Tombstone records of eighteen cemeteries in Poundridge, New York

In 1940 and 1941 Mrs. Sterling B. Jordan and Mrs. Frank W. Seth walked the 18 cemeteries in Poundridge, New York compiling the names and dates for all gravestones. Added to some of those gravestone listings were familial relationships if known. In addition, they referenced an even earlier listing of a few of the cemeteries by William Eardley taken in 1901. These older transcriptions of cemeteries are a useful tool for those researchers who think their ancestor is buried in a town, but cannot find a current marker. Perhaps it became unreadable in the past 100 years? Even then, constant mention is made in some of the cemeteries, that markers were either missing, no longer readable, or contained only fieldstones. This book is fully indexed.

List of Cemeteries

  1. Cemetery in Poundridge Reservation
    Cemetery situated about 3/4 of a mile southeast of Cross River Village, just inside the northwest edge of Poundridge Reservation.
  2. Cemetery on South Salem Road
    Cemetery on the West side of the South Salem Road about 2 1/2 miles North of Poundridge Village, situated near the junction of the South Salon Road and the dirt road leading to Ridgefield, Conn.
  3. Bouton Cemetery
    Bouton Cemetery, in Poundridge, on North side of dirt road about one mile east of South Salem Road and one-quarter mile North of Trinity Lake.
  4. Waterbury Cemetery
    Waterbury Cemetery, in Poundridge, on South side of dirt road about one mile East of South Salem Road and one-quarter mile north of Trinity Lake, directly across the road from the Bouton Cemetery.
  5. Hoyt Burial Ground
    Hoyt Burial Ground, in Poundridge, on south side of dirt road about one mile east of South Salem Road and one-quarter mile north of Trinity Lake and about one hundred yards east of the Bouten and Waterbury Cemeteries.
  6. Poundridge Cemetery
    Poundridge Cemetery, situated about one-half mile south of Poundridge Village, on the west side of the High Ridge Road near the junction of the New Canaan Road. There are many field stones in this cemetery, a number of them broken and illegible.
  7. Brown Cemetery
    Brown Cemetery in Poundridge, next to farm house of C. J. Diercx, on the road about one-half mile east of Trinity Lake.
  8. Cemetery at Trinity Lake
    A small cemetery of about twenty field stones, in Poundridge, on the north side of road near north end of Trinity Lake, about one-half mile northeast of the home of C. J. Diercx.
  9. Cemetery near Trinity Pass Road
    In Poundridge, N. Y. Graveyard on road running east from Trinity Pass Road, one mile southeast of Trinity Lake.
  10. Cemetery on Trinity Pass Road
    Small private burying ground in Poundridge, N. Y., on west side of Trinity Pass Road just inside New York State boundary line between Highridge and Scotts Corners.
  11. Cemetery near Sarles Corners
    Private cemetery near corner at Sarles Corner, Poundridge, N. Y.
  12. Ambler Burying Ground
    Ambler Burying Ground at the Poundridge and Bedford Town Line, on North Side of Pound ridge – Bedford Road.
  13. Cemetery on Poundridge Town Line
    Cemetery on Poundridgo Town Line, east side of dirt road leading to Sarles Corners, about one-half mile south of the Ambler Burying Ground.
  14. Waterbury Cemetery
    Waterbury Cemetery on South Side of Maple Avenue, about one mile east of Longridge Road in Poundridge.
  15. Miller Cemetery
    Miller Cemetery in Poundridge, N. Y., on east side of Longridgo Road at corner of Maple Ave. about one mile from Connecticut State Line.
  16. Sarles Cemetery
    Sarles Family Cemetery, Poundridge, New York, situated on east side of Longridge Road, about one-half mile from the Connecticut State Line.
  17. Ayres Burying Ground
    Ayres private burying ground in Poundridge, N. Y., on east side of Longridge Road about one-quarter mile from Connecticut State Line.
  18. Burial Plots in Union cemetery, Longridge, Connecticut
    Poundridge Family Burial Plots in Union Cemetery, Erskine Road, Longridge, Conn.


Abbott, Adams, Ambler, Armstrong, Austin, Avery, Ayres, Babbs, Bailey, Baker, Barhite, Barrett, Bassett, Baxter, Benger, Birdsell, Bishop, Bouton, Briggs, Briscoe, Broadhurst, Broadway, Brown, Brundage, Bryant, Canfield, Chapman, Chichester, Clark, Clock, Coggeshall, Cole, Comstock, Craft, Crawford, Crocker, Cross, Dan, DeForest, Delavan, Dibble, Dickson, Dikeman, Dixon, Donovan, Dring, Driscoll, Eames, Fagan, Fancher, Ferris, Finch, Freed, Gard, Geer, Gray, Green, Griffen, Gurrell, Haight, Hallett, Harford, Harris, Harrison, Hartford, Hiltzelberger, Hobby, Holly, Holmes, Holritz, Howard, Howe, Hoyt, Hughes, Hull, Hungerford, Hunt, Hyatt, Isaacs, Jerman, Johnson, Jones, June, Keeler, Kelley, Kellogg, Kennedy, Knapp, Lawrence, Leavitt, Lewis, Lockwood, Loder, Loud, Lyon, Marshall, Mead, Miller, Monroe, Morse, Murphy, Murray, McCormick, McEnelly, McGrath, Newman, Odell, Olmstead, Osborne, Osterberg, Paget, Pall, Patterson, Peatt, Peck, Pennoyer, Perry, Piatt, Potts, Provost, Quick, Randle, Rasco, Raymond, ZRemington, Reynolds, Rogers, Ruscoe, Sarles, Saunders, Scofield, Sears, Selleck, Seeley, Shephard, Sherwood, Slawson, Smith, Sniffen, St John, Stebbing, Stephens, Stevens, Strang, Susan, Sutton, Sylvester, Taylor, Thompson, Thatcher, Thayer, Tily, Tinkler, Tompkins, Tyrrell, Valentine, Van Patten, Waite, Waring, Waterbury, Webb, Weed, Weeks, Whitlock, Whitman, Williams, Wilson, Wood, and Zarr.


Jordan, Mable L., Tombstone records of eighteen cemeteries in Poundridge, Westchester County, N.Y., White Plains, N.Y., 1941.


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