Sitting Bull

Famous Indian Chiefs I have Known

Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull (Tatonka-I-Yatanka), a Hunkpapa Sioux, 1885

The following biographies are small glimpses of Indians, who’s names most of us have heard.  From these brief writings you can decide if you are interested in further information on one of these great Chieftains.

Major-General O. O. Howard, US Army, served in the Civil war prior to coming west.  He directed several campaigns against the Native Americans, and negotiated with Chief Joseph in 1877.  He has written numerous books on his experiences with the Indians.

With Illustrations By George Varian

Famous Indian Chiefs I have Known

[box]Editor’s Note: This particular manuscript is often met with outcries from our readers as Oliver Howard’s particular point of view of the Chiefs he met often differs with popular sentiments of today. We hope with the addition of commenting that our readers, rather them lombasting us for Howard’s portrayal of specific chiefs will use the commenting section to enlighten us with first-hand facts which disagree with his assessment. Remember that any manuscript written today about these chiefs is done so without the writer ever having actually met the person they write about. It’s all second hand information. What you have in this manuscript, as imperfect as it is, is a first hand account of these chiefs, written, albeit, in a militaristic attitude, and with a specific point of view, as all books are.[/box]

Howard, Oliver Otis Famous Indian Chiefs I have Known. University of Nebraska Press. 1908.

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