The Wilson Family, Somerset and Barter Hill Branch

Title:The Wilson family, Somerset and Barter Hill branch
Author:McLean, Harry Herndon
Publication date:1950
Publisher:[Charlotte, N.C.], [Printed by Observer Print. House]
Digitizing Sponsor:Internet Archive
Contributor:Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Repository:Internet Archive

Based in part on material collected by Rev. William H. Wilson, the author’s step-father


In the preparation of this sketch I have discovered two lists of the names of the sons and daughters of Col. Ben and Ann Seay Wilson of “Somerset” in Cumberland County, Virginia, in addition to the list found in my father’s notes. None of these was arranged in the same chronological order. It was my good fortune in 1915 to find the Bible, claimed to be the Bible of Col. Ben and Ann Seay Wilson of “Somerset” in Cumberland County, Virginia. At that time this was in the hands of Miss Clementine Reid Wilson, Col. Ben’s great-granddaughter, and it was my privilege to copy, with the aid of a reading glass, for the ink was badly faded, the names of their children from that Bible in the same chronological order in which they were recorded. This chronological order, and military records found, support each other. I therefore believe that this sketch contains the most accurate chronological list of Col. Ben’s and Ann Seay Wilson’s children to be found outside of his Bible.

It is a well known fact that memory has a habit of playing tricks on us as we advance in years. The two other lists may have been prepared from memory by older persons, hence the difference in the chronological order.

I have listed each of Col. Ben’s children in Bold Face type, and when one is listed I have traced his descendants from that date to the present time to save the confusion caused by undertaking to trace all of Col. Ben’s descendants by generations at the same time. For instance, I start with Capt. Matthew on page 10 and complete his line on page 31. I then treat Lt. Willis on page 32 in the same manner, and so on with each of Col. Ben’s descendants.


Copyright not renewed as per Stanford database.
No table of contents.
102 pages 24 cm


Ainsley, Allemong, Amburg, Anderson, Appel, Arnold, Ashley, Ashlin, Asquith, Atwood, Audrain, Bailey, Baker, Bates, Batterton, Becraft, Bennett, Billings, Bissland, Black, Blackwell, Bleight, Blize, Bosworth, Boush, Boyers, Braden, Bradley, Bransford, Briggs, Brocket, Brown, Bryant, Buford, Bumpus, Burleigh, Butler, Campbell, Camper, Candless, Chaffin, Chamberlin, Chambliss, Chenoweth, Christian, Cito, Clark, Clarkson, Cleek, Clement, Clippard, Cockrell, Coffin, Collins, Combs, Comerford, Conway, Cook, Cooper, Cornwell, Cowan, Cox, Crago, Crites, Cromartie, Culbeth, Daniel, Davey, Davis, Dawson, De Buston, De Large, De Loach, De Poorter, Deyo, Dillard, Doan, Dollar, Donnohue, Doty, Douglas, Drane, Edwards, Elliott, Emery, Fakes, Fearing, Finney, Fite, Flemming, Ford, Forsythe, Frayser, Freer, Fyfe, Galey, Garland, Garner, Garnett, Gee, German, Gillespie, Gilliam, Glenn, Goodrich, Gorrell, Gray, Green, Gregory, Guy, Haish, Haley, Hall, Hamilton, Harr, Harris, Harvell, Hatcher, Henderson, Herr, Hersman, Hill, Hines, Hodnett, Hoggan, Holstern, Hoover, Horgan, Houts, Howard, Hubbard, Hunter, Husan, Hutchinson, Jackson, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jourdan, Joyce, Kallenback, Kenny, Kirk, Kirkendall, Kiser, Kneeland, Korn, Kunz, Kurz, Langs, Lay, Leach, Leake, Lee, Leggett, Lewis, Lincke, Lincoln, Lindsay, Lipsius, Manhalter, Mason, Massengill, Mauck, May, McClure, McCormick, McGaffin, McGuire, McLauren, McLean, McMath, McRee, Meredith, Merrill, Micklem, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morris, Morton, Moseley, Mumford, Muschaney, Myers, Nayer, Nelson, Newton, Oliver, Osborn, Pauline, Paulk, Payne, Pheasant, Phelps, Phillips, Pilkington, Pollard, Potts, Powell, Price, Pryor, Quinn, Rainey, Reeder, Reid, Rison, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roche, Rock, Roediger, Rose, Rosser, Ruffner, Runyan, Ryder, Sabin, Sackett, Sale, Salters, Samples, Sandridge, Scheffler, Schleuter, Schlichman, Schupp, Schwab, Scott, Seay, Shelton, Sherrod, Shobert, Shriver, Simmons, Simpson, Simpson,, Sizemore, Skaggs, Skillerns, Smith, Sneed, Snyder, Sparkman, St Lawrence, Stark, Stayer, Stewart, Stoddart, Stoffregan, Stokes, Stoutmyer, Stovall, Stuard, Symes, Taggart, Tate, Taylor, Thomas, Thomson, Towers, Trent, Trummell, Tunnell, Tuthill, Van Husen, Venable, Walker, Wallace, Wallis, Washington, Watkins, Watson, Welch, Wells, Wetherill, White, Whitman, Whittkunns, Wilson, Windish, Witsell, Wood, Woodson, Wright, Yates

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