1859 Map of Washington County Iowa

Iowa Atlases, Farm Directories, and Plat Books

This collection contains digital atlases, farm directories, and plat books for all 99 Iowa counties. We have collated these from a variety of online sources, and provide them here as a single source for all online Iowa Atlases, Iowa Farm Directories, and Iowa Plat Books.

Many research problems can be solved with the use of maps, atlases and gazetteers. Maps that show the location and approximate size of the town also revealed neighboring communities and nearby landmarks, such as rivers and mountains, which may be noted in an ancestor’s diary or photo album.

Researching with Iowa Atlases

An atlas is a collection of maps and can be useful in more ways than one. In addition to pinpointing the location of the family homestead, commercial atlases include advertisements of local establishments and biographical sketches of its subscribers, in some cases accompanied by live lithographs or photographs as well.

Researching with Iowa Farm Directories

As with the city directory, county or rural directories can be helpful in placing an ancestor in a certain place at a certain time. These directories, sometimes called farm directories, cover a much larger area (an entire county or, in the regional directories, several counties) and were used to advertise goods and services in rural areas.

Researching with Iowa Plat Books or Land Ownership Maps

According to Wikipedia, a plat “consists of a map, drawn to scale, showing the divisions of a piece of land.” Genealogists find plat maps exceedingly useful in that they usually show who owned a particular plot of land during a given year. Plat maps can assist in locating nearby cemeteries, figuring out who were their neighbors (as they might be relatives) and determining how long a person owned the land.

Iowa Atlases, Farm Directories, and Plat Books for Each County

Adair County

Adams County

Allamakee County

Appanoose County

Audubon County

Benton County

Black Hawk County

Boone County

Bremer County

Buchanan County

Buena Vista County

Butler County

Calhoun County

Carroll County

Cass County

Cedar County

Cerro Gordo County

Cherokee County

Chickasaw County

Clarke County

Clay County

Clayton County

Clinton County

Crawford County

Dallas County

Davis County

Decatur County

Delaware County

Des Moines County

Dickinson County

Dubuque County

Emmet County

Fayette County

Floyd County

Franklin County

Fremont County

Greene County

Grundy County

Guthrie County

Hamilton County

Hancock County

Hardin County

Harrison County

Henry County

Howard County

Humboldt County

Ida County

Iowa County

Jackson County

Jasper County

Jefferson County

Johnson County

Jones County

Keokuk County

Kossuth County

Lee County

Linn County

Louisa County

Lucas County

Lyon County

Madison County

Mahaska County

Marion County

Marshall County

Mills County

Mitchell County

Monona County

Monroe County

Montgomery County

Muscatine County

O’Brien County

Osceola County

Page County

Palo Alto County

Plymouth County

Pocahontas County

Polk County

Pottawattamie County

Poweshiek County

Ringgold County

Sac County

Scott County

Shelby County

Sioux County

Story County

Tama County

Taylor County

Union County

Van Buren County

Wapello County

Warren County

Washington County

Wayne County

Webster County

Winnebago County

Winneshiek County

Woodbury County

Worth County

Wright County

Adair County IA, Adams County IA, Allamakee County IA, Appanoose County IA, Audubon County IA, Benton County IA, Black Hawk County IA, Boone County IA, Bremer County IA, Buchanan County IA, Buena Vista County IA, Butler County IA, Calhoun County IA, Carroll County IA, Cass County IA, Cedar County IA, Cerro Gordo County IA, Cherokee County IA, Chickasaw County IA, Clarke County IA, Clay County IA, Clayton County IA, Clinton County IA, Crawford County IA, Dallas County IA, Davis County IA, Decatur County IA, Delaware County IA, Des Moines County IA, Dickinson County IA, Dubuque County IA, Emmet County IA, Fayette County IA, Floyd County IA, Franklin County IA, Fremont County IA, Greene County IA, Grundy County IA, Guthrie County IA, Hamilton County IA, Hancock County IA, Hardin County IA, Harrison County IA, Henry County IA, Howard County IA, Humboldt County IA, Ida County IA, Iowa County IA, Jackson County IA, Jasper County IA, Jefferson County IA, Johnson County IA, Jones County IA, Keokuk County IA, Kossuth County IA, Lee County IA, Linn County IA, Louisa County IA, Lucas County IA, Lyon County IA, Madison County IA, Mahaska County IA, Marion County IA, Marshall County IA, Mills County IA, Mitchell County IA, Monona County IA, Monroe County IA, Montgomery County IA, Muscatine County IA, Obrien County IA, Osceola County IA, Page County IA, Palo Alto County IA, Plymouth County IA, Pocahontas County IA, Polk County IA, Pottawattamie County IA, Poweshiek County IA, Ringgold County IA, Sac County IA, Scott County IA, Shelby County IA, Sioux County IA, Story County IA, Tama County IA, Taylor County IA, Union County IA, Van Buren County IA, Wapello County IA, Warren County IA, Washington County IA, Wayne County IA, Webster County IA, Winnebago County IA, Winneshiek County IA, Woodbury County IA, Worth County IA, Wright County IA,


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