interim, since his eighteenth year. Leaving the Normal he received the principalship of the schools of Westminster, Ohio, and later the principalship of the High School at Crookston, Minn.. In 1891 lie came to Baker City, and for the first year was principal of the High School, and since then has been city superintendent. It will not be necessary to dwell on the growth of our schools under his direction, as the character of his work speaks for itself, through the reputation our schools enjoy in the state.


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Baker County OR,

Eastern Oregon Gold Fields.

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