Gazetteer of Lamoille County Vermont for 1883-84

Smith and Worthen Livery and Stable Morrisville VT
Smith and Worthen Livery and Stable Morrisville VT

Lamoille County is geographically positioned in the north-central Vermont. It is surrounded by the counties of Orleans, Caledonia, Washington, Chittenden and Franklin. In 1835 Lamoille was formed from Franklin, Orleans and Washington County, and any record predating 1835 for the people listed within this gazetteer will be found within those respective county records. Gazetteers and Directories for Lamoille, as well as the census records, are important in identifying the location of individuals and families within the county limits. Probate records may provide a limited source of material for further identification, but can only be found since 1837. There are no land records.

This collection stems from a manuscript published by Hamilton Child in 1887 entitled Gazetteer of Lamoille and Orleans Counties Vt., for 1883-1884. Within that manuscript was a brief history of each community, a directory of each community, and short biographical sketches of some of the leading citizens for each town. We have provided the Lamoille County version of this manuscript below.

Gazetteer of Lamoille County Vermont for 1883-84

Lamoille County VT Biographies


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