Old Marblehead Sea Captains

Old Marblehead Sea Captains
Ship Franklin

The information contained in this volume has been obtained by careful and persistent research from widely distributed sources viz: the Marblehead and Salem and Beverly Custom House Records, original books of the Marblehead Marine Insurance Company, covering five thousand policies running from 1800 to 1840, list of Marblehead Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War (compiled in 1912-13 by the author), old log books, old letter books, old newspapers, list of Privateersmen of 1812 made up by Capt. Glover Broughton in a memorial to the 34th, 35th and 36th Congresses asking for grants of land for services rendered, and from the descendants of the men mentioned. This volume is intended to be a fairly accurate list of the Old Sea Captains of Marblehead, and the vessels in which they sailed, going to and from foreign ports. The list of the names of the men is very nearly complete, but the list of the vessels is not as satisfactory, it being at this late date practically impossible to obtain complete information. Of the five hundred men mentioned, but two are alive at this time, Captain John D. “Whidden, now living in Los Angeles, California, and Captain George W. Homan 1 , in New York, both of them over eighty years of age.

It will be noticed that quite a number of these men were in the Continental service as soldiers or sailors before entering the merchant service.

Nearly all of the following pictures (excepting thirteen, kindly loaned by the Essex Institute), were taken from the originals now in possession of their descendants, and are freely loaned for this work, and have never before been published. To each and everyone who has contributed in any way to the success of this volume, the compiler extends his most sincere thanks and earnestly hopes it may prove to be instructive and satisfactory. The quality of the Sea Captains were of such poor quality they were not used on these pages.

Abbreviations Used in This Book

S P Ship’ Paper or Pass
C P Clearance Paper
M. V S Marblehead Vital Statistics.
G C. Capt. George Cloutman’s Letter Book.
G. B Glover Broughton.

List of Old Marblehead Sea Captains

List of Illustrations from the Old Marblehead Sea Captains

List of Baroque Illustrations from the Old Marblehead Sea Captains

List of Brigantine or Brig Illustrations from Old Marblehead Sea Captains

List of Schooner Illustrations from the Old Marblehead Sea Captains

List of Ship Illustrations from the Old Marblehead Sea Captains


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  1. Capt. Homan died Aug. 22d, aged 82 years, 4 months, was buried in Marblehead.[]

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