Genealogical Record of Thomas Wait and his descendants

Title:Genealogical Record of Thomas Wait and his descendants
Author:Knoll, Walter Joseph
Publication date:1958
Publisher:Self Published
Digitizing Sponsor:Internet Archive
Contributor:Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Repository:Internet Archive

Genealogical Record of Thomas Wait and his descendants looks at the genealogy of Thomas Wait (1601-1677) who was from Wethersfield Parish, Essex, England. On his arrival in America, landing in Rhode Island, he applied for a lot on which to build,and was granted it on 7/1/1639. On 3/l6/l641 he became a Freeman in Newport R. I. He died in Portsmouth R. I., before April 1677 intestate. This Thomas Wait was a cousin to the Richard Waite of Watertown Mass., who was a large landowner. This self-published manuscript provides the descendants of this family.


Abbott, Adams, Allis, Anderson, Andrews, Anthony, Ashley, Aszmus, Avery, Backus, Banker, Barber, Bardwell, Bartlett, Batchelder, Bateson, Belden, Bement, Billings, Blanchard, Blood, Boehmer, Bowers, Bowman, Boyden, Brainard, Bridgeman, Broughton, Brown, Brownell, Burlap, Burroughs, Burton, Burwitz, Butler, Canning, Cantrell, Carmack, Chamberlin, Christiansen, Cleveland, Coburn, Coleman, Collier, Cooke, Cooley, Core, Crafts, Cross, Dane, Davis, Dexter, Dickinson, Dilly, Doudna, Dutton, Earle, Elder, Endorf, Fairbanks, Ferris, Finch, Flagg, Ford, Fox, Frances, Francis, Franklin, Frary, Frye, Fuller, Gibbs, Gleason, Glynch, Goryan, Graves, Grinnell, Hageman, Hamilton, Hancock, Hannun, Hart, Hasting, Hathaway, Hawks, Hazelton, Hazen, Herrlin, Hinchley, Hoffman, Horn, Horton, Howes, Hubbard, Hunt, Jack, Jenney, Jewett, Jones, Judd, Judson, Kellogg, Kingsley, Knowles, Larsen, Leonard, Lewis, Loomis, Lopk, Lounders, Lull, Marble, Marks, Martin, Mather, McBain, McCreary, McIntire, Meecham, Meekons, Metcalf, Miller, Miner, Monell, Mooney, Moran, Morgan, Morrill, Morton, Mosher, Mott, Muldowney, Munn, Munson, Neish, Neumann, Nichols, Olson, Owens, Page, Parish, Pendleton, Polly, Pratt, Pugh, Rathburn, Rice, Richardson, Ring, Rippberger, Ritts, Robinson, Roggensack, Ross, Russell, Sanderson, Sandmire, Schrader, Sheffield, Shere, Shirk, Sletmark, Smith, Stein, Stephens, Stevens, Stickney, Stoddard, Stowell, Stroker, Swift, Thayer, Townsend, Train, Tripp, Vickery, Vinning, Wade, Wait, Waite, Wallace, Warner, Weaver, Weitzel, Wells, Wendt, Werm, White, Whitman, Wightman, Wilkerson, Williams, Wilson, Wolf, Wooley, Woolsey, Wright, Yeamans, Zimmerman.


31 leaves 19 pages 30 cm
No copyright page.
No table of contents.
Tight margins.
Text flows off page.
Some over-cropping to capture all content.

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1 thought on “Genealogical Record of Thomas Wait and his descendants”

  1. Looking for information on Mary Ann Beck Abercrombie abt 1765-1852. Lived in Laurens, South Carolina and Hall County Georgia I believe. Mary was my 4xGGrandmother. She married James Abercrombie abt 1784-1793. I would like to know who her Parents were. From what Ive read on one message post, Diannah Beck Sitton was her sister.
    If anyone has any information that they would like to share, I would surely appreciate it. On few posts they say she may have gone by Williams or Leigh, but this is false. Theres no record of her last name being anything else but Beck. I wish that people wouldnt post false information on Wiki or anywhere else as far as that goes. Its very misleading. If anyone has any information my email address is:
    [email protected]
    God Bless!!!!

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