Over the Misty Blue Hills: The Story of Cocke County, Tennessee

“Over the Misty Blue Hills: The Story of Cocke County, Tennessee,” written by Ruth Webb O’Dell and published in 1951, provides a historical account of Cocke County. The book covers various aspects of Cocke County’s history, including its political, social, religious, and industrial developments. The contents are divided into several detailed sections: the political history of Cocke County, the significance of local names, the natural resources and setting, early settlers, religious history, industrial development, and notable figures from the county. Additionally, it delves into specific family histories, offering insights into the lives of many influential families such as the Allens, Burnetts, Huff, McMahan, and many others.

Ruth Webb O’Dell undertook the arduous task of piecing together the fragmented historical records, often destroyed by frequent courthouse fires. Her meticulous research involved traveling to various county seats and libraries to gather original records, making this book an invaluable compilation of Cocke County’s heritage. Despite the irregular pagination due to un-numbered picture inserts and the reproduction of photographs that are not of original quality, the book remains a vital historical document.

The book also contains unique and rare accounts, such as “Cocke County, Tennessee’s Hangings” and “The Civil War Story of Robert Ragan,” providing readers with a deeper understanding of the county’s past. The appendix offers additional valuable insights, including the escape from East Tennessee to the Federal lines and the history of Indian names and families in the region.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Foreward
  • The Political History of Cocke County, p. 11
  • The Magic of Cocke County Names, p. 23
  • Natural Setting and Resources, p. 62
  • Early Settlers in Cocke County, p. 81
    Allen, Ball, Boydston, Burnett, Christian, Clark, Dawson, Denton, Driskill, Faubion, Fine, Gillett, Gilliland, Gouchenour, Hopkins, Huff, Inman, Jobe, Jones, Lee, Leming, Lillard, McKay, McNabb, Mims, Morell, O’Dell, O’Neil, Parrott, Palmer, Peck, Sanduskey, Gorman, Roadman, Smith, Stanberry, Stokely, Susong, Whitson, Wood.
  • The Religious History of Cocke County, p. 150
  • The Industrial Development of Cocke County, p. 184
  • Cocke County, Tennessee’s Hangings, p. 210
  • Civic, Educational, and Social Development of Cocke County, p. 220
  • Notables of Cocke County, p. 247
    Allen, Anderson, Arrowood, Arthur, Atchley, Bell, Bibee, Bible, Birdseye, Bishop, Blanchard, Boulden, Buckner, Burnett, Campbell, Carter, Click, Cogdill, Costner, Crawford, Crawley, Davis, Dennis, Denton, Dewitt, Dow, Draper, Driskill, Duggan, Duncan, Eisele, Ellison, Fagala, Farragut, Faubion, Felknor, Fine, Fisher, Franklin, Fowler, Fox, Garrett, Gorrel, Gray, Green, Harris, Hendrick, Hickey, Hicks, Hood, Hooper, Horton, Howell, Huff, Hunt, Jack, Johnson, Jones, Justus, Kelley, Kyker, Knight, Langhorne, LaRue, Lawson, Lewis, McCoy, McGaha, McMahan, McNabb, McSween, Manning, Massey, Masters, Miller, Mims, Moore, Morris, Mulkey, Murphy, Murrell, Napier, Neas, Nease, Neff, Ney, Pinckney, O’Haver, O’Neil, Ottinger, Parrott, Pearce, Peck, Penland, Pickle, Rader, Randolph, Rhea, Roadman, Robinson, Rockwell, Rowe, Samples, Shults, Sims, Sisk, Sklar, Smith, Stanberry, Stokely, Stuard, Styll, Sulte, Susong, Swaggerty, Swagerty, Swann, Templin, Transou, Walker, Ware, Watson, Weaver.
  • Citations, p. 301
  • Nease, Arrowwood, Rockwell, Smith, Bailey, Daniels, Allen.
  • Indians, p. 305
  • Appendix, p. 312
    • Escape From East Tennessee to the Federal Lines, p. 330
    • The Civil War Story of Robert Ragan, p. 335
    • Indian Names, p. 354
    • Allen Family, p. 367
    • The Annals of Haywood County North Carolina, p. 363


O’Dell, Ruth Webb, Over the Misty Blue Hills : The Story of Cocke County, Tennessee, Newport, Tennessee, 1950.

Cocke County TN,


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