New Mexico Indian Tribes

The following tribes at one time are recorded in history as having resided within the present state of New Mexico. If the tribe name is in bold, then New Mexico is the primary location known for this tribe, otherwise we provide the tribes specifics as it pertains to New Mexico and then provide a link to the main tribal page.

  • Apache Indians
  • Comanche Indians. In the Spanish period, the Comanche raided into and across the territory of New Mexico repeatedly. (See Texas.)
  • Jemez Indians
  • Jicarilla Indians. An Apache tribe which ranged over the northeastern corner of New Mexico. (See Colorado.)
  • Keresan Pueblo Indians
  • Kiowa Indians. The Kiowa raided into and across New Mexico in the Spanish and early American period. (See Oklahoma.)
  • Kiowa Apache Indians. The Kiowa Apache were an Athapascan tribe incorporated into and accompanying the Kiowa. (See Oklahoma.)
  • Lipan Indians. The Lipan were the easternmost of the Apache tribes. (See Apache and also Texas.)
  • Manso Indians
  • Navaho Indians
  • Pecos Indians
  • Piro Pueblo Indians
  • Pueblo Indians
  • Shuman Indians. The Shuman lived at various times in or near the southern and eastern borders of New Mexico. (See Texas.)
  • Tewa Pueblo Indians
  • Tiwa Pueblo Indians
  • Ute Indians. The Ute were close to the northern border of New Mexico, extending across it at times and frequently raiding the tribes of the region and the later white settlements.
  • Zuñi Indians

Swanton, John R. The Indian Tribes of North America. Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 145. Washington DC: US Government Printing Office. 1953.

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15 thoughts on “New Mexico Indian Tribes”

  1. MyName is Annette T Acevedo maiden name is Sais daughter of antiono Sais and Marilyn p maes both were born in new Mexico Belen there parents is isdordo Sais and Delores chivera and Tobias maes and Virginia maes .when I started school my grandfather made a point to go to the office and tell them I was native American and once a month they would pull me out of class and put me in a room to watch a slide show on natives it was all negative things and from 1-6 grade this took place every month every year I don’t know why I was the only one for a few years until a boy joined me on my 5th and 6 grade for some reason my grandpa did this witch was kind of off to me because everyone else would not admit they were native it was kind of a joke and I didn’t understand why . would he make it a point to tell my school if and I don’t think he knew what they were trying to do to me to make me belive I was a savage was the same slide show over and over every year it never changed ..i am the only grandchild who had to go tho that I am the first born on both sides I always felt proud of haveing native in me when I would ask my family no one would talk about it until I found out that both my grandpas on both sides were friends as kids they where Indiana slaves and they built the santa fe railway as kids from new Mexico to barstow calif i cant find any more info on them and they passed and the rest of my family won’t talk on it like its a dirty secret or they say some way out shit like I’m lying i know what i went tho in school the other boy i was speaking of i seen him his family still live in the neighborhood where our school was when i seen him i asked him if he remembered being in that room he said yes and we laughed because we never watched the stupid film we would goof off and flip off the aid who would come check on us to make sure we where watching it so i know I’m not making this up it was not a dream like my family would try to say it never happened i never spoke on it to my parents because i figured they knew that’s why i guess they acted like that i was a kid although i hated that time i never questioned it but i know I’m native but just don’t know what kind i have a son with AML cancer and i need info on my bloodline text 562336-0604

  2. Im trying to find out were my Grandmother was from? Virgina Ortiz married William Newton New México. My 88 year old uncle told me she was native decente posible Navijo. i hit a road block looking for her, I see her Name in the census récords But kind find no batisam records no mother no father nothing ese I dont know if she was sold as a slave as a young girl. if found my other grandmother she is from new México María Vitalia Anastacia Lopez Tribe-Isleta Agency pueblo state-santa fe New Mexico census #19 census date 17 Aug 1888 Birth About-1850 when i contacted isleta Pueblo they aske me were did I get the info from so i gave them census # 19 and sensus # 52 i never heard back from them i even sent them a photo of my Grandmother… seems like im chasing a ghost. Im not wanting nothing from them but just trying to find out who I am.. missing puzzle.

  3. Alex Gonzales
    July 30, 2019
    I have had a DNA test done from Ancestry and from 23 and me.Ancestry show me as 45% Native American and 31% Spain. 23 and me shows 47% Native American and 31% Spain. I have traced my grandfather as Andres Gonzales from El Coyote New Mexico (1865-1942), His Father was Antonio Gonzales (1835 ) also from El Coyote, His Father was Jose Gonzales (1810) from El Coyote, His father was Jose Miguel Gonzales (1776) from Santa Fe Territory , His father was Jose Christoval Gonzales (1753) Santa Fe Territory, His father was Juan Ylario Gonzales (1716) Santa Fe Territory. Many of them were farmers as an occupation on the Federal Census. At this point I cannot find any more information. My question is what native tribe was my family from?

  4. It’s incredible how much diversity New Mexico has in terms of its native peoples. That in and of itself makes zeroing in on my ancestors difficult. From my childhood my Grandmother would say we were descendant from either a Navajo or Apache lineage but it was only speculation but any doubt to the veracity of our ancestry never dissuaded me simply because of my Grandmother’s physical characteristics which were quite pronounced and distinctively Native American. That said, we have no records to consult because they were burned in the building of records. The only positive identification to our ancestry was revealed when my son decided to take a DNA test. He’s 10% Native American but that’s as confusing as not knowing at all because his DNA analysis shows an amalgamation of varying native groups from South America to North America. Talking to family they say my Great Grandparents migrated from New Mexico. My Great Grandfather was a sheepherder from a place called El Rancho de Taos and I’m fairly sure my Great Grandmother was from Sante Fe. They migrated to southeastern Colorado and there my Great Grandfather built his family a home out of sandstone. There’s no trace of it anymore but I can remember being a boy playing among the remains of that old house. After considering the little information I have, I lean towards the real possibility my ancestors were from one of the Pueblo tribes. I’d welcome any advice on what I can do to help pinpoint my family’s ancestry.

    1. I’m looking for relatives that where related to epifanio Pacheco and eustolia chaparro. Born in new Mexico in the 1800. Moved to mexico around the 1900 I know they where native American but have no idea what tribe alot of people use to tell my father he looked Apache but not sure he is 55% native American.

  5. Ruth Cordero Heatherington

    I’m 65% Native American and would like to find out what tribe I’m from. I never knew where I came from, I’m 69 yrs old now and would like to meet my family, my mother was given away to be raised by another family and was treated awful she never knew her real family I’ve been researching her life and discovered who my great grandfather was ( George Sylvester Davis he was born May 22, 1869, my grandmother’s name was, Angelita Chavez, there son’s name was Celso Davis born on 1917 in Bernalillo, New Mexico, USA and died in 1996 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico , USA. My Mother met her BrosRoss, Robert and Frank Davis. Frank really looked Native American And my uncle Ross had a family in the Indian reservation but never had the privilege of meeting them. if anyone is willing to send me in the right direction it would greatly be appreciated , please can someone help me.

    1. Hi Ruth, I have a feeling your mother’s family is part or mostly Spanish (did that come up in your DNA?). That area has a huge population Of Spanish families who in your mother’s time frame, were still very traditional. The girl babies were often given away at birth, then later some parents came for them as they grew older to help with the other children, to work the fields or married off. I am not from that area, but I have been married into a family from that area for over 30 yrs. They are a huge family and Chavez happens to be one of their family names. I might be able to help you out, no promises, but I can try.

      1. Ruth Heatherington

        Hi Sandy, my moms last name was Davis she had three brothers; Frank, Robert, and Ross, she also had a sister Jennett. My grandfather was Celso Davis my Grandma was Josefina Ortiz . I’m 21% Spanish, so how can you help me?

      2. Hello,
        I would love to find out more information regarding my grandmother Neddie Chavez who was born in 1917 in Bernalillo, New Mexico, USA. My dad was born in 1937 and he said that my grandma might be Comanche Indian. I’m only 32 years old and I never got to meet my grandmother so I don’t have a lot of information.

    2. Hello Ruth, my great grandfather was celso davis, my grandfather was Robert davis. If you would like to discuss more about the please feel free to reach out me.

  6. We just found out that our Adopted son is 22% Native American. The shows his origins of New Mexico Tribes. How can we narrow it down and find out if the tribe he is from, has a tribe on a reservation near us? WE live in San Diego

  7. I am trying to find out information on my Heritage I do know that my family is Apache they come from the Mexico I’m trying to locate the exactly what tribe were they cuz I know there’s Apache there’s like two or three tribes I already located the senses from 1940 and I was able to find my great-grandparents and the kids that they had which was my grandma’s anime I’m kind of confused because I do know from my uncles and and things I thought that we are Apache we are Native American bit it’s like I’m trying to determine exactly like I was saying what tribe and how to prove that I am Native American all my recently did the the Oracle Arena the Heritage test the DNA and it came out that I’m fifty-five 54% Native American so that caught my eye and I’m even more interested in finding on my roots that way I could continue the the things will make kids and everything find out where we come from more people ways and things like that it would be a beautiful experience out if you could please give me any hints or anything where where else so I could look for and things like that to find out more information on my family I would really really appreciate it my name’s Adelina Urbano I’m currently living in the state of Washington my phone number is 425-524-9958 my email is Urbano Adelina 4 at

    1. Dear Adelina,

      I don’t have any information for you, but I wanted to thank you for your concern for your ancestors. I too am trying to find something about
      one of mine and know the frustrations that come with that desire. Good luck in your quest. With love, Maughan.

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