Sea Captains Gray, Henry to Griste, John

Brigantine “Mary Helen,” Captain John Hooper Gregory
From original painting in possession of Arthur W. West. Cut loaned by Essex Instituet

Gray, Henry G.

1830 Brigantine “Padang,” 175T.
1855 Selectman.

Brigantine “Padang” among list of vessels taken in company with the remainder of a fleet under convoy of a British Gun Brig, and sent into Christian-sand by five Danish Gun Brigs in July, 1810. Boston Weekly Messenger, Dec. 20, 1811.)

Marblehead Register, January 22, 1831

Arrived at Boston on Tuesday Brigantine “Padang,” Gray, from Smyrna. The “Padang” arrived off Boston Light on Wednesday night and stood off again, blowing a gale from the northwest and came to anchor under Spectacle Island on Sunday morning. Has experienced very rough weather on the passage, and received considerable damage in her spars and rigging. On Wednesday morning the cold was so great that she made much ice which caused her to settle so much that the water stood upon her forecastle.

Goss, William
Bpt. April 10,1774.

1807 Schooner “Reward,” 78T. (Condemned in 1812, G. C.)
____ Schooner “Eleanor.”

Goss, William

1806 Schooner “Reward,” 78T.

Brig “Curlew” Original owned by Joseph Gregory,
Son of Capt. Joseph Gregory

Goodwin, John
Bpt. April 6, 1769.

1796 Schooner “Hawk,” 90T.
1797 Schooner “Joanna,” 76T.

Gregory, John Hooper
Born Dec. 17,1807.

1833-1837 Selectman.
1850 Brigantine “Mary Helen.”

Gregory, John H. Jr.

1836 Schooner “William.”

Gregory, Joseph
Bpt. Feb. 26, 1815.

1853-1855 Selectman.
____ Brig “Curlew.”
Brig “Curlew” was built in Marblehead. Sold in Batavia in 1857.
Image Capt. Joseph Gregory
Gregory, Michael B.
Born April 27, 1817.
1853 Ship “Sunny South.”
____ Ship “Francis.”
____ Ship “West Wind.”
____ Brigantine “Mary Helen.”
1856 Ship “Norwester.”
Ship “Mary Kimball.”
Ship “Albus.” (Lost G. C.)
1860 Ship “Peerless.”

Capt. Gregory in 1861 was commissioned commander of the U. Steamer, “R. B. Forbes.”

Ship “Sunny South
Original painted by Thos. Pitman

“The “Sunny South” of 703 tons register was one of the prettiest clippers ever launched at New York and was the only sailing ship built by George Steers the designer of the “America.” She was built for the China trade in 1804 owned by Napier Johnson and Co., and sold in Havana in 1859 her name changed to “Emanuela.” She was captured in 1860 by Her Majesty’s Ship “Brisk,” with a cargo of 850 slaves.”  From “The Clipper Ship Era” Capt. Arthur H. Clark

Ship “Albus
Original painting owned by Capt. W D. Gregory’s family

Barque Albers
Original painted in China, owned by Capt. W. D. Gregory’s family

Gregory, William D.
Born Dec.31, 1825.

____ Barque “Albers.”
____ Barque “Tejuca.”

Capt. D. William Gregory born Dec. 31, 1825, started his life as a sailor at the age of fifteen, soon working his way up to the position of Captain. At 21 he superintended the building of the Clipper Ship “Sunny South,” which was commanded by his brother Michael B. Again in 1850, the Barque “Tejuca” built by the same owners. He was in command of her until she was lost in 1856. The rescue of himself and crew was a very remarkable performance. In the height of a hurricane when all hope was lost, having carried away the foremast, topmasts, and stripped of all her sails, the Ship “Excelsior,” Capt. Mitchell ran alongside near enough for all hands to leap on board, excepting one man who was crushed between the vessels. The Captain was pulled on board by one of his men narrowly escaping death. Nothing was saved except the clothes they stood in, the Captain losing a very valuable collection of interesting and valuable articles the accumulations of many years. In 1857 was in command of the Bark “Albers, “sailing from Boston for Charleston, S.C., thence to Buenos Ayres, Montevideo, Patagonia to Baltimore, Md. Continuing from Baltimore to China arriving in Hong Kong in 164 days, the “Albers” was sold for four thousand dollars. Remaining in her under her new owners went to Whampoa where he was later violently ill. Recovering continued to Canton, and Swatow, thence to Macao, when she was again sold, with Capt. Gregory in command Sept. 28, 1860, left Siagua loaded with rice for Manilla. Leaving the ship at Manilla, he came home with Capt. Josiah P. Cressy via San Francisco, arriving April 4, 1867.

Soon after his return his former owners Bush and Wilders of Boston bought a new ship for him for another trip to China, but the U. S. Government purchasing her for a large sum, prevented the plan.

In 1864 was for a while with his brother Augustus at Catalina Island. In 1865 returned home as mate of the Great Republic being unable on account of the Civil War to get command of a Ship. In 1866 made his last voyage as Chief Mate of the Argentine Ship “Panama,” for Buenos Ayres.

In 1861 Capt. Gregory was commissioned commander of the U. S. Steamer “Bohio;” cruising off the coast of Louisiana, and in Mississippi Sound until the middle of 1862, capturing a number of confederate vessels and stopping all efforts at blockade running in the Sound. He retired from the service in the summer of 1812.

He died the 19th of August, 1904 in Marblehead.

Gregory, Thomas

____ Ship “Emulas.”

Gregory, Thomas H.
Born May 13, 1831.

1847 Brigantine “Mary Helen.”
1850 Brigantine ”Virginia,” 158T.

Green, John Jr.

1840 Schooner “James,” 77T.
____ Schooner “Fly,” 58T.
____ Schooner” Good Exchange.’

Green, Peter
Born Feb. 21, 1768, or April 12, 1769.

1791 Schooner “John,” 69T.
1794 Schooner “Dolphin.” 69

Ship “Tejuca,” Capt. Wm. D. Gregory
Rescue of the crew of the Ship “Tejuca,” Capt. Wm. D. Gregory in mid ocean by the Ship “Excelsior, Capt. Mitchell of Kennebunk, Maine, in 1856. Original painted by Thos. Pitman, owned by Capt. Gregory’ s family

Griste, John
Bpt. Nov. 10, 1754 or May 4, 1755.

____ Brigantine “Hannah,” 136T.
1790 Schooner “Hannah,” 83T.
1802 Schooner “Catherine,” 69T.


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915


Lindsey, Benjamin J. Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915.

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