Harrison County IA

Biographical Sketch of J. B. Lucas

J.B. Lucas, attorney at law, was born in Lucas County, Ia., in 1858; removed to Missouri Valley in 1875. He was admitted to the bar in Harrison County, and established office in Oct., 1881.

Biographical Sketch of Thomas J. Lanyon

Thomas J. Lanyon, postmaster at Little Sioux, was born in Pa. in 1848; moved with his parents to Monona County, Ia., in 1858; thence to this place in 1865. In 1870 he was appointed postmaster, and about the same time engaged in the fancy grocery business.

Biographical Sketch of W. M. Carlisle

CJ. T.C, & W.M. Carlisle, of the firm of Carlisle Bros., wholesale and retail dealers in hardware, wagon stocks, pumps, agricultural implements, and sewing machines, are natives of Ohio.; came to Missouri Valley, Ia., in 1872 and engaged in his present business, on the corner of Fifth and Erie Sts.

Biographical Sketch of J. W. Huff, M.D.

J.W. Huff, M.D., and druggist, was born in Harrison County, in 1857; graduated from the Rush Medical College, of Chicago, Ill., in 1881. He located at Modale, and engaged in his present business in April, 1880.

Biographical Sketch of A. L. Tamisiea

J.D. Tamisiea, dealer in groceries and provisions, is a native of N.Y.; moved to Dubuque, Ia., in 1853; thence to Harrison County in 1856; moved to Missouri Valley in 1877, and engaged in his present business.

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