Harrison County IA

Tilton & Weeks

Tilton & Weeks, proprietors of livery, feed and sale barn, have stable room for thirty horses; board private rigs, and keep fine rigs for hire. They came to Dunlap from Ogle County, Ill., in 2878, and engaged in farming until entering their present business in th spring of 1881.

Biographical Sketch of W. A. Sharpnack

W.A. Sharpnack, dealer in general merchandise, is a native of W. Va., and a son of Henry Sharpnack, who was one of the first settlers of Harrison County. He came to this county in 1857 and engaged in farming, until 1878, when he engaged in his present business. He also deals in grain.

Biographical Sketch of F. L. Mandevill

F.L. Mandevill, druggist, was born near Rochester, N.Y., in 1835; moved to Milwaukee, Wis., in 1842; thence to Missouri Valley in 1871 and engaged in his present business; carries a complete stock in the drug line.

Biographical Sketch of C. H. Barber

C.H. Barber, proprietor of the Palace billiard parlor, is a native of N.Y.; removed to Clinton, Ia., in 1878, and was in the employ of the Union Iron Works; thence to Missouri Valley in 1879, and was in the employ of the railroad companies until 1881, when he established his present business.

Biographical Sketch of T. C. Carlisle

CJ. T.C, & W.M. Carlisle, of the firm of Carlisle Bros., wholesale and retail dealers in hardware, wagon stocks, pumps, agricultural implements, and sewing machines, are natives of Ohio.; came to Missouri Valley, Ia., in 1872 and engaged in his present business, on the corner of Fifth and Erie Sts.

Biographical Sketch of Colonel A. Cochran

Colonel A. Cochran, was born in Va.; located at Little Sioux in 1854; went to Denver and Central City, Col., in 1861, and engaged in mining and mercantile business, and after four years in the land business at Council Bluffs, Ia. He owns large landed property near Little Sioux, Harrison County.

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