Biography of W. E. Baker

The above-named gentleman who operates the bakery on Main street, between Washington and Center, located here in March, 1894. He had a number of years experience in the business, and immediately went to work for C. Hollingsworth, and two years later bought him out. Finding the old quarters to small a year later he was compelled to move to his present place of business, which had been especially built for him. It is constructed of brick, 20×100 with a fine basement which he uses for storage purposes. His oven was constructed fit such a manner that he can use hot water in steaming his bread which is not done in any bakery in the state outside of Portland. In his corps of help he has one of the finest cake and pastry bakers an the Coast, and as a consequence he does quite an extensive wholesale business, supplying Huntington, Weiser, Sumpter and the many mining cutups, not only in bread and pastry, but in candles as well.
His salesroom presents an enticing appearance, supplied as it is with all manners and kinds of staple and fancy confectionery, largely of his own manufacture. This department is supplied with every appliance that can facilitate operations. and nothing but the choicest candles are made. Last season lie added a forty-quart motor power freezer, and using none but extracts manufactured by himself, soon established a reputation for the manufacture of that delicious edible, ice cream. The same reputation extends to his soda, due largely to the quality of fruit juices used. That Mr. Baker is a master of his business, can be seen from its growth in the short space of time he has had it. Originally there was only one baker employed. He now employs three, besides a candy maker and two clerks. A special feature is made of catering for balls, parties, etc.


Biography, Mining,

Baker County OR,

Eastern Oregon Gold Fields.

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