Sea Captains Abraham, Woodward to Austin, William

Abraham, Woodward
Born July I4, 1762.

1777 Sailor on Privateer Brigantine “Massachusetts,” Capt. John Fisk.
1778 Sailor on Brigantine “Terrible,” Capt. John Conway.
1790 Captain Schooner “John.”
1792 to 1796, 1798 to 1803 Town Clerk.
1797 Post Master.

Adams, John

1743 “Salisbury.”  Robert Hooper’s Letter Book.

Adams, John
Bpt. 1763.

1775 Private in Capt. Wm. Hooper’s Sea Coast Co.
1777 Seaman Privateer Brig “Fancy,” captured, taken to Old Mill Prison, England.
1801 Schooner “Yarico” 74T.

Adams, E

“Sally” (G.C. lost).

Adams, Nathaniel
Bpt. Feb. 28, 1773.

1821 Schooner “Essex” 78T.
1829 Selectman.

Adams, Atkins of New Bedford

Married a daughter of Capt. Wm. Blackler.
1805 Brigantine “Washington.”
1806 Ship “Rising States.”
1815 Ship “Concordia.”
1823 Ship “Courier.”
1826 Ship “Leonidas.”
1828 Ship “Java.”
Capt. Adams, an extensive ship-owner, was in Marblehead a good portion of his time, sailed in 1815 in the Ship “Concordia” from this town.

Adams, Samuel Reed
Bpt. Sept. 20, 1789.

1816 Brigantine “Ruth.”
Died on passage to Martinico in 1816.

Adams, Joseph B.

Drowned on a passage from Salem to Baltimore in 1823.

Andrews, Benjamin
Bpt. Mar. 20, 1742.

1775 Corporal in Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment, Capt. Francis Symonds.
1803 Schooner “Hannah,” 76T.
1805 Brigantine “Hope.”
1810 Ship “Orient,” captured in 1810.
1815 Brigantine “Increase.”
1816 Brigantine “Hope.”
1820 Brigantine “William.”
1821 Drowned at Sumatra.

Ship "Tom"
Ship "Tom" Photograph from plate owned by Ellen M. Brown, great granddaughter of Capt. Bailey

The Ship “Orient” Capt. Benj. Andrews was captured in 1810 by the British Sloop of War “Hazard” and sent into St. John, N. B. She was laden with a rich cargo and $13,000 in specie.

A journal of a passage by Gods permission in the Brigantine “William” of Marblehead, Benj. Andrews, Master, from Batavia toward Calcutta, may God send the said Brigantine and Company saift to their Desired Poast.

On Sunday Aug. 22 (1819), at 5 A.M., weighed anchor, the Brigantine “Steven,” Capt. Stanhope in Company. The Dutch fleet sailed on an expedition to Polamburg having troops on board.

Remarks Friday Oct. 1, 1819.
These 24 hours commence with gentle gales and pleasant weather. Cruising for Pilot. At 2 P.M., spoke the ship “George” from Salem, bound to Calcutta, Capt. West. Capt. Andrews requested Capt. West to spair him a Topmast, but he declined, saying he had known, and our situation was represented to said West. But he, like the good Samaritan, passed on the other side.

Middle part gentile breezes and pleasant. Still cruising in Company with two ships for Pilots.

Journal of the Brigantine “William,” Capt. Benj. Andrews from Marseilles to Batavia.

Remarks Wednesday July 7th, 1819.
These 24 hours commences with steady breezes, etc., cloudy, at 2 P.M., fresh breezes, double reeft four top sail, close reeft main topsail, two reeft mainsail, while reefting four top sail, Eleazer Leech sailor fell from the four topsail yard and shattered the Pan Bone of his right knee and cut and bruised his head. No other wound at present we can perceive at present. A heavy cross swell from southward.

Journal of the “William” in possession of the Marblehead Historical Society.

Andrews, Nich Capt.  of Marblehead

1703 Ketch “Repair.” (Essex Institute Records, Oct. 1905).

Andrews, William (M.V.S.)

Bpt. Feb’y 12, 1713.
Died May 8,1798.

Andrews, William (M.V.S.)
Bpt. Feb’y 12, 171

Baroque Washington
Baroque Washington Original drawn in India Ink, by one of the Crew, in Nice, France now owned by Isaac W. Mason, Marblehead


Died May 8,1798.

Allen, William Jr.

Bpt. Oct. 3, 1762.

1802 Ship “Hazen.”

Anderton, Thos.
Bpt. Oct. 1,1761.

1796 Schooner “Polly.”

Austin, William

1810 Brigantine “Elizabeth.”


Lindsey, Benjamin J. Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915.

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