New Mexico Indian Tribes

The following tribes at one time are recorded in history as having resided within the present state of New Mexico. If the tribe name is in bold, then New Mexico is the primary location known for this tribe, otherwise we provide the tribes specifics as it pertains to New Mexico and then provide a link to the main tribal page.

  • Apache Indians
  • Comanche Indians. In the Spanish period, the Comanche raided into and across the territory of New Mexico repeatedly. (See Texas.)
  • Jemez Indians
  • Jicarilla Indians. An Apache tribe which ranged over the northeastern corner of New Mexico. (See Colorado.)
  • Keresan Pueblo Indians
  • Kiowa Indians. The Kiowa raided into and across New Mexico in the Spanish and early American period. (See Oklahoma.)
  • Kiowa Apache Indians. The Kiowa Apache were an Athapascan tribe incorporated into and accompanying the Kiowa. (See Oklahoma.)
  • Lipan Indians. The Lipan were the easternmost of the Apache tribes. (See Apache and also Texas.)
  • Manso Indians
  • Navaho Indians
  • Pecos Indians
  • Piro Pueblo Indians
  • Pueblo Indians
  • Shuman Indians. The Shuman lived at various times in or near the southern and eastern borders of New Mexico. (See Texas.)
  • Tewa Pueblo Indians
  • Tiwa Pueblo Indians
  • Ute Indians. The Ute were close to the northern border of New Mexico, extending across it at times and frequently raiding the tribes of the region and the later white settlements.
  • Zuñi Indians

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