Shinnecock Tribe

Shinnecock Indians. An Algonquian tribe or band on Long Island, New York, formerly occupying the south coast from Shinnecock Bay to Montauk Point. Many of them joined the Brotherton Indians in New York. About 150 still remain on a reservation of 750 acres, 3 miles west of Southampton, having intermarried with Negroes until their aboriginal character is almost obliterated. Nowedonah, brother of the noted Wyandanch, was once their chief, and on his death his sister, wife of Cockenoe, became his successor. In Dec. 1876, 28 Shinnecock men lost their lives in an attempt to save a ship stranded off Easthampton, since which time a number, especially the younger people, have left the reservation and become scattered. They have a Presbyterian and an Adventist church; the men gain a livelihood by employment as farm-hands, baymen, berrypickers, etc., and the women as laundresses. A few families make and sell baskets and a sort of brush made of oak splints; there is almost no agriculture. They have lost all their old customs, and but few words of their native language survive even in the memory of the oldest people, although it was in more or less general use 60 or 70 years ago.

For Further Study

The following articles and manuscripts will shed additional light on the Shinnecock as both an ethnological study, and as a people. Consult:

  • Harrington in Jour. Am. Folk-lore, XVI, 37-39, 1903
  • Harrington in So. Workman, XXXII, no. 6, 1903.
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8 thoughts on “Shinnecock Tribe”

  1. Thanks, now we know why they just don’t look like Indian’s, evidently their tribes are in Africa mostly, not Long Island.

  2. Gwendolyn Watson -Sims

    My grandfather’s name was Chancey Jackson a member of the Shinnecock Nation. As a young child his father died and his mother remarried and he took the name of step father whose last name was haymer. But growing up my grandfather took his children to visit the reservation to visit his cousins and other family members. I remember going to Pow-Wow as a child. After my grandfather’s death we went there less and less. Now as an adult I have been searching for my roots and my reconnection with my extended family members. I have wrote to the nation a few times but have been unable to get a response. Help!!!!!

  3. Gmorning, my grandmother told me that her father was a shinnecock and she remembers visiting the reservation. They lived in the central Islip part of long island back in the way day of the 1920s . Her maiden name was Jones. I always wanted to find my history, because I do feel the connect in a spiritual way. I also gave myself a name , I AM SMILES LIKE THE SUN. THANK YOU FOR THIS WEBSITE.

  4. MarianA O.JOHNSON

    I am a descendent of the deceased Harry Martin ( from Southampton, NY) . His ancestry connects to the Shinnecock Nation. I would love to make a connection.

  5. A cousin of mine said to me my aunt who often called herself ”princess of running water” and that we’re from the Shinnecock pow wow native tribe of long island., I am slowly finding little information about my Shinnecock indian heritages. My cousins often called my grandfather ” Chief” I know the word ”Chief” is more often associated with the native indian tribes. I believe my family is identified with the Shinnecock indian pow wow tribe of Long island., New York

  6. Hi , want to be more involved , my Mother(maden name Almqiest) is from South Hampton Long Island NY. she was removed from her
    Mother back in the 1950s and put on a Indian Reservation until she was 8 or 9 , she recently found out she is approximately 36% Shinnecock . I want to embrace my Indian Brothers and Sisters . I want schedule a trip to learn more from my people that I was always told to love and Pray for my Indian Brothers and Sisters and my Mother always told us that the white man had taken her illegally from her Mother . I have 6 kids 5 boys and 1 girl . My Mother and my Aunts have fought to keep my Great Grandmother’s house and land it was on . The US courts held them up for years and they seem to make a settlement that sided towards the rich & Government . I hope to meet more and learn more about my people . ? You have a Brother Shinnecock in Philadelphia Pa. I wish you well and send my Love to All of You!!!!


  7. I was told as a little girl that we were a part of the Shinnecock Tribe. I don’t have names but would love to find a way to confirm and interact with my native family. any ideas?

    1. Carolyn miller evans watson

      Mandy Miller is one of our Docents and lives on Long Island in Amityville. I am her cousin and a member of the Shinnecock Tribe from Mantaukett Nation. However, I live in California. Try to make contact via this email: Chief.rob[email protected]

      Also here is a link to a recent decision about our status as the Nation of Mantaukett:

      I hope this helps you to get in touch with your Shinnecock family members.

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