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Business Men of Northern Maine

The Northern Maine, its Points of Interest and its Representative Business Men manuscript provides historical sketches of the nine towns featured within it’s embrace, as well as biographical sketches of the businesses and the men and women who owned and ran those businesses found within the towns of Houlton, Presque Isle, Caribou, Ft. Fairfield, Danforth, Lincoln, Mattawamkeag, Winn, and Kingman.

1891 Northern Maine Business Directory

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Northern Maine - businesses and representative men

SurnameGivenMiddleOccupationBusiness NameView BioTownOther
EstesJ.E.AttorneyView Bio
FisherW.H.AttorneyView Bio
RobertsC.B.AttorneyView Bio
BankAroostock Trust & Banking Co.View Bio
BankThe First National BankView BioHoulton
BankHoulton Savings BankView BioHoulton
BankPresque Isle National BankView Bio
LaneG.W.Boots & ShoesView Bio
TenneyC.P.Boots & ShoesView BioHoulton
VerplastFredBoots & ShoesView BioHoulton
WingateJ.H.Boots & ShoesView Bio
CookFrankL.Books, Stationery & Fancy GoodsView Bio
Books, Stationery & Fancy GoodsExcelsior News DepotView Bio
PaulA.C.Books, Stationery & Fancy GoodsView Bio
RunnalsL.F.Books, Stationery & Fancy GoodsView BioMiss.
BerryH.O.Carriage Mfrs.View Bio
BolsterF.C.Carriage Mfrs.View Bio
HiltJ.G.Carriage Mfrs.J. G. Hilt & SonView Bio
MoodyD.M.Carriage Mfrs.View Bio
TaberSilasW.Carriage Mfrs.View Bio
WeymanS.H.Carriage Mfrs.View BioWheelwright
WheelerL.I.Carriage Mfrs.View Bio
GoodhueF.Crockery & GlasswareView Bio
JonesH.E.Crockery & GlasswareView Bio
Crockery & GlasswareRaymond CompanyView Bio
MillarJohnA.ConfectionersView Bio
StetsonG.ConfectionersView Bio
ConfectionersWhite CousinsView Bio
DruggistsDanforth Drug StoreView Bio
FrenchO.F.DruggistsView Bio
DruggistsFort Fairfield Drug StoreView Bio
HathewayH.J.DruggistsView Bio
PushorE.H.DruggistsView Bio
DruggistsScates & Co.View Bio
ThayerH.B.DruggistsView Bio
TupperF.H.DruggistsView Bio
DruggistsWinn Drug StoreView Bio
WhiteS.L.DruggistsView Bio
BarkerDentistsView BioDr.
GreeneH.A.DentistsView Bio
SmallC.P.DentistsView Bio
BradmanJ.A.Dry & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
BartlettG.E.Dry & Fancy GoodsG. E. Bartlett & Co.View Bio
ClarkE.C.Dry & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
FrisbieH.T.Dry & Fancy GoodsView Bio
FrenchDry & Fancy GoodsFrench BrothersView Bio
HaynesC.A.Dry & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
JuddL.S.Dry & Fancy GoodsL. S. Judd & SonView Bio
MorseA.D.Dry & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
NickersonW.A.Dry & Fancy GoodsView Bio
Dry & Fancy GoodsPeoples Cash StoreView Bio
PipesW.R.Dry & Fancy GoodsView Bio
RichardsG.W.Dry & Fancy GoodsG. W. Richards & Co.View Bio
TenneyCharlesP.Dry & Fancy GoodsView BioHoulton
BubarGoergeFlour, Grain & FeedView Bio
HainesW.A.Flour, Grain & FeedView Bio
HockenhullAlfredA.Flour, Grain & FeedView Bio
MerrittE.Flour, Grain & FeedE. Merritt & SonView BioHoulton
McGillFlour, Grain & FeedMcGill BrothersView Bio
SmithHiramFlour, Grain & FeedHiram Smith & Co.View Bio
Furniture & CarpetsCutts & Scales Furniture Co.View Bio
GliddenB.B.Furniture & CarpetsView Bio
HillI.M.Furniture & CarpetsI. M. Hill & Co.View Bio
JohnsonD.E.Furniture & CarpetsView Bio
PowersS.H.Furniture & CarpetsView Bio
LowneyN.M.Fruit & ConfectioneryView BioMrs.
MartinN.H.Fruit & ConfectioneryView Bio
CaryA.C.General MerchandiseView Bio
ClarkJ.A.General MerchandiseView Bio
EstesGeneral MerchandiseJ. E. & F. C. EstesView Bio
EllisW.S.General MerchandiseView Bio
ErvinT.N.General MerchandiseView Bio
GreenwoodF.A.General MerchandiseView Bio
GillinGeneral MerchandiseGillin BrothersView Bio
GrimesE.P.General MerchandiseView Bio
HackerJ.F.General MerchandiseView Bio
General MerchandiseIrving & RickerView Bio
JohnsonN.W.General MerchandiseView Bio
JarvisHenryGeneral MerchandiseView Bio
General MerchandiseLufkin & HolmesView Bio
General MerchandiseLane & PearceView Bio
LeavittE.G.General MerchandiseView BioMrs.
LibbeyW.H.General MerchandiseView Bio
LeeA.J.General MerchandiseView Bio
NewhouseO.General MerchandiseView Bio
OsgoodB.F.General MerchandiseView Bio
PinkhamMeaderB.General MerchandiseView Bio
PutnamH.H.General MerchandiseView Bio
RunnelsB.F.General MerchandiseView Bio
SmithG.W.General MerchandiseView Bio
SmallW.General MerchandiseW. Smith & Co.View Bio
TaylorSamuelGeneral MerchandiseSamuel Taylor & SonView Bio
BarkerFredGroceries & ProvisionsView Bio
BradburyH.C.Groceries & ProvisionsView Bio
BradburyGroceries & ProvisionsT. M. & J. BradburyView Bio
CookG.A.Groceries & ProvisionsView Bio
Groceries & ProvisionsCox & GravesView Bio
FrisbieFredF.Groceries & ProvisionsView Bio
GouldI.W.Groceries & ProvisionsView Bio
GoodhueH.N.Groceries & ProvisionsView Bio
HopkinsGroceries & ProvisionsHopkins BrothersView Bio
HoneGroceries & ProvisionsHone BrothersView Bio
HaydenH.G.Groceries & ProvisionsH. G. Hayden & Co.View Bio
Groceries & ProvisionsHansen & PiltzView Bio
JamesF.A.Groceries & ProvisionsF. A. James & Co.View Bio
KimballS.L.Groceries & ProvisionsView Bio
KnightH.Groceries & ProvisionsView Bio
LeonardGroceries & ProvisionsH. L. & F. A. LeonardView Bio
MiliarJohnA.Groceries & ProvisionsView BioWholesaler
MonahanGroceries & ProvisionsMonahan BrothersView Bio
MonsonL.Groceries & ProvisionsL. Monson & SonView Bio
MichaudRamainGroceries & ProvisionsView Bio
StrattonG.F.Groceries & ProvisionsG. F. Stratton & Co.View Bio
SmithM. C.Groceries & ProvisionsView Bio
Groceries & ProvisionsThurlough & RichardsView Bio
WoodburyE.Groceries & ProvisionsE. Woodbury & Co.View BioHoulton
WilsonC.H.Groceries & ProvisionsView Bio
CuttsC.D.Hardware, Paints & OilsView Bio
FoggAlmonH.Hardware, Paints & OilsAlmon H. Fogg & Co.View Bio
HallJosephS.Hardware, Paints & OilsView Bio
SpauldingW.C.Hardware, Paints & OilsView Bio
BurnhamJ.E.Hotels & RestaurantsView Bio
Hotels & RestaurantsCollins HouseView Bio
Hotels & RestaurantsExchangeView Bio
Hotels & RestaurantsInternational HouseView Bio
Hotels & RestaurantsKatahdin HouseView Bio
Hotels & RestaurantsLincoln HouseView Bio
Hotels & RestaurantsPhair HouseView Bio
Hotels & RestaurantsSnell HouseView Bio
Hotels & RestaurantsVaughan HouseView Bio
Hotels & RestaurantsVendome HotelView Bio
AkerstromJ.A.Harness Mfrs.View Bio
KrikpatrickS.W.Harness Mfrs.View Bio
LordS.F.Harness Mfrs.View Bio
RoyalJ.J.Harness Mfrs.View BioHoulton
GreyJamesB.HorseshoersView Bio
TaberA.P. M.HorseshoersView Bio
InsuranceBradford, Gentle & LudwigView BioHoulton
DonnellW.C.InsuranceView Bio
PerryH.O.InsuranceView Bio
RunnelsC.M.InsuranceView Bio
BlackwellH.H.JewelersView Bio
CarltonGeorgeJewelersView Bio
FowlerC.H.JewelersView Bio
GoodhueI.W.JewelersView Bio
JensenC.JewelersView Bio
OsgoodJ.K.JewelersView Bio
PiperHarrisonJewelersView Bio
WhiteE.B.JewelersView BioHoulton
CollinsS.W.Lumber DealersS. W. Collins & SonView Bio
DearbornA.B.Lumber DealersView Bio
GrantWilburLumber DealersView Bio
GouldA.R.Lumber DealersView Bio
Lumber DealersHathorn, Foss & Co.View Bio
HainesW.A.Lumber DealersView Bio
LoweJ.R.Lumber DealersView BioHoulton
MerrittE.Lumber DealersE. Merritt & SonView BioHoulton
PhairT.H.Lumber DealersView Bio
WeatherbeeJohnA.Lumber DealersJohn A. Weatherbee & Co.View Bio
ClarkL.B.Leather Mfrs.L. B. Clark & Co.View Bio
PoorHenryLeather Mfrs.Henry Poor & SonView Bio
CloughL.T.Livery StablesView BioHoulton
CochranIsaacLivery StablesView Bio
DorseyE.J.Livery StablesView Bio
JamesF.A.Livery StablesF. A. James & Co.View Bio
RedmanH.C.Livery StablesView Bio
EstyW.H.ManufacturersAroostock Homespurn YarnsView Bio
GetchellJ.S.ManufacturersJ. S. Getchell & SonView BioIron & Woodwork
ManufacturersHoulton Foundry & Machine ShopView BioHoulton
KeatonM.M.ManufacturersView BioDoors, sash, etc.
RobertsJosephI.ManufacturersView BioPlaning Mill
RobbinsJosephB.ManufacturersView BioBarrels
AmazeenS.D.BarberView BioHoulton
BryantL.C.5 & 10 cents goodsView Bio
ChampionD.F.ElectricianView Bio
EsmondH.P.PhysicianView Bio
MarbleHoulton Marble WorksView BioHoulton
LaundryHoulton Steam Laundry & Dye HouseView BioHoulton
SchoolMattanawcook Normal AcademyView Bio
WightA.E.Real EstateView Bio
YorkA.M.Agricultural ToolsView Bio
SmithW.H.PrinterView Bio
CaryL.K.Stoves, Ranges & PlumbingL. K. Cary & Co.View Bio
SmithA.M.Stoves, Ranges & PlumbingA. M. Smith & Co.View Bio
SmithStoves, Ranges & PlumbingSmith BrothersView Bio
Stoves, Ranges & PlumbingStinchfield & FifieldView Bio
WeatherbeeE.A.Stoves, Ranges & PlumbingView Bio
BartlettR.A.Millinery & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
BradmanJ.A.Millinery & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
ClarkE.C.Millinery & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
HaynesC.A.Millinery & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
HowardH.A.Millinery & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
IrelandA.L.Millinery & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
Millinery & Fancy GoodsJordan & AverillView Bio
Millinery & Fancy GoodsSmith & BartoView Bio
TraskE.Millinery & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
MorseA.D.Millinery & Fancy GoodsView BioMrs.
Private SchoolRicker Classical InstituteView Bio
Private SchoolSt. John SchoolView Bio
DouglasE.E.Shingle Mfrs.View Bio
HoweAmasaShingle Mfrs.View Bio
HolmesAlbeeShingle Mfrs.View Bio
RobinsonWilliamShingle Mfrs.View Bio
WilsonJohnShingle Mfrs.John Wilson & SonView Bio
BoyleJohnTailors & ClothiersView Bio
Tailors & ClothiersLittlefield & Co.View Bio
McCainA.Tailors & ClothiersView BioJr.
Tailors & ClothiersMcNelly & McLellanView Bio
Tailors & ClothiersPresque Isle Clothing Co.View Bio
SlocombW.W.Tailors & ClothiersW. W. Slocumb & Co.View Bio
WilliamsJ.B.Tailors & ClothiersView Bio
RossC.F.Tailors & ClothiersView Bio
VerplastFredTailors & ClothiersView BioHoulton
StetsonG.Tailors & ClothiersView Bio
WinterThomasTailors & ClothiersView Bio
CarllC.J.UndertakersView Bio
EarleA.M.UndertakersView Bio
HillI.M.UndertakersI. M. Hill & Co.View Bio
GliddenB.B.UndertakersView Bio
JohnsonD.E.UndertakersView Bio
UndertakersPorter & MillsView Bio
PowersS.H.UndertakersView Bio
BrysonJohnPhotographersView Bio
MerrillGuyW.PhotographersView Bio
SouleA.N.PhotographersView Bio
SmithF.S.PhotographersView Bio
WallaceJ.H.PhotographersView Bio


Gallery of Photos

The gallery of photos contains pictures of the towns and scenery, most taken in 1891, and advertisements for various businesses as subscribed within the manuscript.


[box]Source: Bacon, George F. Northern Maine, its Points of Interest and its Representative Business Men: Embracing Houlton, Presque Isle, Caribou, Ft. Fairfield, Danforth, Lincoln, Mattawamkeag, Winn and Kingman. Newark, NJ: Glenwood Publishing Company. 1891.[/box]



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