Surname: Severance

William J. Rotch

Ancestors of William J. Rotch of New Bedford, MA

At New Bedford, this Commonwealth, a point so long famous the world round for its whaling industry, a business carried on to an extent and success that made it the wealthiest place in proportion to its population of any point in New England, and a city that has since been hardly less conspicuous as a cotton manufacturing point, there still reside representatives of the Rotch family; here where, since the middle of the eighteenth century, have lived seven or eight generations of Rotches, than whom as a family perhaps no other has had greater influence in developing New Bedford’s character and prosperity and shaping its history.

Grinnell Family of New Bedford, MA

Since the early settlement of Newport and Portsmouth, R. I., shortly after 1638, the Grinnells have been identified with Rhode Island and Massachusetts history, the earlier generations living largely in the towns of Newport county, R. I., and for the past hundred and more years branches of this southern Rhode Island family have been representative of the best citizenship in the old Massachusetts town of New Bedford. At New Bedford lived Capt. Cornelius Grinnell, a patriot of the Revolution, and long engaged in the merchant service, who married into the old historic Howland family, and one of whose sons, Joseph Grinnell, for almost a decade represented the New Bedford district in the United States Congress, and was long prominent as a merchant and manufacturer and banker of the town; and there lived the late Lawrence Grinnell, father of the late Frederick Grinnell, who so long was at the head of the Providence Steam and Gas Pipe Company and the General Eire Extinguisher Company, a man of genius in mechanical lines, whose inventions gave him distinction, and one of whose sons, Russell Grinnell, is at this time vice president of the General Fire Extinguisher Company. It is with this New Bedford branch of the Grinnell family this article deals.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont vol 1

Genealogical and Family History of Vermont

Hiram Charlton took on the publication of the Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont for Lewis Publishing. In it, he enlisted the assistance of living residents of the state in providing biographical and genealogical details about their family, and then he published all 1104 family histories in two distinct volumes.

Biography of John W. Severance

John W. Severance, a prominent resident of Chichester, Merrimack County, and an ex-member of the New Hampshire legislature, was born February 3, 1822, in Sandwich, Carroll County, which was also the birthplace of his parents, Asa and Rhoda (Webster) Severance. His greatgrandfather, Ephraim Severance, was one of the pioneer farmers of that town, having gone there from Deerfield, N.H. John Severance, son of Ephraim and grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was a lifelong resident of Sandwich. He was an able farmer and possessed considerable mechanical ingenuity, which he applied to various kinds of handicraft. He took a leading

1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Oil and Candle Manufacturers to Pump Makers

Oil and Candle Manufacturers  Judd L. S., Marion Organ Manufacturers Reynolds P., N. Bridgewater Marston A. B. Campello, Bridgewater Oysters and Refreshments (See Eating Houses) Nash J. E. Abington Douglas W. East Abington Gilman A. N., Bridgewater Fuller John, Bridgewater Hull J. C., Bridgewater Tripp B. F., Middleboro Union Saloon, Middleboro Grover R. B., No. Bridgewater Washburn and Richardson, No. Bridgewater Ballard S. D., Plymouth Dodge J. E., Plymouth Painters Carriage  Peirce Wm. M., Abington Ford B. F. East Abington Bates Asa, South Abington Hersey David A. Hingham Sprague Joseph T., Hingham Eldridge David, Kingston Boomer B. L., Middleboro Southworth Rodney E., Middleboro

Biographical Sketch of Philo S. Severance

Severance, Philo S., Middlebury, was born in Middlebury, Vt., on February 28, 1840. His parents were Samuel and (Maria) Munger Severance. Samuel S. was born in Middlebury, Vt., on May 23, 1809, and was a son of Samuel Severance, sr., who was an early settler. He was educated in t he common schools, and brought up to farming. He inherited a portion of the home place, and always resided on that place. He was married in September, 1833, to Maria L. Munger, a daughter of Samuel Munger. They had a family of two daughters and two sons. The two sons

Biographical Sketch of Solon L. Severance

Severance, Solon L.; banker; born, Cleveland, Sept. 8, 1834; son of Solomon Lewis and Mary H. Long Severance; educated in district and private schools; married, Kinsman, O. Oct. 10, 1860, Emily C. Allen; issue, three children; Julia, now Mrs. B. L. Millikin; Prof. Allen D. Severance, and Miss Mary Severance; one of the organizers of the Euclid Ave. National Bank; its first cashier and last pres.; later it became the Euclid Park, and later the First National Bank; still interested in the banking business; member Union Club, Chamber of Commerce, Second Presbyterian Church. Recreation: Travel, twice visited China and Japan,

Biographical Sketch of John Severance

John Severance, the immigrant ancestor, was a resident of Boston, Massachusetts, as early as 1637. He was admitted a freeman that year, and in 1640, was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. He removed to Salisbury about 1639, where he had a grant of land. He was one of the prudential committee in 1642, and in 1645 was appointed highway surveyor. On December 21, 1647, he sold his houses, the “new and old,” to Thomas Bradbury, and opened an “ordinary.” He was afterwards known as a “victualler and winter.” He was on a committee in 1652 to

Biographical Sketch of John Severance

(II) John (2), son of John Severance, was born November 27, 1647, in Salisbury. He and his father kept the inn, and about 1672, he went to Boston, where he settled. In 1680, he removed to Suffield, Connecticut, and in 1689, to Deerfield, Massachusetts, where he settled on Lot No. 1. He became a large landowner in Deerfield. About 1703, he removed again to Bedford, Westchester county, New York. where he remained about twelve years, returning to Deerfield about 1713, and living the last years of his life, with his son Joseph. He married, August 15, 1672, Mary . Children,

Biographical Sketch of Joseph Severance

(III) Joseph, son of John (2) Severance, was born October 26, 1682; in Suffield, and died April 10, 1766. He was a tailor by trade and resided first at Deerfield, where he owned a house and hone lot. He was in the fight in the meadows in 1704, and was also a soldier in the service in 1713. He was wounded by the Indians and made a cripple, and was compensated for this by the general court which granted him two hundred acres of land east of Northfield on Mount Grace. His father also gave him land in Deerfield. He