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Descendants of Matthew Watson of Leicester, Massachusetts

Title:History and genealogy of the Watson family, descendants of Matthew Watson, who came to America in 1718
Author:Julia Draper Watson Bemis; Alonzo Amasa Bemis
Publication date:1894
Publisher:Boston, Press of W.S. Best & co.
Digitizing sponsor:Google
Contributor:University of Wisconsin – Madison
History and genealogy of the Watson family, descendants of Matthew Watson, who came to America in 1718
HIstory and Genealogy of the Watson Family – Title Page

Matthew Watson (d. 1720), of English lineage, married Mary Orr in 1695, and in 1718 the family immigrated from Ireland to Boston, Massachusetts and settled in Leicester, Massachusetts. Descendants and relatives lived in New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nebraska, Rhode Island, California, Nevada, Michigan and elsewhere.


Watson, Armington, Bemis, Denny, Draper, Kent, Washburn, Bailey, Barnard, Belcher, Bent, Biscoe, Bolles, Breckenridge, Bright, Browning, Bryant, Bullock, Burrage, Dennis, Fisher, Foster, Green, Hayward, Hobbs, Hodgkins, Holman, Howard, Jenks, Jones, Kellogg, Kitchell, Knight, Lazelle, Livermore, Loring, Mason, Maynard, Munger, Patrick, Prouty, Remington, Reed, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Sadler, Sibley, Snow, Sprague, Stone, Studley, Symonds, Taitt, Thomas, Thompson, Trask, Tucker, Waite, Webster, Westcott, Wheeler, Whittermore, Wilson, Woods and related families.

Abbey, Adams, Allen, Ames, Andrews, Anthony, Armington, Babcock, Badger, Bailey, Bancroft, Barber, Bardwell, Barnard, Barr, Bartlett, Beard, Bedwell, Belcher, Bellows, Bemis, Bent, Bishop, Blascoe, Bolles, Bolton, Boughton, Bowen, Brainard, Breckenridge, Bright, Brown, Browning, Bryant, Bullock, Burdick, Burditt, Burrage, Butler, Campbell, Cather, Chaplin, Clapp, Clark, Conner, Cotter, Cotton, Crittenden, Crosby, Cunningham, Dawson, De Laval, Dennis, Denny, Dewey, Dickinson, Draper, Eames, Eddy, Elliot, Ely, Fisher, Fitch, Floyd, Foster, Frazer, Freeman, Frisbie, Gilbert, Gleason, Glover, Goddard, Green, Grosvenor, Hadley, Hall, Hamilton, Hammond, Hardy, Harrington, Hastings, Hatch, Hayward, Heath, Hemenway, Henry, Hersey, Hill, Hills, Hinsdale, Hoar, Hobbs, Hodgkins, Holman, Hood, Howard, Howe, Hutchins, Ingraham, Jenks, Jones, Kellogg, Kent, Kimball, Kingman, Kingsley, Kitchell, Knapp, Knight, Lawless, Lazelle, Livermore, Loomis, Loring, Lowell, Ludden, Luther, MacClear, Marcy, Mason, Maynard, McNeal, Merriam, Moore, Moreley, Munger, Munroe, Newhall, Newton, Nichols, Noble, Patrick, Paul, Pearson, Perkins, Phillips, Potter, Powers, Pratt, Price, Prouty, Putnam, Quiggle, Reed, Remington, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson, Rider, Robbins, Robinson, Rodman, Rogers, Royce, Ryan, Sadler, Sanderson, Sargent, Savage, Sawyer, Scott, Scribner, Sexton, Shattuck, Shephard, Sibley, Smith, Snow, Sprague, Stebbins, Stone, Studley, Symonds, Taitt, Taylor, Tenney, Thayer, Thomas, Thompson, Tompkins, Town, Towne, Tracy, Trask, Traver, Tucker, Tufts, Tyler, Viall, Von Ladau, Walker, Walte, Ward, Warren, Washburn, Watson, Webster, Westcott, Wheaton, Wheeler, Whitcomb, White, Whitney, Whittemore, Wiggin, Wilson, Woodcock, Woods, Yeoman,


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2 thoughts on “Descendants of Matthew Watson of Leicester, Massachusetts”

  1. Emma Gail Jenkins

    None of the names listed are familiar to me except Watson and these Watsons are obviously not in my ancestry. I am searching for Clara Elizabeth Watson, possibly born in Georgia or surrounding states. She is possibly Creek Indian. She was married to my GGgrandfather Jacob Thomas Watts. He died in Clay Co., AL around 1910 and she died around 1915 in Clay County, AL. They came from Bibb or Jones County in Georgia. I’ve heard they married in Troup County, GA and also heard they married in Jones or Bibb County, GA. Jacob Thomas was bprn 29 Feb 1839 in Jones Co., GA. Clara Elizabeth (could be Elizabeth (Eliza) Clara). I found one note that she was born 1 August 1834 in Putnam Co., GA. I think they may have married about 1847 but where I don’t know. I am desperate to solve this. I have one photo that is so dark it is hard to tell much but she definitely appears to be Native. They are buried in Concord Church Cemetery in Clay County, AL.

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