Fine, William – Obituary

Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon William Fine Dies At Hospital William Dodridge Fine, a resident of Wallowa County for over forty years, passed away at the Wallowa Memorial hospital Wednesday morning, June 6, 1951 following an illness of about four years. He was born April 24, 1877 at Sprague, Idaho and was the son of Henry

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Bentleysville was a rural community of three hundred persons in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1868. It had grown around a mill that Sheshbazzar Bentley Junior and Senior operated on the southern branch of Pigeon Creek. Its history is short because as a country village it existed less than a century. The events are substantially in chronological order, beginning with the settlers over the mountains in 1750 and ending after the Centennial in 1916.

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St. Charles County’s Participation in the World War

Soon after World War 1 localities across the country wished to honor the men and women who had served the Nation from their locality. St. Charles County, Missouri, is one of these counties. This manuscript isn’t limited to just the men who fought overseas, it also includes the women who had participated via Red Cross and the men who had actively served in the various campaigns backing the War here at home.

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