The Indian Races of North and South America

From the size of this volume, as compared with the variety and extent of the subjects under examination, it will be readily perceived that minuteness of detail has been impossible.

In describing the adventures and proceedings of the pioneers in the settlement and civilization of the Western Continent, the interesting nature of the narrative may have led the author, in some instances, away from the immediate object of his attention, viz.: the manners, peculiarities, and history of the aboriginal inhabitants. He trusts, however, that where this may appear to be the case, it will generally be found to have resulted from the inseparable manner in which the history of the natives and those who have supplanted them is interwoven.

Linguisitic Families of American Indians - Powell
Powells Map showing the Lingusitic Families of the Indian Tribes of the United States

So far as has proved convenient or practicable, localities will be found to be in such a manner pointed out or referred to, that the reader who is ordinarily well acquainted with the geography of the country will seldom be at fault. Upon this point, the opening of the fifth book of “The True Travels, Adventures, and Observations of Captain John Smith,” is worthy the attention of all historical writers.

The Indian Races of North and South America

Bibliography of Sources

The works which have been carefully examined by the author in the prosecution of his design, and from which most of the facts embodied in this outline of history and description have been obtained, are the following:

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  53. The Geographical, Natural, and Civil History of Chili; by Abbe don J. Ignatius Molina; translated from the original Italian by an American Gentleman.
  54. John Mawe’s Travels in the Interior of Brazil.
  55. Head’s Journey to the Pampas and the Andes.

Brownell, Charles De Wolf. Indian Races of North and South America: Comprising an account of the principal aboriginal races; a description of their national customs, mythology, and religious ceremonies, the history of their most powerful tribes, and of their most celebrated chiefs and warriors; their intercourse and wars with the European settlers; and a great variety of anecdote and description, illustrative of personal and national character. Hartford, Conn., Chicago,E. B. & R.C. Treat; [etc., etc.]: Hurlbut, Scranton & Co. 1864.

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