The Hazard family of Rhode Island 1635-1894

Title: The Hazard family of Rhode Island 1635-1894
Author: Robinson, Caroline E.
Publication date: 1895
Publisher: Boston : Printed for the Author
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University
Contributor: Harold B. Lee Library
Repository:Internet Archive
The Hazard family of Rhode Island 1635 1894 title page
The Hazard family of Rhode Island 1635-1894 – Being a genealogy and history of the descendants of Thomas Hazard, with sketches of the worthies of this family, and anecdotes illustrative of their traits and also of the times in which they lived.

The compiler of this volume, who is a descendant of the Hazard family, has not endeavored to make a scientific, formal or final historical work, but simply a collection, more or less complete, of genealogical data in relation to the Hazard family. Such sketches of individuals have been inserted as the writer has been able herself to compile, or readily to obtain from sources of information open to everyone. The facsimiles and portraits have been, as is often the case in books of this class, secured where it was possible to secure them, without always bearing a strict relation to the importance of the individual represented. In many cases where it would have been desirable, owing to the eminence of the person in question, to have given them greater distinction by this means or by a very full biographical sketch, it has not always been possible to do so; while, in other cases, less known members of the family have obtained a fuller treatment, owing to sources of information more readily available.

Thomas Hazard, the progenitor of the Hazard family in the United States of America, was born in 1610; he died in 1680; he married, 1st, Martha, who died in 1669. He married, 2d, Martha, widow of Thomas Sheriff; she died in 1691. His name is first found in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1635. In 1638, March 25, he was admitted freeman of Boston. Two years later he was admitted freeman of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Notes About The Hazard family of Rhode Island 1635-1894

  • Printed under the supervision of D.B. Updike
  • Includes index
  • Book repair evident

Prominent Surnames in The Hazard family of Rhode Island 1635-1894

Albro, Allen, Armstrong, Arnold, Babcock, Bailey, Baldwin, Barker, Beecher, Belmont, Bill, Borden, Bowdoin, Baudoin, Brooks, Brown, Browning, Campbell, Card, Carpenter, Carr, Champlin, Chappie, Clarke, Clift, Coggeshall, Cole, Compton, Comstock, Congdon, Cook, Crandall, Crane, Cranston, Crary, Crosse, Cundall, Dakin, Davies, Dennison, DeWolfe, Dockray, Douglas, Durfee, Dyre, Easton, Eskridge, Fiske, Gardiner, Goulde, Greene, Griffen, Hall, Hammond, Harmon, Harris, Haszard, Hazard, Hiscox, Holmes, Hone, Hopkins, Howland, Hoxsie, Hull, Kingsbury, Kneeland, Knowles, Knox, Larkin, Lawton, Leonard, Lewis, Loomis, Miller, Money, Mowry, Mumford, Nichols, Niles, Northrup, Noyes, Oatley, Parks, Pearce, Pearse, Peckham, Pell, Perry, Phillips, Pierce, Potter, Rathbun, Reynolds, Rhodes, Robinson, Rodman, Rogers, Saltonstall, Seagar, Sherman, Smith, Snow, Stanton, Starr, Stevens, Stewart, Taber, Taylor, Tefft, Thomas, Thompson, Tierney, Tripp, Tucker, Underwood, Updike, Van Zandt, Wales, Wall, Wanton, Ward, Watson, Weeden, Wells, Whaley, Wilbur, Wilcox, Wilson, and Wood.


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