Sea Captain Davis, Tobias to Dixey, William

Davis, Tobias

1808 Schooner “Lively,” 105T.
1804 Schooner “Attempt,” 105T.
Condemned at Barbados March, 1807.

Davis, William
Bpt. Nov. 3, 1745.

1775 Private in Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment, Capt. Francis Symonds.
1776 Seaman Privateer Schooner “Rover,” Capt. Abijah Boden.
1778 Seaman Privateer Schooner “General Lincoln,” Capt. John Blackley.
1780 Seaman Privateer Ship “Thorn,” Capt. Richard Cowell.
1789 Schooner “Hannah.”

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Dennis, Daniel S.
Bpt. Sept. 30, 1781.

1810 Brigantine “Washington,” 168T.

Dennis, John
Bpt. Jan. 29, 1775, or Sept. 20, 1778.

1803 Schooner “General Warren.”
1807 Schooner “General Washington.”
1810 Schooner “Adams,” 63T.
1815 Brigantine “America.”
____ Brigantine “Joseph.”

Dennis, Benjamin

1803 Ship “Nancy,” 249T.

Dennis, John Devereux
Bpt. Dec. 2, 1739.

1775 Private in Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment.
1791 Schooner “Charlotte.”
1795 Schooner “Edward.”
1795 Schooner “Rebecca.” (Captured in 1812 G. C.)

Dennis, John Devereux Jr.
Bpt. Sept. 27, 1767.

1804 Schooner “Molly,” 77T.
1810 Schooner “Bird.”
1810 Schooner “Molly,” 77T.
1810 Schooner “Polly,” 71T.
1812 Capt. Privateer Schooner “Success.”
1813 Schooner “Speedwell.”

His commission as Captain of the Privateer Schooner “Success” now in possession of the Marblehead Historical Society.

Dennis, Jonas
Bpt. Nov. 16, 1760.

1776 Private in Capt. William Hooper’s Sea Coast Co.
1776 Private in Capt. Ed. Fettyplace’s Sea Coast Co.
1777 Seaman Privateer Brigantine “Massachusetts,” Capt. John Fisk.
1791 Schooner “Deborah.” 1795 Schooner “Exchange.”

Dennis, Francis B.
Bpt. Mar. 9, 1746.

1791 Schooner “Baltimore Packet,” 128T.
1784 Schooner “Polly,” 62T.

Dennis, Thomas
Bpt. Sept. 29, 1771.

1780 Boy on Privateer Ship “Rhodes,” Capt. Nehemiah Buffinton.
1804 Brigantine “Philanthropist,” 113T. (Lost G. C.)
1807 Schooner “Ammy,” 76T. (Condemned G. C.)
____ Schooner “Iris.”
1816 Ship “Bengal,” 304T. S. and B.

Dennis, William
Born Nov. 9, 1746.

1778 First Lieutenant Privateer Brigantine “General Gates,” Capt. John Skimmer.
1785 Schooner “Polly,” 71T.
1792 Schooner “Sally,” 69T.

Dennis, William
Born Oct. 1774.

1821 Schooner “Boys.” (Lost G. C.)

Devereux, John
Bpt. May 28, 1775.

1798 Schooner “Rambler.”
1799 Brigantine “Columbia,” 149T.
1811 Schooner “Minerva.”
1819 Ship “Osprey,” 227T.

Ship “Carnatic” in a hurricane in Indian Ocean on voyage to Calcutta, Original owned by H. K. Devereux, Cleveland, O. grandson of Capt. John Devereux

Ship “Carnatic” entering the harbor of Liverpool Original owned by H. K. Devereux, Cleveland, O.

Devereux, John
Born April 25, 1802.

____ Ship “Saracen.”
____ Ship “Dromo.”
____ Ship “Carnatic.”
____ Brigantine “Mercury.”
1844 Ship “Corsica.”

Capt. Devereux’s most thrilling experience was in the Ship Carnatic’s passage to Calcutta, during a hurricane.

When only 21 years of age in command of his ship, he was presented by the King of Denmark with a box of gold coins and six gold spoons for bringing his vessel safely into harbor during a storm, without a pilot. The spoons are now in possession of his grandson in Cleveland, Ohio.

Upon retiring from the sea, he was employed as Inspector by Loyds in Boston.
He first went to sea at 16 years of age.

Devereux, Nicholas B.
Born April 15, 1787.

1824 Schooner “Alpha,” 77T.

Devereux, Ralph
Bpt. Dec. 10, 1768.

1809 Schooner “Speedwell,” 62T.
Died in Martinico in 1809.

Devereux, Robert
Bpt. Feb. 11, 1790.

1809 Schooner “Polly,” 83T. (Condemned in 1812 G. C.)


Image Ship “Pepperell” Original owned by Mrs. W. B. Brown, Marblehead, Capt. Dixey’s sister

Dixey, Hector Cowell
Born June 22, 1823.

Son of Capt. John Dixey. Died in Liverpool in 1867.
____ Ship “Danube.”
____ Ship “Pepperell.”
1850 Schooner “Eagle.”
1851 Barque “Elvira Harbeck.”
1852 Ship “Compromise.” Built in Marblehead.
1853 Brigantine “Cohansey.”

Dixey rescued many lives from the burning Steamer “Missouri” in mid ocean.

While in the “Cohansey,” carried Capt. U.S. Grant, (afterward President) up the Columbia River to purchase Mules for the Government, bringing the entire load down to California successfully, a hazardous undertaking.

Dixey, John
Bpt. Mar. 14, 1742.

1776 Private in Capt. Wm. Hooper’s Sea Coast Co.
1776 Private in Capt. Ed. Fettyplace’s Sea Coast Co.
1779 Seaman Privateer Brigantine “General Glover.” Capt. Horton captured by an English Frigate, taken to England and imprisoned 33 months and 10 days. Road’s History.
17__  Seaman Ship “Lively.”
1789 Schooner “John.”
1804 Schooner “Harriot,” 87T.
Selectman 1793 to 1796.

Ganges Cup
Original painted in London, owned by Mrs. Win. B. Brown, Marblehead, Mass., his daughter, now 95 years old

Dixey, John
Son of Richard Dixey, born Oct. 9, 1776.

1812 Ship “Print,” 215T.
1817 Ship “Ganges,” (S. P.)
1821 Brigantine “Hope.” (C. P.)
1828 Ship “Ajax.”
1829 Brigantine “Hebe.”
____ Ship “Mercury.”
____ Ship “Arno.”
____ Ship  “Nathaniel Hooper.”
____ Ship Two Brothers.

Was captured in the Ship “Mercury” by the French off Martinique, taken to Paris, kept for a year; then appeared before the Admiralty Board. On his testimony the vessel and cargo were released and he sailed from St-Milo. Meanwhile trouble breaking out between England and the United States, he was again captured and carried into Plymouth, England, where the vessel was condemned and sold and he sent to Ashburton Prison as a prisoner of war. After a few days he was given parole of honor (see cut, page 45) and allowed freedom between certain hours each day. At the end of a year he was exchanged, and allowed to come home, deprived of several years earnings.

He died in 1868, 92 years old.

Ship “Robt. H. Dixey
Original owned by Capt. Dixey’s family. Copy owned by Lew Gridler, Jeffersonville, Ind.

Dixon, Joseph
Bpt. Oct. 29, 1769.

1810 Schooner “Speedwell.”

Dixey, Richard
Born Aug. 14, 1768.

1790 Schooner “Success.”
1795 Brigantine “Ceres.”
1797 Brigantine “Mercury,” 119T.
1799 Schooner “Joanna.”
1799 Schooner “Rover,” 79T.

Dixey, Richard W.
Born Feb. 25, 1809.

Son of Capt. John Dixey.
1860 Ship “Robert H. Dixey.”
____ Ship “Howqua.”
____ Barque “New World.”
Capt. Dixey was lost in 1860 in the “Robert H. Dixey,” on Mobile Bar.

The first American flag raised in Foochoo, China, was at the American Consulate, by request of the consul Mr. Hunt of Salem, Mass., by Frank Millett, Second Mate and Wm. B. Symonds, Third Mate, both of Marblehead, on the Ship “Howqua,” Capt. R. W. Dixey. Mr. Symonds at this time, June, 1915, is in fairly good health at 80 years of age.

Parole of Honor
Capt. John Dixey’s parole of honor while a prisoner in Ashburton, England, in 1813, Original owned by his granddaughter, Mrs. W. B. Brown

Dixey, Peter
Bpt. Sept. 29, 1811.

____ “John.” (Condemned G. C.)

Dixey, William
Born Mar. 31, 1696.

1744 Schooner “Phoenix.” (R. Hooper’s Letter Book.)


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915


Lindsey, Benjamin J. Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915.

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