The Sagamore Hotel

An engraving of the Sagamore is shown in this issue of the Democrat. This, one of the best hotels in Eastern Oregon, was erected by J. B. Griswold last season, and opened under the present management October 1st. The building is well arranged and very commodious, consisting of forty-four rooms, with elegant verandas surrounding it, giving it the homelike appearance an inspection of its interior discloses. The main office is well arranged, supplied as it is with a number of conveniences for guests, including all the leading periodicals and magazines. The baggage room opens off the private office in such a manner that the loss of a piece of baggage cannot possibly occur. The writing room, which opens to the right of the main hall, is very nice a person being enabled to enjoy quietude while attending to their correspondence. The dining room is on the ground floor, and is furnished in a tasty and elegant manner, and he table is supplied with all the markets afford.

The universal opinion of the traveling public is that the best meals in Eastern Oregon are served here. The kitchen is neat, clean and well ventilated, to a much greater degree than usually found in a hotel. In the basement are located the commercial sample rooms, vegetable and fruit rooms, and what is beyond doubt one of the finest cold storage plants in the city. In this are hanging the juicy roasts and steaks which contribute to retain the reputation earned by their predecessors. The second floor is devoted to bed rooms, parlor, bath rooms, with the third floor as a repetition, find the fourth floor likewise. So expense has been spared in costly furnishing the house, and the patronage it enjoys has well paid for it. S. R Reeves, the proprietor, is a hotel man of many years experience, gained in leading hostelries in La Grande. Moscow and Portland. His wife ably assists him and since their arrival here they have made a host of friends.

Griswold, Reeves,

Baker County OR,

Eastern Oregon Gold Fields.

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