Davis, E. Dr.

There is probably in Baker City today no man more popular in his profession than Dr. E. Davis. His popularity is well merited for he is not only gifted with most winning manners, but with unexcelled skill in his profession. Dr. Davis is a native son, having been born in Eugene in 1866. He moved with his parents to Eastern Washington, then returned to Monmouth, Polk county, in 1882, and attended the State Normal School till 1885. He then took up the study of dentistry under Dr. I. T. Mason, of Dallas, Polk county, remaining with him a year. He then established himself in Lafayette, where he remained until the removal of the county seat in 1888. He then spent some time traveling for the benefit of his health, and afterwards located at Ashland where he associated himself with Drs. A. C. Colwell. and S. C. Poise. Less than two years ago he moved to Baker City, and his practice has been all he could wish for. Starting in well, it has grown until now he has all he attend to. He is married to Miss Lena L. Diers, of Monmouth and has two sons.

Biography, Mining,

Baker County OR,

Eastern Oregon Gold Fields.

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