Baker County OR

Employees by Seniority Service at Baker

Abbott, Jerry 9-6-49 Adamson, Paul 4-18-49 Aldous, Gladys 2-20-48 Anderson, Frieda 4-12-51 Anderson, Otto 4-0-54 Ashby, Geneva 9-6-50 Bailey, C.R. 5-1-52 Barron, Robert 4-8-24 Bence, Paul 9-30-57 Blank, Leona 4-20-59 Boles, James 2-15-45 Boles, Jewell 4-11-47 Boles, William 8-11-47 Boyce, Charles 4-18-49 Brenton, Ray 7-22-47 Brickey, Wiley J. 9-13-60 Brock, Morris 7-16-57 Buker, John 7-17-40 …

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Baker County Oregon Genealogy

The following collection references data which we have concerning Baker County Oregon genealogy. Since Judy herself descends from ancestors who called Baker County their home, our collection of information on this locality consists of a lot of data not found elsewhere online.

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