Sea Captains Mansfield, Isaac to Nicholson, William

Mansfield, Isaac
Born Mar. 27, 1750.

Marblehead Marine Society, Aug. 3, 1798.

Martin, Ambrose Boden

1796 Schooner “Raven,” 70T.
1803 Schooner “Cabinet.”
1810 Schooner “Polly,” 7lT.
1812 Schooner “Sally,” 69T.

Schooner “Raven” Ambrose B. Martin Master
Original water color owned by the Marblehead Historical Society Presented by Nathan B. Harris of Swampscott, Mass.

Martin, Samuel C.

1819 Brigantine “Ellen Douglass.”

Brigantine “Helen.” Captured in 1812.

Martin, Knott 4th.

Schooner “Constitution,” 85T.

Martin, Nathan B.
Born Sept. 18, 1763.

Marblehead Marine Society, Aug. 31, 1798.
1801-1802-1803 Selectman.

Meek, Richard
Bpt. Aug. 22, 1781.

1805 Schooner “Rebecca.”
1810 Brigantine “Hope.” (Condemned in 1812, G. C.)
1815 Brigantine “Orient,” 194T.
1818 Ship “Two Brothers.”
1819 Ship “Friendship,” 366T.
1834 Ship “Florence.”

Feb. 7, 1831, the “Friendship” was attacked by Malays at Quallah Battoo on the coast of Sumatra, captured and five men killed. Several days later with the help of other vessels the ship was retaken. To avenge this outrage the United States sent the “Frigate Potomac” to attack Quallah Battoo, which was done in Feb. 1832. For extended account of this expedition, see Reynolds’ Journal of a voyage around the World. – Essex Institute Collections.

Meek, Jacob
Bpt. 23, 1783.

1809 Schooner “Rebecca.” (Condemned G. C.)

Meek, Thomas
Born Sept. 26, 1736.

1775 Gunner, Col. Richard Gridleys Artillery Regiment, Capt. Samuel R. Trevett, at the Battle of Bunker Hill.
____ Private in Col. Israel Hutchinson’s Regiment, Capt. Putnam.
1776 Private in Capt. William Hooper’s Sea Coast Co.
1777 Seaman on Brigantine “Fancy,” captured and committed to Old Mill Prison, England.
1785 Ship “Lucia,” 310T.
1789 Schooner “Harmony.”
1791 Schooner “Polly,” 63T.
1791 Ship “Aurora,” 222T.
1803 Schooner “John,” 91T. (Jr.)
1804 Schooner “Lydia,” 86T. (Jr.)
1819 Ship “Eagle.”

Roads’ History says he was in the Schooner “Franklin” with Capt. James Mugford, Jr.

Messervy, Mark
Born Oct. 8, 1775.

1805 Schooner “Perseverance.”

Schooner “Perseverance” was captured in 1808 by a British Man of War and taken into Plymouth, England, but afterward released.

Messervy, Mark H.
Born May 8, 1796.

1833 Schooner “Science,” 49T.
1835 Schooner “Paul Jones,” 59T.
1836 Schooner “Ploughboy,” 98T.
1839 Schooner “Sally,” 82T.

Melvill, John

Marblehead Marine Society, Aug. 3, 1798.

Morse, Abraham

1801 Schooner “Polly,” 83T.
1805 Schooner “Eleanor,” 76T.

Ship “Ulysses,” Capt. William Mugford.
Original painting owned by Peabody Museum, Salem

Mugford, William
Bpt. July 18, 1773.

1795 Brigantine “Eliza,” 114T.
1798 Brigantine “Minerva,” 114T.
____ Brigantine “William,” 182T.
Altered to a ship and broken up in Salem about 1807. (Essex Institute Records.)
1804 Ship “Ulysses,” 340T.
1812 Brigantine “Juno,” 113T.

Ship “Ulysses,” of 340 tons was built in Haverhill in 1798 for Wm Gray, Jr of Salem. In 1802, as a Letter of Marque, sailed from Beverly for the Isle of France in command of Capt. Wm. Mugford. In 1804 while on a voyage to Marseilles, only three days out, encountered a terrific gale which tore away the rudder and stern post at the waters edge besides splitting her canvas and straining her seams and she lay three weeks at the mercy of the winds and sea. Capt. Mugford nothing daunted rigged a false rudder and after drifting about twenty days reached Marseilles in safety. His strange steering apparatus was the wonder of the hour. In Marseilles the French took drawings of the invention and the ship masters in port took care to furnish themselves with complete models of it. The American Philosophical Society of Philadelphia, founded by Benj. Franklin in 1743, and presided over by Thomas Jefferson in 1804-05, gave his performance most flattering notice and included in their records the following Resolves Resolved: that as a token of the sense which this Society entertains of the value of Capt.

Clearance Paper of Capt. Thos. Mullett, Schooner “Young George” from Gibraltar in 1824.

Mugford’s useful invention and of his successful exertions in saving, by means of it, his vessel and the lives of all who were on board of her, he be presented with an Extra Magellenic Medal of the value of forty dollars or the same sum in money, at his option.”

Capt. Mugford preferred the medal, the motto of which was to be “Nil Desperandum Cras Ingens Iterabimus Aeguar.” (Nothing should be despaired of, tomorrow we shall sail again on the mighty sea). The medal has entirely disappeared and the die from which it was struck cannot be found in Philadelphia. (Essex Institute Historical Collections, Jan. 1906, p. 94.)

Mullett, Thomas
Bpt. July 25, 1756.

1775 Private in Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment, Capt. Francis Symonds.
1812 Schooner “Betsy,” 7lT.
1823 Schooner “John Goerge,” 87T.

Newhall, David

1804 Schooner “Success,” 63T.

Nantz, Henry

1794 Schooner “Industry.”

Nicholson, Thomas
Bpt. Sept. 25, 1763.

Seaman imprisoned in Fortin Prison, England, 1780. Among list of men raised in Essex Co., for 9 months service.
1795 Schooner “William, “58T.
1796 Schooner “Molly,” 74T.

Nicholson, William
Bpt. Oct. 16, 1737.

1775 Private in Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment, Capt. John Glover, Jr.
1792 Schooner “Emma,” 71T.


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915


Lindsey, Benjamin J. Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915.

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