Wyandot and Shawnee Indian Lands

A Schedule embracing  the names of Wyandot Indians of the Incompetent Class and Orphan Class under the Wyandot Treaty of January 31, 1855, the sales of whose lands, assigned and patented to them under said Treaty, have been confirmed by the Secretary of the Interior, upon a full examination of the report of Commissioners, Irwin and Cobb dated October 3rd 1870 and hearing of the parties interested in accordance with the 15th article of the treaty of February 23rd 1867, with certain Wyandot and other Indians in Kansas.

Wyandot and Shawnee Indian Lands

No. of AllotmentName of ReserveeAcres
201John Bigarms44 60
202Baptists Bigtown24 75
203Sallie Bigtown24 75
204William Bigtown36 50
205John Bigtree40 50
206Mary Bigtree80 50
207Catherine Bigtree39 37
209Harley Coon120 37
213Susan Hicks40 37
214Mary Coonhawk Hicks42 30
215Zachariah Longhouse80 30
216James Monture58 30
217Susan Nofat27 84
218Moses Peacock75 84
219Daniel Peacock40 84
220James Peacock40 84
221Margaret B. Punch80 84
222Eliza Punch89 84
224John H. Standingstone98 72
226Jacob Stookey50 72
227Mary B. Skybuck26 79
231Widown, George Washington27 79
232Sarah J. Washington?? ??
234Sarah D. Williams58 79
235Mary D. Williams55 79
238Jefferson Zane40 79
240Margaret Zane75 50
243Jacob Bigelow66 10
245Washington Boyd64 75
246Joseph Cherloe40 75
247Mary Cherloe34 75
248George Cherloe33 75
249David Cherloe39 75
250Henry Cherloe40 75
251Elisabeth Cherloe90 00
254Mary Collier28 00
255Sarah Collier28 00
258Francis Coon36 00
259Mary Coon151 47
260Hannah Coon40 47
261Catharine Coon40 47
262Amos Cotter40 00
262Amos Cotter53 00
263Mary Curlyhead Jr.28 00
264Jacob Curlyhead40 00
265William A. Driver30 60
267Sarah Hicks64 60
268Henry C. Greyeyes62 60
269Margaret Jonathan Jr.124 25
271William Long27 50
272Livery B. McKenzie35 50
273Russell McKenzie50 50
274Mary McKee45 50
275Mary Monture35 00
277Isaac Peacock Jr.40 00
279George Whitewing28 00
280David Wright60 00
281Mary S. Williams110 50

Shawnee, Wyandot,

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