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Our tribal history pages represent a cross-index of specific pages on our site relevant to a tribe. These pages are not meant to replace our search, which should be used to find a much larger amount of mentions for each tribe, but to provide a quick reference point for researchers to find a larger quantity of material for a specific tribe. Beside some links are an author’s name or book title. To find more information about each author or book please view our main Indian Tribes of the United States page.

Sac Indians

  • See Sauk

Saconnet Indians

Sahehwamish Indians

Sahkumehhu Indians

Saint Regis Indians

  • See St. Regis Indians

Salinan Indians

Salish Indians

Salishan Indians

Salt River Indians

Saluda Indians

Samish Indians

Sanpoil Indians

Santee Indians (South Carolina)

Santee Sioux Indians

Santiam Indians

Saponi Indians

Sara Indians

Satsop Indians

Saturiba Indians

Saturiwa Indians

Sauk Indians

Sawokli Indians

Scoton Indians

Seechelt Indians

Sekani Indians

Sematuse Indians

Semiahmoo Indians

Seminole Indians

Seneca Indians

Senijextee Indians

Serrano Indians

Seven Nations of Canada

Sewee Indians

Shahala Indians

Shahaptian Indians

Shakori Indians

Shasta Indians

Shawnee Indians

Sheepeater Indians

Shinnecock Indians

Shivwit Indians

S’homamish Indians

Shoshoni Indians

Shoshoni-Goship Indians

Shuman Indians

Shuswap Indians

Siksika Indians (Blackfeet)

Siksika Indians (Canada)

  • Siksika Tribe – Hodge
  • Siksika Indians – Swanton
  • Social Life of the Blackfoot Indians
    In this third paper on the ethnology of the Blackfoot Indians, Clark Wissler examines the social culture of the Blackfoot Indians, particularly the Piegan division in Montana. Complete with pictures where appropriate this paper approaches the social life of Blackfoot Indians in a fair and unpretentious manner. Discussions concern marriage, child rearing, naming, games and amusements, government of tribe, picture writing, and other activities specific to the social organization of the Blackfoot Indians. While Clark relied heavily on the first hand knowledge of a Piegan Indian, he supplemented that information with known facts from a variety of sources.

Siletz Indians

Sinixt Indians

  • See Lake Indians.

Sinkakoius Indians

Sinkiuse/Sinkyone Indians

Siouan Indians / Sioux Indians

Sioux Indians

  • See Siouan above.

Sissipahaw Indians

Siuslaw Indians

Sitka Indians

Six Nation Indians

Skaddal Indians

Skagit Indians

Skaiwhamish Indians

Skidi Indians

Skilloot Indians

Skitswish Indians

Sklallam Indians

  • See Clallam.

Skokomish Indians

Skoton Indians

Sktahlejum Indians

Snake Indians

Snohomish Indians

Snoqualmu Indians

Soacatino Indians

Sobaipuri Indians

Sokokis Indians

Souchitioni Indians

Spokan Indians

Squaxon Indians

Squawskin Indians

Squiaitl Indians

Squinahnush Indians

St. Regis Indians

Stehchass Indians

Stehtsasamish Indians

Steilacoom Indians

Stillaquamish Indians

Stickeen Indians

Stockbridge Indians

Sugeree Indians

Suquamish Indians

Surruque Indians

Susquehanna Indians

Sutaio Indians

Swallah/Swalash Indians

Swinomish Indians

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