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Sea Captains – Hooper to Humphreys

Hooper, Asa
Born July 6, 1767.

Ship "Archer" Original painted in Hong Kong, China, for Capt. Josiah P. Cressy, now owned by Henry W. Brown, Marblehead
Ship “Archer” Original painted in Hong Kong, China, for Capt. Josiah P. Cressy, now owned by Henry W. Brown, Marblehead

1780 Seaman “Ship Thorn,” Capt. Richard Cowell.
1801 Schooner “Hope,” 92T
1803 Selectman.
1812 Captain of Privateer Brigantine “Thorn,” captured in 1812.
1816 Schooner “Ardent.”
____ Schooner “Mary.” (Lost G. C.)
1828 Schooner “Teazer.”
1833 Schooner “Daniel Baxter,” 81T.
1806-1812-1814-1823 Representative to the General Court.
Commission of Asa Hooper as Captain of the Privateer Brigantine “Thorn” in possession of the Marblehead Historical Society.

Hooper, Henry
Bpt. July 12,1761.

1799 Schooner “Hannah.”
Hooper, Ebenezer
Born July 31, 1813.

Ship “Duxbury.”
Ship “Harriet.” (Lost G. C.)
Brigantine “Generous.” Sold in Mozambique in 1836. (Essex Institute Records).

John Hooper's Commission as Captain of the Privateer Schooner Dolphin
John Hooper’s Commission as Captain of the Privateer Schooner Dolphin, July 9, 1798 Original owned by his great-granddaughters

Hooper, Henry
Born July 3, 1802

Captain at 21.
1823 Ship “Java.”
1829 Ship “Athens.”
1834 Barque “Newton.”
1850-1852 Selectman.

Two thousand dollars was paid to the “New Providence” wreckers’ for getting off the Ship “Athens” ashore in Little Bahama bank. (Essex Register, Jan 6, 1842.)

Hooper, John afterward John Griste Hooper
Bpt. July 29, 1770.

1796 Schooner “Lydia,” 58T.
1798 Schooner “William,” 65T.
1798 Commander of Privateer Schooner “Dolphin” 68T.
1799 Schooner “John,” 64T.
1800 Schooner “Hannah,” 74T.
1801 Schooner “Powder Point,” 82T
1803 Brigantine “Helen.”
1805 Schooner “Hiram.”
1806 Schooner “Aurora,” 100T.
1807 Schooner “President,” 92T.
1836 Ship “Canova.”
1838 Ship ‘ Ellen Brooks.”

Christened John Hooper, but later in life there being so many of that name, he obtained permission (June 19, 1809) of the Legislature, to use his mother’s name (Griste) as a middle name.

Inspector of Port of Marblehead and Lynn in 1813.

His commission as Captain of the Privateer Schooner “Dolphin” (see cut) signed by John Adams, President, and Timothy Pickering, Secretary of State Sept. 28, 1808; his ship’s Letter as Captain of the “Aurora” signed by Thos Jefferson. President and James Madison, Secretary ot State, Jan. 19 1802; his ship’s Letter (see cut) as Captain of the “Powder Point” signed by John Adams, President and John Marshall, Secretary ot State, Mar. 9, 1801; and his ship’s Letter as Captain of the “Powder Point” signed by Thos. Jefferson, President and Levi Lincoln, Acting Secretary of State, Aug. 21, 1801, are now in possession of his great granddaughter, Eliza Hooper Ramsdell, Marblehead, Mass.  Roads’ in his History of Marblehead, says:

John G. Hooper in 1780, sailed in the Ship “Jack,” sixteen guns, Capt. (Nathan) Brown. Took two prizes and returned to Marblehead in one of them. Afterward sailed in the Privateer “Terrible,” Capt. Putnam. Took three prizes and was captured in one of them, taken to New Jersey and imprisoned about two months.

Hooper, John 4th.
Born Feb. 4, 1776.

1802 Schooner “Alpha.”
1831 Brigantine “Index.”

Hooper, John Jr.

1817 Brigantine “Rolla.”
1835 Ship “Junior.”

Hooper, Robert Jr.

1791 Brigantine “Polly.” 139T.
1809 Schooner “John,” 65T.

Hooper, Robert
Born Nor. 16, 1790.

1820 Ship “Ganges.”
1829 Ship “Athens.”

Hooper, Robert Swett
Born in 1780.

1815 Schooner “Equality.”

Ship "Arbella," Robert C. Hooper
Ship “Arbella,” Robert C. Hooper

Hooper, Robert Chamblett
Born April 8, 1805.

1827 Ship “Arbella,” 404T.

Entered Harvard College at 13 years of age. Went to sea in the Brigantine “Union,” one of his father’s vessels, two years after, continuing until he became sailing master and supercargo in 18”28 when he took command of the ship “Arbella.” Retiring from the sea after many years, he became a merchant in Boston, owning a part of Union Wharf on which his store was situated and the whole of Constitution Wharf.

He was a very successful merchant and popular gentleman. (From the Hooper Genealogy, Boston, 1908.)

Hooper, Moses
Born Dec. 21, 1777.

1806 Schooner “Sisters ”
1807 Schooner “Eagle.”
1807 Schooner “Ranger.”

Hooper, Samuel
Born May 14, 1808.

1830 Brigantine “Hope.”

Hooper, Samuel

1758 Schooner “Industry.”

Hooper, William
Born Nov. 13, 1757.

1776 Seaman Privateer Schooner “Rover,” Capt. Abijah Boden.
1777 Seaman Brigantine “Tyrannacide,” Capt. John Harraden.
1790 Brigantine “Union,” 76T.
1797 Brigantine “Union,” 110T.

Horton, Sparrow

1833 Brigantine “Mary.” (S. P.)

Hulen, Archibald S.

1810 Schooner “Success,” 72T.

Hulen, Elias

1775 Private in Capt. Wm. Hooper’s Sea Coast Co.
1776 Private in Capt. Ed. Fettyplace’s Sea Coast Co. Seaman Privateer Brigantine “Massachusetts.”
1791 Schooner “Exchange,” 60T.
1807 Brigantine “Frederick.”
1815 Schooner “Success,” 59T.
1818 Brigantine “Rolla.”
1821 Schooner “Mary,” 8lT. 1827 Ship (Marblehead Vital Statistics.)

Humphreys, _____

1821 Schooner “Cherub.”


Lindsey, Benjamin J. Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915.

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