Sea Captains Ramsdell, Nathaniel to Russell, William

Ramsdell, Nathaniel
Bpt. Oct. 2, 1796.

1816 Schooner “Teazer,” 97T.
1837 Schooner “Ceres.”
1840 Schooner “Erie.”
1849 Schooner “Pilgrim,” 56T.

Ramsdell, Richard B.
Bpt. June 8, 1800.

1838 Schooner “Robin,” 84T.

Roads, John

1743 “Sea Flower.” R. Hooper’s Letter Book.

Rodgers, Peter J.
Born April 8, 1792.

____ Schooner “American,” 69T.
____ Brigantine “Mary Susan,” 130T.
1812 Privateer Brigantine “Thorn.” (G. B.)

Roads, William
Bpt. Oct. 7, 1804.

1836 Schooner “Mechanic,” 53T.
1836 Schooner “Teazer,” 97T.

Roundey, John
Bpt. Sept. 9, 1716.

1743 Schooner “Salem” (R. Hooper’s Letter Book.)
1751 Schooner “Swallow” (R. Hooper’s Letter Book.)

Advocate and Mercury.
Marblehead, Mass , Saturday, January 4, 1850.

We give below, two floating relics of “good Old Colony Times,” which have escaped from the finger of decay, and passed into the hands of the printer :

Shipped by the Grace of God, in good Order and well Conditioned, by John Russell Salor in and upon the good Scuner called, “The Swallow” whereof is Master under God for this present Voyage, John Roundey and now Riding at Anchor in the Harbor of Marblehead and by God’s Grace bound for the island of Barbados To say, one Hogset of JeinelR co cood fish containing Seven Quentels and a Half for which fish I promise to Bring in the produce of ye Island Being NJ Marked and Numbered as in the Margent, and are to be delivered in the like good Order and well Conditioned, at the aforesaid Port of Barbados (the Danger of the Seas only excepted) unto Mickel Wormstead or to his Assigns, he or they paying Freight for the said Goods, a pistole with Primage and Average accustomed. In witness whereof, the Master or Purser of the said Scuner hath affirmed to this Bill of Lading, of this Tenor and Date, One of which Bills being accomplished, the other to stand Void And so God send the good Scuner to her desired Port in Safety. Amen. (Spelling as shown in book)
Dated in Marblehead May 27th, 1751.  
Michael Wormstead.

Roundey, John
Born May 25,1760.

1803 Brig “Union,” 110T. (Lost G. C.)
1805 Schooner “Betsy.”

Roundey, Samuel F.
Bpt. Oct. 8, 1769.

1796 Schooner “Richard and Edward,” 64T.
1801 Schooner “Industry,” 86T.

Roundey, Stephen C.

1834 Schooner “Fredonia,” 89T.

Ross, Alexander
Bpt. Jan. 12, 1777.

1790 Schooner “Tabby,” 72T.
1792 Schooner “Deborah.”
1794 Schooner “Polly,” 63T.
1795 Ship “Hope,” 189T.

Russell, John Abbot
Bpt. June 7, 1798.

____ Ship “Tartar.”
____ Ship “Edward.”
____ Ship “William Goddard.”
____ Barque “Rocket.”
Arrived at Marblehead Ship “Bonetia,” Capt. B. Russell from Muskat. (Salem Gazette, Feb. 10, 1804.) Only record obtained.

Russell, John
Bpt. Oct. 8, 1769.

1790 Schooner “Samuel.”

Russell, John 3d.

1804 Schooner “Betsy.”

Russell, John Roads
Bpt. Nor. 2, 1755.

1775 Private in Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment, Capt. John Selman.
1778 Seaman Privateer Brigantine General Gates, Capt. John Skimmer.
1790 Schooner “Samuel,” 7’2T.
1804 Schooner “Betsy.”
1811 Schooner “Liberty.”
1821 Schooner “Sarah,” 74T.
John Roads Russell, born John Russell was one of Capt. John Selman’s Co., in Col. John Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment. He claimed while living, that he was with General Henry Knox and Capt. Wm. Blackler in the boat that ferried General Washington across the Delaware the night before the battle of Trenton. He did the rowing.

A bronze statue of him was Massachusetts’ contribution to the Trenton Battle Monument, adorning the west side of the entrance. Gov. Wm. E. Russell in presenting it, said “The bronze statue of a soldier of that Marble-head regiment, the contribution of Massachusetts to this monument, commemorates their valor.” The President of the Battle Monument Association, W. S. Stryker, in his address, says, “Col. John Glover and his magnificent Marblehead regiment of seafaring men did inestimable service in guarding the army over the dark and angry river.”

Russell, Lewis

____ Brig “Uncas.”
1812 Seaman on Privateer Schooner “Industry. (G. B.)
1828 Schooner “All Chance.”
1829 Brig “Robert Patten.”
1829 Ship “Courser.” Lost
____ Brig “Henry.”
____ Ship “Florence.”
1843 Ship “Georges.”
1845 Barque “Flora.”

Brig “Uncas” Capt. Lewis Russell
Original painting on glass by P. Weyts, Antwerp, owned by great grand-daughter Mrs. Andrew W. Stone, Marblehead

Russell, Thomas
Bpt. July 30, 1780.

1809 Ship “Marquis De Someruelas.” (See Wm. Story.)

Russell, William
Born Nov. 13, 1794.

1819 Schooner “Lewis.”
1821 Brig “Hannah.”
____ Schooner “John,” 111T.

Russell, William
Bpt. June 23, 1765.

1787 Schooner “Industry,” 59T.
1792 Schooner “John and Miriam,” 77T.
1799 Brigantine “Tryall,” 119T.
1801 Brigantine “Two Friends,” 165T.
1802 Schooner “Hannah,” 85T.
1805 Schooner “Iris,” 80T.

Russell, William R.
Born Feb. 16, 1766.

1807 Schooner “Iris,” 80T.


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915


Lindsey, Benjamin J. Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915.

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