Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

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Abbott Solon, M. D., (Morrisville) homeo. physician and surgeon, bds Main.

Adams Carrie, (Morristown) r 48, widow of Levi B.

ADAMS LUTHER, (Morrisville) r 59, breeder of full blood Jersey cattle, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100.

ALEXANDER ALVIN C., (Morristown) r 24, farmer 35.

Alexander Averill, (Morristown) r 45, farmer 10.

Alexander Charles N., (Morristown) r 46, teamster and farmer.

ALEXANDER WILLIAM M., (Morristown) r 41, cor 44, carpenter and joiner, millwright, farmer 25.

ALLEN EPHRAIM E., (Morrisville) r 65, farmer 54 1/2.

Atwood George R., (Morristown) r 49, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 200.

Baker Arad, (Morristown) r 24, retired farmer, aged 76. Baker

Betsey, (Morristown) r 67, widow of Sewel, aged 85 years.

Baker Sewel, (Morristown) r 67, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 50.

Barnes G. Foster, (Morrisville) Universalist clergyman, boards Main.

BARNS JONATHAN H., (Morrisville) carpenter and joiner, h Cottage st.

Barns Percy D., (Morrisville) son of J. H., Cottage St.

Barrows Ebenezer Captain, (Morrisville) r 60, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 275.

Barrows Fannie, (Morrisville) widow of William, does plain sewing, h High St.

BARROWS GILMAN A., (Morrisville) teamster and expressman, h Main, owns house and lot on road 15.

Barrows Russell, (Morrisville) r 61, farmer, leases of B. W. Spaulding 100.

Batcheldor George, (Morristown) r 25, laborer.

BATES GEORGE N., (Morristown) r 48, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 145. Bates Rowanna, (Morristown) r 48, widow of Jacob, aged 85.

Baylor Lucy, (Morrisville) widow of Adolphus, manuf. butter color, h Summer St.

Bedell Charles J., (Morrisville) r 34, dairy 9 cows, farmer 150.

Bettis Thomas, (Morrisville) r 52, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 100.

Billings Isabel, (Morristown) r 75.

BINGHAM CHARLES E., (Morrisville) r 36, farmer 50.

BILLINGS JAMES J., (Stowe) r 72, manuf. and dealer in clapboards.

Bingham Harriet L., (Morrisville) r 36, daughter of Jedediah.

Blair Isaiah, (Morrisville) r 36, laborer.

Blaney Mary J., (Morrisville) widow of Stephen K.

Blossom Jane, (Morrisville) widow of Henry.

BOARDMAN ALMOND, (Hyde Park) r 4, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 125.

BOARDMAN HERVEY C., (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, manuf. of lumber, shingles, owns planing-mill, and farmer 250.

BOARDMAN MILTON H., (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, sawyer.

Boardman Ralph, (Cady’s Falls) dairy 10 cows, and farmer 100.

Boardman Wright, (Morrisville) r 50, farmer 10.

*BOOMHOWER ELI E. PROF., (Morrisville) machinist, gunsmith and blacksmith, saw gummer, fine work a specialty ; also teacher of ventriloquism, clog dancing, and arts of illusion. Materials used in those arts kept constantly on hand. Shop High St., h do.

Borden Cyrus E., (Morrisville) laborer, h Summer St.

Borden Delia, (Morrisville) widow of Isaac, house and lot, h Summer St.

Boutwell Newton, (Morrisville) farmer 6, h Wolcott St.

Boyce Harriet A., (Morrisville) r 16, widow of John.

Boynton Albert J., (Morrisville) r 27, printer.

BOYNTON CLARK M., (Morrisville) r 27, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 100 with Fred M. Boynton.

BOYNTON FRED M., (Morrisville) r 27, farmer 56, with Adelia P. Boynton 13.

BOYNTON LUTHER B., (Morrisville) constable, prop. Morrisville House and livery, and dealer in produce, Main St.

Brackett Stevens R., (Morrisville) miller, and. general mechanic and machinist, h Brooklyn St.

Bridge George A., (Morrisville) r 1 I, farmer.

Bridge Simeon, (Morrisville) r 1 t, wool grower 40 sheep, farmer 140.

Brigham Albert M., (Morrisville) r 9, farmer, son of E.. E.

Brigham Charles E., (Morrisville) r 9, farmer, son of E. E.

Brigham Elisha E., (Morrisville) r 9, dairy to cows, and farmer 100.

Brown Elbridge M., (Morristown) r 25, carpenter and farmer.

Brown Enoch, (Morristown) r 45, gatherer of spruce gum, farmer 25.

Brown Harvey M., (Morristown) r 25, farmer, with H. M. Day 45.

Brown Willie, (Morrisville) r 32, laborer.

BRYANT HENRY D., (Morrisville) dealer in live stock and farm produce, farmer 17, h Portland St.

Buck Frank H., (Morrisville) (Buck & Tewksbury,) h Maple St.

Buck & Tewksbury, (Morrisville) (Frank H. B. and Arthur R. T.,) dealers in groceries and provisions, butchers and proprietors of meat market, dealers in live stock, Main St. cor Portland.

Bugbee Carlos, (Morrisville) r 14, laborer.

Bundy Harris, (Morrisville) stone mason, h Maple St.

Bundy Julius A., (Morrisville) r 58, stock grower, dairy 14 cows, farmer.

Bundy Marcus, (Morrisville) carpenter and joiner, h Summer St.

Bundy Rebecca, (Morrisville) widow of Loren B., h Main St.

Bunker Elijah, (Morrisville) r 29, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 5.

Burke A. M. & C. C., (Morrisville) (Asahel M. and Carlos C.,) atty’s and counselors at law, Portland St.

Burke Alvira, (Morrisville) widow of Charles, h Wolcott St.

Burke Asahel M., (Morrisville) (A. M. and C. C.,) town clerk and treasurer, insurance agent, and farmer 350, h High St.

Burke Carlos C., (Morrisville) (A. M. and C. C.,) h Wolcott St.

Burke Hiram, (Morrisville) r 15, carpenter and joiner, 6 acres.

Burke Joseph, (Morrisville) r 10, farmer 100.

Burke Joseph 0., (Morrisville) r 76, farmer 20.

Burnham Eli N., (Morrisville) r 66, farm laborer.

Burrs William, (Morristown) r 45, laborer.

Bushee William A. Rev., (Morrisville) pastor Cong. church, h Summer St.

CADY ORLO, (Morrisville) justice of the peace, dealer in hops, h Main street.

Camp Jasper, (Morrisville) r 11, farmer 100.

CAMPBELL EDWARD H., (Cady’s Falls) r 17, house, sign and carriage painter. –

Campbell John M., (Morrisville) r 62, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 233.

CARLTON JOHN B., (Morristown) r 24, farmer 54 1/2.

Carver Frank M., (Morrisville) clerk and miller, h Union St.

Cass Lewis, (Morrisville) stone mason, h Summer St.

CALKINS BYRON A., (Morrisville) (Calkins & Slocum,) h Portland St.

CALKINS & SLOCUM, (Morrisville) (B. A. Calkins and C. H. Slocum,) dealers in staple and fancy groceries, teas and coffees, flour, boots, shoes, and rubber goods, Portland St.

Chaffee Dana L., (Morrisville) r 53, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 110.

Chaffee Edwin H., (Morristown) r 75, farmer 100.

Chaffee Maria, (Morristown) r 73, widow of Robinson J., farmer 57.

Chaffee Martha, (Morristown) r 73, widow of Lines, aged 84, owns farm 57.

Chaffee Orson W., (Morristown) r 7T, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 140.

Champeau Alexander L., (Morrisville) harnessmaker, h Randolph St.

Chaplin Joseph M., (Morristown) r 46, farmer 100.

Chase Albe B., (Morrisville) farmer 12, h Maple St.

Cheney Delia, (Cady’s Falls) r 14, widow of Lorenzo D., owns house and 6 acres.

CHENEY GEORGE A., (Morrisville) r 36, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 100.

Cheney John, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, carpenter.

Cheney Delia, (Cady’s Falls) r 14, widow of Lorenzo, farmer 6.

Cheney Lysander, (Morrisville) r 15, teamster and farmer 20.

Cheney Thomas, (Morristown) r 23, retired farmer, aged 87, owns farm 200.

CHENEY WILLIAM S., (Morrisville) breeder and dealer in Lambert horses,

and thoroughbred Chester white hogs, manuf. potato starch, farmer 250, and in Wolcott 100, h Main.

CHOATE ORVILLE, (Morrisville) r 13, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100.

CHURCHILL ARUNAH M., (Morrisville) dealer in tinware, hardware, stoves, agricultural implements, agent for Walter A. Wood’s mowers and reapers, LaDow harrows and Tiger horse rakes, Portland St., h do.

Clark Clarissa, (Morrisville) widow of Chester, h High.

Clark George W., (Morristown) r 18, farmer, leases of Addison Matthews 95.

CLARK GEORGE W., (Morrisville) (Clark & Daniels) cattle dealer, dealer in produce, farmer 300, in Worcester, Washington Co., 228, bds Main.

Clark John, (Stowe) r 76, farmer 100.

Clark Samuel B., (Cady’s Falls) r 4. agent for I. S. Pearl & Co., of Johnson, dealer in country produce, and farmer 350.

Clark Wilber E., (Morrisville) dry goods clerk, h High.

CLARK WILLIAM M., (Morrisville) hair dresser, and dealer in periodicals, confectionary, fruit, cigars, oysters, etc., Portland, h do.

Clark & Daniels, (Morrisville) George W. C. and J. W. D., manufs. of sugar tubs and butter tubs, near Main.

Clement Joseph P., (Morrisville) (Clement & Whipple) h High.

CLEMENT WILLIAM E., (Morrisville) undertaker, manuf. and dealer in furniture, coffins, window shades, paints, oils, agent for new American sewing machine, Main, h do.

Clement William R., (Morrisville) farmer 30, h High.

Clement & Whipple, (Morrisville) (Joseph P. C. and Wilbur F. W.,) dealers ingeneral merchandise, Main.

Cling Sophia Mrs., (Morrisville) washer, h High.

Cobb Lysander J., (Morristown) r 23, dairy 13 cows, farmer, leases of T. Cheney 200.

Colbey Ai N. S., (Morrisville) gas plumber, bds Maple.

Cole Albert M., (Morrisville) r 8, farmer, in Hyde Park 50, and farms for Morris 80.

Cole Charles H., (Morrisville) r 8, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 120.

Cole Daniel, (Morristown) r 68, farmer 100.

Cole Heman, (Morristown) r 68, hop grower and farmer 140. Cole Morris, (Morrisville) r 8, farmer 80.

Collins Benjamin, (Morristown) r 39, farmer, leases of Rufus 80. Colwell John H., (Cady’s Falls) r 14, teamster.

COOK CHARLES A., (Morrisville) r 52, dealer in rubber bucket chain pumps, Franklin county churns, and agricultural implements, farmer 2 1/2.

Cook Oscar H., (Morrisville) r 27, farmer 95,

Cook Rosa, (Morrisville) widow of William, prop. laundry, near railroad depot.

Cram Horatio, (Morrisville) building mover, h street off High.

Crawford Amelia, (Morrisville) bds Main, cor Summer.

Cross James, (Morristown) r 69, resident.

Cross Nathan, (Morristown) r 49, laborer.

Currier George W., (Morrisville) r 66, farmer, leases of I. Wilson 165.

Cutler Charles C., (Morrisville) laborer, h Randolph road.

Cutler Eli W., (Morrisville) house, sign, carriage, and ornamental painter, h Main.

Cutting Frank, (Morrisville) laborer, h Maple.

CUTTING WILLIAM B., (Morrisville) blacksmith and carriage ironer, prop. livery stable, dealer in horses, Pleasant St., h do.

Daniels Jeremiah, r 17, (Morrisville) h and lot, retired farmer.

DANIELS JONATHAN W., (Morrisville) (Clark & Daniels) carriage maker, owns farm 24 acres, h Main.

DARLING ALDEN, (Morristown) r 47, (A. & C. Darling.)

DARLING ALDEN & CHESTER, (Morristown) r 47, dairy 16 cows, farmer 125, and mountain lot 400.

Darling Alonzo, (Morrisville) r 11, farmer, leases of Sallie 80 acres. Darling Baruch, (Morristown) r 47, retired farmer.

DARLING CHESTER, (Morristown) r 47, (A. & C. Darling.) Darling Gustavus, (Morrisville) laborer, h Maple St.

Darling Julius K., (Morrisville) r 34, carpenter and builder, and farmer 50. Darling Sallie, (Morrisville) r 11, widow of Ira, owns farm 80.

Davis Benjamin, (Morrisville) r 17, farmer 36, in Elmore 180, died in Nov. 1882.

Davis Charles, (Morristown) r 95, farmer 100.

Davis Curtis, (Morristown) r 43, farmer, leases estate of Lines Chaffee 114. Davis Mary E. Mrs., (Morrisville) teacher of instrumental music, h High St., cor Union.

Davis N. Way, (Morrisville) r 33, farmer 50.

Day Horace M., (Morristown) r 25, farmer 45, with H. M. Brown, sexton Morristown four corners cemetery.

Day Sallie, (Morristown) r 25, Mrs. Harvey.

Dike Freeman A., (Morristown) r 45, manufacturer of butter-tubs, farmer 70.

Dike George W., (Morrisville) r 77, dairy 15 cows, farmer 160.

Dillingham George W., (Morrisville) retired farmer, h Maple St.

DINGWALL DANIEL, (Morrisville) r 32, proprietor of saw, shingle, and grist-mill, at Waterville, owns wood-yard in Morrisville, farmer 600, and wood land 200; in Bakersfield timber from 500, and in Elmore 6 lots.

DODGE ALFRED, (Morrisville) r 57, breeder of pure blood Durham cattle, registered, breeder of Hampletonian horses, dairy 12 cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 100, and with Harrison Dodge 100 in town of Elmore.

DODGE CHARLES C.,(Cady’s Falls) r 4, constable and collector, agent for Continental, Sun, and New England fire insurance Cos.

Dodge Harriet, (Morrisville) widow of Hiram, owns house and lot, h Summer St.

Dodge Harrison, (Morrisville) r 35, dairy 13 cows, farmer 210, and with Alfred 100 in Elmore.

Dorrity Ann Mrs., (Morristown) r 67, widow of James, farmer 100.

Doty George W., (Morrisville) station agent St. J. & L. C. R. R., agent U. S. and C. Express Co., breeder of thoroughbred Devon cattle, reg., dairy 10 cows, wool grower 30 sheep, farmer 150 on road 9.

Doubleday Melvin C., (Morristown) r 48, cooper.

Dougherty George H., (Morristown) r 18, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 225.

Douglass Albeit, (Morristown) r 71, farms for Jonathan 185.

Douglass Alonzo J., (Morrisville) r 66, farmer 100.

DOUGLASS EBEN, (Morristown) r 38 cor 37, postmaster, dealer in general merchandise and country produce

Douglass Jonathan, (Morristown) r 71, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 185.

DOW FREDERICK, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, inventor of Dow’s Defiance telephone, and telegraph repairer for Vt. International Telegraph Co.

DROWN B. FRANK, (Morrisville) r 23, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer, owns with H. W. I I o acres.

DROWN HIAL W., (Morrisville) r 23, dealer in live stock, and with Benjamin F. owns sugar orchard 300 trees, and farm of 110.

Dunham Edward J., (Morrisville) shoemaker, h High St.

Dunham John E., (Cady’s Falls) r 14, retired farmer.

Durkee Azro, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, farmer 140

Dwinell Amos, (Morrisville) r 29, farmer 18.

Dyke Ed, (Morristown) r 37, laborer.

Earl George, (Morrisville) r 10, laborer.

Earl Hiram, (Morrisville) r 36J, retired farmer, aged 83 years.

Eastman Laban, (Morrisville) r 36, retired, aged 77.

Eaton Danford L., (Morrisville) dealer in produce, farmer 150, h Wolcott St.

Eaton Mary, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, widow of R. L.

Eaton Samuel C., (Morristown) r 46, farmer, leases 50 acres of J. Sherwood.

EDGERTON OZRO A., (Morrisville) agent for New Crown sewing machine, mechanical engineer, practical carriage-maker, owns house and lot in Stowe, bds at Morrisville House, office Portland St., cor Prospect ave.

Edson Alvaro E., (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, farmer.

Edson Hollis, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, laborer.

EDWARDS CHARLES S., (Morrisville) r 66, farmer, son of Enos M.

EDWARDS ENOS M., (Morrisville) r 66, sugar orchard 1,600 trees, dairy 14 cows, farmer 200.

Edwards Smith, (Morrisville) r 66, farmer 50.

ELMORE GEORGE H., (Morrisville) manufacturer of wagons, carriages, and sleighs, teacher of plain and fancy dancing, leader of Elmore’s orchestra, Portland St.

Elmore Heman H., (Morrisville) dealer in groceries, provisions, and flour, Portland St., h do.

Ellsworth Newell, (Morrisville) r 53, farmer 95..

FAIRBANKS ALBERT S., (Morrisville) r 36, carpenter and joiner, farmer 14.

FAIRBANKS IRVINE A., (Morrisville) r 17, farmer 36.

FAIRBANKS ROMINAR L., (Cady’s Falls) r 4, dairy 20 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 275, and farms for Orsemus Gates, of Dakota, too.

Farnsworth Ebenezer G., (Morrisville) r 39, farmer 6.

Farwell Betsey, (Morristown) r 2, farmer 30

Felix Harrison, (Morrisville) r 17, blacksmith.

Fellows Daniel, (Morristown) r 75, proprietor of saw-mill, and cider-mill.

Fellows Darius, (Morristown) r 75, resident.

FERGUSON JOHN A., (Morristown) r 40, proprietor of saw-mill, manufacturer and dealer in lumber, and farmer 35.

FIELD WILKINSON A., (Morrisville) clerk at Morrisville Hotel, bds do.

FISHER HENRY J., (Morrisville) r 33, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle, reg., pure blood Cotswold sheep, Chester white hogs, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 140, and in Elmore 20.

FISK HENRY C., (Morrisville) r 27, (Hendee & Fisk,) Lamoille Publishing Co.

FITCH CORDILLA W., (Morrisville) architect and builder, town grand juror, owns farm 25, h Pleasant St.

Fitch Minnie M. Miss, (Morrisville) teacher in intermediate department of People’s Academy and Morrisville Graded School, bds Pleasant St.

Flanders Albert, (Morristown) r 38, farmer, son of John.

Flanders Alpheus, (Morristown) r 70, farmer 5.

FLANDERS JOHN, (Morristown) r 38, carpenter and joiner, farmer 1154.

Flanders Harry, (Morristown) r 38, lives with Aunt Hannah Lovewell.

Foss William A., (Morrisville) r 80, farmer 35.

Foster Benjamin, (Morristown) r 20, farmer 75, and farms for Mrs. Foster 50.

FOSTER DWIGHT E., (Morrisville) r 77, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle, dairy 12 cows, and farmer, leases of Geo. Wilkins, of Stowe, 140.

FOSTER EDWIN E., (Morrisville) manuf. and dealer in all kinds of marble and granite, High St., h do.

French Nehemiah,. (Morrisville) born July 4, 1793, h Pleasant St.

Furbush Hiram, (Morrisville) r 52, farmer.

Gale Warner, (Stowe) r 75, farmer, leases of H. Sturges 130.

Gallup Alden, (Cady’s Falls) r 25, retired farmer.

Gallup Julius C., (Morrisville) r 55, farmer 50.

GALLUP RUFUS S., (Cady’s Falls) r 25, town lister; sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer 80.

GATES AMASA 0., (Morrisville) dealer in drugs, medicines, books and stationery, Main cor Portland, h Wolcott.

Gates Daniel L., (Morrisville) r 34, farmer 100.

Gates George W., (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, farmer 40.

Gates Sylvester L., (Morrisville) r 36, retired farmer, lives on 30 acres belonging to W. S. Cheney.

Gauthier Freeman, (Morrisville) baker at Morrisville bakery, boards Vermont House.

Gauvin William W., (Morristown) r 45, laborer.

GEORGE FAIBUS F., (Morrisville) millwright, It High cor Union.

George Harrison B., (Morrisville) manuf. of wagons and sleighs, repairer, etc., h Summer.

George Josiah A., (Morrisville) drug clerk, h Main.

George Olive Mrs., (Morrisville) widow of William, h street off High.

Gilbert David, Morrisville) r 57, retired farmer, aged 83 years.

Gilbert David A., (Morrisville) manager of the new clothing store, Main, h Union.

Gilbert Edwin D., (Morrisville) r 54, carpenter and joiner.

Gilbert Fred, Morrisville) r 15, teamster.

Gilbert Ransom G., (Morrisville) h Main St.

Gilbert William S., (Morrisville) r 57, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 100.

GILE ALMIRA V., (Morrisville) widow of Albert M., millinery, dress making, and fancy goods, Portland St., h do.

Gile Carlos, (Morrisville) tinsmith, boards Portland.

GILE HATTIE F., (Morrisville) dressmaker, Portland St., h do.

Gile Levi, (Morristown) r 46, farmer, son of S. S.

GILE SAMUEL S., (Morristown) r 46, 3d selectman, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 175.

GLEED PHILIP K., (Morrisville) attorney and counselor at law, State’s attorney, director of Larnoille County National Bank, life and fire insurance agent, owns farm 200, in Johnson 100, and in Wolcott 150, Main cor Portland St., 11 Wolcott.

Gobar Albert, (Stowe) r 76, farmer 25.

Godfrey Isaac, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, laborer.

Goldthwaite Jacob C., (Cady’s Falls) laborer.

Goldthwaite Ozro S., (Cady’s Falls) retired farmer.

Goldthwaite Wesley D., (Cady’s Falls) groomsman.

Goodale Bliss C., (Morrisville) r 51, farmer 350.

Goodale George W., (Morristown) r 51 cor 67, sugar orchard 150 trees, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 220.

Goodale Lucy, (Morristown) r 51 cor 67, widow of Cyril W., aged 80 years.

Goodale Solomon, (Morristown) r 46, farmer too.

Goodell Esther A., (Morrisville) widow of Nathaniel W., h Main.

Goodell Harrison, (Morristown) r 25, laborer.

Goodell William, (Morristown) r 18, laborer.

GOODRICH GEORGE R., (Morristown) r 47, sugar orchard 700 trees, dairy to cows, and farmer 180.

GOULD CHARLES W., (Cady’s Falls) r 4, section hand on St. J. & L. C. R. R.

Gould George, (Morrisville) lumberman, h Maple St.

Gould Simeon, (Morrisville) r 59, farmer 76.

GREEN BENJAMIN W., (Morrisville) (B. W. Green & Co.,) farmer 64, h High St.

GREEN B. W. & CO., (Morrisville) (Benjamin W. G., J. Monroe G., and Wm. W. Cate, of Wolcott,) props. Morrisville bakery, and dealers in confectionery, fruits, etc., Portland St.

GREEN JAMES M., (Morrisville) r 29, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 100.

GREEN J. MONROE, (Morrisville) (B. W. Green & Co.,) h High St.

Greene Orlin R., (Morrisville) (Robinson & Greene) h Wolcott St.

Gregg Harrison, (Morristown) r 66, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 130.

Grout Charles A., (Morrisville) laborer, h Main.

Grout Horace, (Morrisville) r 31, farmer 200.

Grout Melissa S., (Morrisville) widow of N. P., h Main.

Guyer Arthur G., (Morrisville) practical drug clerk, boards Wolcott St.

Hadley Charles, (Morrisville) cabinet maker and painter, h Main.

Hadley Elmer V., (Morrisville) r 36, farmer, with L. H.

HADLEY GEORGE L., (Morrisville) r 63, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 200.

HADLEY LUCIUS H., (Morrisville) r 36, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 80.

Hale Cicero H., (Morristown) r 76, farmer 50.

Hale Israel, (Stowe) r 66, dairy 40 cows, and farmer 700.

Hale Nathan, (Stowe) r 66, farmer, son of Israel.

HALE WILLIAM H., (Morrisville) dealer in ready-made clothing, hats, caps, boots and shoes, dry goods, etc., Main, h Summer.

HALL ELMORE J. (Morrisville) physician and surgeon, examining surgeon for pensions for Lamoille county, was ass’t surgeon 1st Vt. Cavalry in war of the Union, h Wolcott St.

Hall Julius P., (Morrisville) r 27, retired Baptist clergyman, owns 74 acres. Hamel Albert C., (Morrisville) r 28, teamster.

Hamel Frank J., (Morrisville) r 61, farmer 60.

Hamel John, (Morrisville) r 61, laborer.

Hamel Mary Miss, (Morrisville) dressmaker, h Main.

Hammond Charles 0., (Morrisville) butcher, bds Vermont House.

HARDY DANIEL C., (Morrisville) r 15, deputy sheriff, notary public, dealer in live stock, farmer 50.

Harmond Frank, (Morrisville) works in pulp mill, h Maple.

Harris Alfred, (Morrisville) r 6, well digger, farmer 30.

HARRIS ELMER E., (Morrisville) dealer in groceries, flour, feed, grain,

salt, phosphates, Ethan Allen plows, Pleasant, h Portland,

HARRIS SEYMOUR, (Morrisville) r 33, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle, dairy 20 cows, farmer 175.

Hart Daniel M., (Morrisville) r 35, farmer 25.

Haskins Louisa and Clarissa, (Morrisville) r 16, owns farm 14.

Hassett Patrick, (Morristown) r 23, dairy 10 cows, farmer 150.

HAWSE ASA P., (Morrisville) carpenter and joiner, h Maple.

Hawse Benjamin B., (Morrisville) carpenter, and dealer in patent rights, h Maple.

Hawse John, (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, farmer 8, aged 85 years.

HAWSE NATHAN W., (Morrisville) general blacksmith, and dealer in agricultural implements, Champion mowers, and extras, agent Giant stone lifter, also John J. Fries cultivator and Hawse pat. plow, cor Stowe ave. and Randolph road, h High.

Hawse William, (Morrisville) carpenter and builder, h Maple.

Haynes James M., (Morrisville) r 14, laborer.

HENDEE GEORGE W. HON., (Morrisville) (Hendee & Fisk) attorney and counselor at law, examiner of National Banks for Vermont, h Main.

HENDEE & FISK, (Morrisville) (Hon. George W. H. and H. Clary F.) atty’s and counselors at law, Portland St.

Herrick Charles H., (Morrisville) r 30, farmer, leases of W. Griswold 140.

Hickok Dewey K., (Morrisville) dealer in patent rights, h Union.

Hill A. Charles, (Morristown) r 18, sugar orchard 350 trees, dairy 15 cows, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, and farmer 200.

HILL ADDISON B., (Morrisville) r 53, breeder of Durham cattle, Chester white hogs, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 75.

HILL ENOS A., (Morrisville) r 53, dairy 18 cows, farmer 115.

HILL GEORGE A., (Morrisville) dealer in wagons, sleighs, etc., bds Morrisville House.

Hill Harvey J., (Morrisville) r 53, dealer in Field’s pumps, and water tubing. Hill John, (Morrisville) r 64, laborer.

Hill Noble R., (Morristown) r r8, farmer.

Hilliard Amos, (Morrisville) r 26, carpenter, and farmer.

Hogoboom Charlotte, (Morrisville) r 29, widow of John.

Holbrook Addison, (Morrisville) r 53, farmer 90.

Holbrook Thomas J., (Morrisville) physician and surgeon, h Pleasant.

Holmes Horace B., (Morrisville) r 8, farmer 30.

Howard S. A., (Morrisville) clock repairer, wheelwright, h Randolph.

HOWES HERBERT R. REV., (Morrisville) Cong. minister, h Main, cor Maple.

Hubbell Nathan, (Morrisville) retired, h Summer

Hunt Asa, (Morrisville) carpenter, h Maple.

Hunt Benjamin 0., (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, carpenter.

Huse Albert J., (Morrisville) r 9, farm laborer, works for G. W. Doty.

Huse Joseph E., (Morrisville) r 32, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 142.

HUSE SARAH Miss, (Morrisville) resident with Joseph E.

Hyde James B., (Morrisville) dry goods clerk, bds Summer St.

Irish Alanson B., (Morristown) r 48, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 200.

Irish Ann S., (Morrisville) widow of Guy, seamstress, h Main.

JACKSON GEORGE W., (Morrisville) pulp maker at Lamoille valley pulp mill, h Main, cor Hyde.

Jacobs Anthony, (Morristown) r r, farmer, leases of Moses Terrill 140.

Jewett James T., (Morrisville) r 26, farmer 1 1/2.

Joslyn Cyren, (Morrisville) laborer, h Main.

JOSLYN JAMES M., (Morrisville) dealer in live stock, groceries and provisions, prop. celebrated stallions ” Rocket” or ” Joslyn Horse,” and ” Robert,” oldest stock horse in Vermont, aged 31 years.

Judd Philip W., (Morrisville) r 55, dairy 10 cows, farmer 230. (Died Feb. 5. 1883, of heart disease.)

Keeler Horace M., (Morristown) r 25, teamster, owns h and lot.

Kelsey Hiram S., (Morrisville) resident, h Main, cor Wolcott.

Kendall Albert, (Morrisville) r 10, farmer, leases of M. Burke 200 acres.

Kenfield Eliza A. Mrs., (Morristown) r 18, widow of Aseph, farmer 50.

Kenfield Frank Capt., (Morristown) r 38, justice of the peace, dairy so cows, farmer 92.

Kenfield Horace, (Morristown) r 18, farmer 60.

Kimball Samuel G., (Cady’s Falls) farm laborer.

King Charles, (Morrisville) works in pulp mill.

King Charles, (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, laborer.

Kingsley Augustus H., (Morrisville) r 15, carpenter and joiner.

Knight Clarence A., (Morrisville) r 53, supt. of C. R. Page’s stock farm.

LADOO MARSHALL, (Stowe) farmer, leases of Louis Mayhew 75. Lamayer Peter, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, miller.

*LAMOILLE PUBLISHING COMPANY, (Morrisville and Hyde Park) (Hon. G. W. Hendee, H. C. Fisk, of Morrisville, Hon. C. S. Page and L. H. Lewis, of Hyde Park,) job printers, and publishers of “News and Citizen.”

Lamoille Valley Pulp Co., (Morrisville) Frank G. Cushman, Lebanon, N. H., treasurer; George F. Cushman, Passumpsic, supt.

Lamson William G., (Morristown) r 23, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 200.

LaPage Charles, (Morrisville) r 15, stone cutter, and harness maker.

Laraway Leander, (Morristown) r 25, laborer.

LARAWAY PHILIP, (Morristown) r 41, wool grower 60 sheep, farmer, leases of George Durye, of Middlefield, Conn., 200 acres.

Lawrence George, (Morrisville) r 64, laborer.

Lawrence Morris, (Morrisville) r 35, farmer 9.

*LAWRENCE WILKINS J., (Morrisville) manuf. and dealer in fine single and double harnesses and horse furnishing goods, repairing in all its branches, boards Main St.

LEACH BENJAMIN H., (Morristown) r 25, teamster, and farmer 35, with Milo B. Shippey,

LEBARON ISAAC N., (Morrisville) r 56 cor 64, town superintendent of schools, dairy 28 cows, and farmer 225.

Lewis Ahira, (Morrisville) r 62 cor 61, farmer too.

Livingston Fred, (Morrisville) r 65 cor 66, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, dairy 19 cows, and farmer 500.

Lock Harris, (Morrisville) r 5, laborer.

LOVEWELL HANNAH, (Morrristown) 38, widow of Robert, owns house and 2 acres.

Lucas Charles S., (Morristown) r 2, farmer, leases of Isabel McKay, of Hyde Park, too acres.

Luce Andrew, (Stowe) r 76, farmer too.

Luce D., (Stowe) r 77, farmer 50.

Luce Julia A., (Morrisville) widow of Daniel, h Summer St.

LYMAN ERASTUS P., (Morrisville) r 66, farmer 80.

MANNING NAPOLEON L., (Cady’s Falls) r 4, prop. of tannery and chair factory, and grist and saw-mill.

Marshall Aldrick C.. (Cady’s Falls) r 14, farmer, leases of Moses Terrill. 40.

Marshall Ira M., (Morrisville) off 80, farmer 50.

Marshall Salvader, (Stowe) r 77, farmer 50.

Matthews Addison, (Morristown) r 25, farmer go.

MATTHEWS LEONARD, (Morristown) r 25, prop. of stallion “Comet, mail carrier between Morristown and Morrisville, and farmer 13.

Maxfield Sanford, (Morristown) r 45, laborer.

Mayo Lewis, (Stowe) r 77, farmer 50.

McClintock Luman, (Morrisville) farmer 40, h Main. (Died Feb. 2, 1883.)

McClintock William G., (Morrisville) r 55, farmer 75.

McCoy Timothy, (Morristown) r 20, farmer 80.

McDaniels, Robert, (Morristown) r 48, farmer go.

McGee James, (Johnson) r 43, farmer 50.

Mead Chalon B., (Morrisville) r 16, farmer, leases of John Bugbee 60.

Mead Harriet, (Morrisville) r 16, widow of John N.

Merriam Lucia, (Morrisville) widow of Seldon, h Main St.

Merrill Charles J., (Morristown) r 21, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 125.

Merritt Elias, (Stowe) r 72, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 106.

Metcalf Osee L., (Morrisville) r 9, retired farmer.

Miles Abiah, (Morrisville) widow of John, owns house and lot, h Main St.

Mitchell Peter, (Morrisville) blacksmith, Portland St., h do.

MOILES RICHARD, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, laborer, works on St. J. & L. C. R. R.

Montgomery George, (Morristown) r 48, thresher.

Moore Alden S., (Morristown) r 67, farmer, son of Samuel.

Moore Charles J., (Morristown) r 67, farmer, with Samuel Moore 80.

Moore Marshall C., (Morristown) r 50, dairy to cows, and farmer 145.

Moore Samuel, (Morristown) r 67, farmer, with Charles J. 80.

*MORGAN HENRY H., (Morrisville) prop. of Morrisville foundry, and manuf. of cultivators, plows, stoves, etc., job work done to order, Foundry St., h Main.

Morrell Truman C., (Morrisville) r 29, laborer.

Morris Lucy A., (Morrisville) widow of Edwin, h High St.

MORRISVILLE HOUSE, (Morrisville) L. B. Boynton, prop., Main St.

Moulton Charles P., (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, harness maker, h Randolph St.

Mower George D., (Morrisville) foreman in Clark & Daniels’s butter tub factory, h Summer St.

Muckler Henry S., (Morristown) r 38, farmer 20.

Munson Ammi B., (Morrisville) r z8, farmer, with B. M.

MUNSON BETHUEL M., (Morrisville) r 28, carpenter and joiner, owns dairy 13 cows, and farmer 170.

Munson Harlon P., (Morrisville) r 27, clerk for H. A. Slayton & Co.

Muzzey Ed, (Morristown) r 19, farmer 50.

Muzzey Leo, (Morristown) r 19, retired farmer.

Nash George, (Morrisville) r 77, farmer 50.

NEWS & CITIZEN, (Morrisville and Hyde Park) L. H. Lewis, of Hyde Park, and H. C. Fisk, editors, Lamoille Publishing Co., publishers, Portland St.

*NICHOLS FRANK M., (Morrisville) veterinary surgeon and physician, bds Morrisville House.

NILES ALBERT A., (Morrisville) att’y and counselor at law, life, fire and accident insurance agent, claim and pension agent, owns farm 10 acres.

Niles Salmon, (Morrisville) r 15 cor 14, manufacturer of pump logs, and farmer 100.

Noe Abe, (Morrisville) r 15, teamster.

Noe Charles, (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, mason.

Norton Abigail, (Morristown) r 40, widow of William, h and lot.

Noyes Arthur C., (Morrisville) son of Carlos S., bds Main St. cor High.

NOYES CARLOS S., (Morrisville) justice of the peace, pres’t of Lamoille County National Bank of Hyde Park, owns in Hyde Park 150 acres, and in Hardwick, Caledonia Co., 100, h Main St. cor High.

Noyes Jesse B., (Cady’s Falls) r 17, retired farmer, aged 87.

NOYES JOSEPH C., (Morrisville) dealer in real estate, and farmer 100, in Hyde Park 100, and in Westmore, Orleans Co., 300, h High St.

Ober Asa K., (Morrisville) carpenter and joiner, owns house and lot, h Foundry St.

Ober Sarah M., (Morrisville) r 29, h and lot.

OWEN JOHN F., (Morrisville, or Hyde Park) teamster.

Owen Sullivan D., (Morrisville) laborer, h High St.

PAGE CHARLES R., (Morrisville) town representative, manufacturer and dealer in lumber, breeder of high bred trotting stock, owner of celebrated stallions ” Tattersall,” reg. No. 18,299, ” Autocrat,” and “Henry S.,” breeder of short horn cattle, owner of Malvern stock farm 347 acres, on r 52, h Main St.

Palmer Luther A., (Stowe) r 81, farmer 139.

Palmer Matilda, (Morristown) r 45, widow of John, and farmer 15.

PALMER SYLVESTER N., (Morrisville) r 79, justice of the peace, breeder of grade Cotswold sheep, and farmer 113.

Parsons Ira. (Stowe) r 72, farmer, leases of E. Merritt 106.

Patch Samuel, (Morristown) r 19, farmer 80.

Patch Luella, (Morrisville) widow of Theopholus H., h Summer St.

Patten Caroline A., (Morrisville) widow of Russell, h Maple St.

Patten Fred A., (Morrisville) laborer, h Maple St.

Patterson John, (Morrisville) r 15, bridge builder for St. J. & L. C. R. R.

Paul Bros. Orchestra and Brass Band, (Morrisville) W. I. Paul, teacher.

Paul Emma L., (Morrisville) (Mrs. R. C.,) lecturer on temperance and other subjects,
h Summer St.

Paul Rollin C., (Morrisville) musician, teacher of dancing, and instrumental music, h Summer St.

PAUL WASHINGTON I., (Morrisville) leader of Paul Bros. orchestra and band, teacher of dancing, lessons given on violin and piccolo, harnessmaker, h Winter St.

Peak Mason, (Morrisville) blacksmith, h Maple St.

Peck Charles M., (Morrisville) (H. A. Slayton & Co.,) h Main St.

PECK WILLIE W., (Morrisville) r 15, proprietor of steam saw-mill, on r 46, manufacturer and dealer in lumber, and farmer 100.


(Morrisville) H. S. Wilson, principal, Park st, cor Main.

Perrin Ephraim, (Morristown) r 70, farms for Mrs. Perrin 50 acres.

Perry Joseph, (Morrisville) r 31, laborer.

Phelps Sarah H., (Morrisville) widow of Edmond, h Main St.

Pike Hiram H., (Morrisville) r 80, farmer, leases of J. W. Spaulding 160.

Pike James, (Morristown) r 48, trapper, and farmer I.

Pike Walter W., (Morrisville) marble cutter.

Pinney Edson, (Morrisville) r 29, traveling salesman.

Place Dexter, (Morrisville) wool carder, h Main.

POPE CYRUS M., (Morrisville) groceries, Main St., h do.

POWERS H. HENRY HON., (Morrisville) attorney and counselor at law, judge of supreme court, owns farm 20.

Powers Love E., (Morrisville) widow of Dr. Horace, h Main.

Quimby Elisha, (Morrisville) r 25, retired.

Rand Bradford L., (Morrisville) r 53, farmer 65.

Rand Charles A., (Morrisville) r 53, farms for B. L. 65 acres.

Rand Vernon W., (Morristown) r 50, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 100.

Raymore Joseph, (Morrisville) laborer, h Foundry St.

Recor Oliver, (Morrisville) r 52, farmer, leases of Mrs. Mary Bingham 40.

Reed Emerson B., (Cady’s Falls) r 4, prop. planing and matching-mill, and farmer 5.

REED SULA V., (Morrisville) millinery and fancy goods, with Mrs. M. B. F. Reed, Main St., bds do.

REED JOHN L. K., (Cady’s Falls) blacksmith, and farmer 35.

REED MARY B. F. MRS., (Morrisville) dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Main St., h do.

Rich Charles A., (Morrisville) retired farmer, h Wolcott. Ritterbush Lucy, (Morristown) r 48, widow of Henry.

Rivers Paschal, (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, mason.

Roberts Perley P., (Morrisville) watchmaker and jeweler, Main St., h do.

ROBINSON ED. S., (Morrisville) tonsorial artist and dealer in cigars, Portland St., boards Main.

ROBINSON FRANK P., (Morrisville) photographer, and dealer in pictures and picture frames, moldings, cords, knobs, etc., Main St., h Summer.

Robinson J. Arthur, (Morrisville) (Robinson & Greene) boards Main.

Robinson James C., (Morrisville) postmaster, h Main.

Robinson Solomon, (Morrisville) r 26, farmer 20.

Robinson William H., (Morrisville) clerk at postoffice, crayon and India ink portrait painter, boards Main.

Robinson & Greene, (Morrisville) (J. A. R. and O. R. G..) surgeons and dentists, office Portland St.

Rock James, (Morristown) off r 23, farmer 125.

RUBLEE CHARLES C., (Morrisville) physician and surgeon, h Main cor Maple.

Rutherford Sarah L., (Morrisville) prop. new clothing store, h Main.

Sabin Daniel, (Cady’s Falls) r 17, retired farmer.

Sackett Jackson, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, section hand on St. J. & L. C. R. R.

SAFFORD DARIUS J. COL., (Morrisville) (J. Safford & Sons) clerk in the pension department at Washington, D. C., was Lieut.-Col. of 11th Vermont Regiment.

Safford Hiram, (Morrisville) (J. Safford & Sons) h Main St.

Safford J. & Sons, (Morrisville) (Hiram and Darius J.,) props. of grist-mill, manufs. and dealers in chair stock, dressed lumber, and house furnishing stock, Main St.

Safford Polly, (Morrisville) r 17, widow of John, owns house and lot.

SANBORN GEORGE A., (Morristown) r 25, wagon maker and general blacksmith.

Sanborn S. Cornelia Mrs., (Morrisville) milliner and agent for Demorest’s patterns, Portland St.

Sanborn Seth C., (Morrisville) stone mason, h Portland St.

Sargent Lyman Rev., (Morristown) pastor Freewill Baptist church.

Saunders George, (Morristown) r 45, farmer 75.

Sears John, (Morrisville) r 27, laborer.

Shaw Charles C., (Morristown) r 37, cor 38, laborer.

SHAW CHARLES L., (Morrisville) r 16, wool grower 100 sheep, breeder of Chester white hogs and Durham cattle, registered, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer, with Pelina W. 185.

Shaw Daniel R., (Stowe) r 75, farmer 20.

Shaw Benona W., (Morristown) r 75, farmer 20.

SHAW PELINA W., (Morrisville) r 16, widow of Edwin H., farmer, with Charles L. 185.

Sheldon Edward, (Morrisville) r 15, painter.

Sherwin Jonathan F., (Morrisville) r 81, hop grower, and farmer 95.

Sherwin Oscar, (Morristown) r 39, dairy 9 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, and farmer 150.

Sherwood Emily, (Morristown) r 45, widow of Zelmon.

Sherwood Jay A., (Morristown) r 45, farmer 150.

Shina Francis A., (Morrisville) carpenter and builder, bds Main.

Shippey Milo B., (Morristown) r 25, carpenter and joiner, with B. H. Leach, farmer 35.

Slayton Cortez J., (Morrisville) head clerk for Geo. J., h Main.

Slayton George J., (Morrisville) dealer in general merchandise, flour, feed, pork and country produce, Main, h do.

Slayton H. A. & Co., (Morrisville) (C. M. Peck) wholesale and retail dealers in flour, corn, meal, feed, nails, salt, lime, plaster, seeds, kerosene oil, phosphates, agricultural implements, etc., Portland St.

Slayton Henry A., (Morrisville) (H. A. Slayton & Co.,) h Wolcott.

Slicer Joseph H., (Morrisville) r 28, laborer.

SLOCUM CHARLES H., (Morrisville) (Calkins & Slocum) farmer 120, h High.

Small Albert G., (Morrisville) r 78, auctioneer.

Small George F., (Morrisville) r 78, breeder of grade Devon cattle, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 100.

Small Hiram M., (Morrisville) r 79, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 85.

SMALL LEVI S., (Morrisville) r 79, town lister, stock grower, dairy 15 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 234.

Small Lucy, (Morrisville) r 79, widow of William, aged 75.

Small Nancy, (Morrisville) r 79, resident.

SMALL WILLIAM M., (Morrisville) r 79, dairy 18 cows, breeder of pure blood Devon cattle, reg., sugar orchard 600 trees, and farmer 280.

SMITH ALLEN B., (Morristown) r 39, cor 25, 2d selectman, breeder of pure blood Devon cattle, and farmer 150.

Smith Clement F., (Morrisville) r 77, dairy 25 cows, farmer, leases of Daniel 200 acres.

Smith Daniel, (Morrisville) r 77, retired farmer 200 in Stowe, and in Worcester, Wash. Co., 230 acres.

Smith George T., (Morristown) r 25, laborer.

Smith Harry, (Morrisville) r 29, farmer 15.

Smith William R., (Morrisville) shoemaker, h Main.

Spaulding Abbey, (Morrisville) r 80, widow of Freeman, farmer 30.

Spaulding Abial, (Morrisville) teamster and farmer 40, h Main.

Spaulding Albert W., (Morrisville) r 62, cor 63, farmer, son of A. K.

Spaulding Arial K., (Morrisville) r 62, cor 63, agent for the Ames Plow Co., sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 20 cows, farmer 295.

Spaulding Bethuel W., (Morrisville) r 61, farmer 100.

Spaulding Charles, (Morrisville) musician, h Maple.

SPAULDING DANIEL C., (Morrisville) dry goods clerk, h Summer.

Spaulding Effie Miss, (Morrisville) tailoress, Portland.

Spaulding Esther Miss, (Morrisville) r 36J, aged 81 years.

Spaulding Fred E., (Morrisville) agent for Domestic sewing machine, h Main.

Spaulding Herbert, (Morrisville) r 31, farmer 50.

Spaulding Isaac, (Morrisville) retired farmer, h Summer.

Spaulding Jefferson, (Morrisville) r 31, farmer 8.

SPAULDING JOSEPH W., (Morrisville) carpenter and joiner, farmer 200, h Pleasant.

Spaulding Lorenzo G., (Morrisville) tinsmith, h near Portland.

Spaulding Mary, (Morrisville) widow of Barnice, h Maple.

Saulding Myron H., (Morrisville) r 32, farmer 95, in Elmore 100.

Spaulding Porter F., (Morrisville) r 58, dairy 16 cows, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 275.

Spaulding Sullivan, (Morristown) 48, farmer 25, and farms for B. Goodale 300.

Spaulding Thankful A., (Morrisville) (Mrs. Isaac,) owns in Wolcott 100 acres.

Spaulding Warren, (Morrisville) r 58, retired farmer, aged 82.

Spiller Ira, (Morrisville) r 15, carpenter and builder, and architect.

St. Louis Alexander, (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, sawyer.

Stevens Daniel, (Morrisville) r 54, retired farmer, aged 76.

Stewart Benjamin W., (Morrisville) r 5, teamster and farmer 4.

Stewart Burton L., (Morrisville) r 30, farmer and teamster.

Stewart Ebenezer, (Morrisville) r 30. farmer 25.

Stewart Hiram, (Morristown) r 42, laborer.

Stewart James, (Morristown) off r 48, farmer 50.

Stewart William B., (Morristown) r 42, farmer, leases of S. Clark 195 acres.

Stone Edgar H., (Morrisville) blacksmith, h Cottage.

Stone Willard H.. (Morrisville) r 14, carpenter and farmer 30.

STORY CLAYTON J., (Morrisville) r 53, dairy 20 cows, breeder of Chester white hogs, and farmer 220.

Story George, (Morristown) r 25, farmer 235.

Story Hiram W., (Morrisville) blacksmith, Portland St., h Maple.

STOW HAVEN P., (Morrisville) r 60, justice of the peace, dairy 10 cows, wool grower 65 sheep, and farmer 113.

Stowe Chester W., (Morristown) r 45, farmer 75, and farms Solomon Stowe’s estate of 200 acres.

STOWE URSULA G., (Morristown) r 45, widow of Solomon, owns farm 240.

Strong Amos B., (MorrisvIlle) r 16, farmer 75.

Sturges Arthur, (Morristown) r 20, carpenter, farmer, leases of Rebecca T. Wilson 21.

STURGES HENRY B., (Morrisville) r 36, carpenter and builder, farmer 100.

Sturges James, (Morrisville) r 36, retired farmer, aged 72.

Switzer Almaron, (Morrisville) r 29, basket maker.

Switzer William, (Morrisville) r 29, basket maker.

Taber Jared B., (Morrisville) laborer, h High St.

TAYLOR ALBERT H., (Morrisville) (Greene & Taylor,) h Sumner St.

Taylor Eleanor C., (Morristown) r 45, widow of Lucius.

Tenney Daniel W., (Morrisville) carpenter, h Union St.

Tenney Susanna W., (Morrisville) widow of Palmer, h High St.

TERRILL ALTHEA A. Miss, (Morrisville) manufacturer and dealer in hair work, combings straightened and made into any style, stamping for all kinds of ornamental work, and dealer in small wares, Main St.

TERRILL CARLOS B., (Cady’s Falls) r 4, section hand St. J. & L. C. R. R.

Terrill Clarissa, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, widow of Aaron.

Terrill John, (Morrisville) retired farmer 100, h Main St.

Terrill Moses, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, born 1879, retired farmer 180, and in Wolcott 160,

TERRILL NEWTON A., (Cady’s Falls) r 25 1/2, dairy 11 cows, wool grower 80 sheep, 15 head of young cattle, and farmer 220.

TEWKSBURY ARTHUR K., (Morrisville) (Buck & Tewksbury,) h Maple St.

THAYER WILLIAM A., (Morristown) r 44, manufacturer of butter-tubs, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 800 trees, and farmer 160.

Thomas Almon D., (Morrisville) street commissioner, agent for Wm. Anson Wood mowing machine, Eagle horse-rake, LaDow harrow,and farmer 25, h Wolcott St.

THOMAS JEFFERSON, (Morrisville) r 77, manager of town poor farm, owns house and lot in Morrisville.

Thomas Lorania L., (Morrisville) off r 13, (Mrs. N. S.,) dressmaker.

Thomas Norman S., (Morrisville) off r 13, farmer 60.

Thomas William D., (Morristown) r 50, farmer 75.

Thompson Jesse, (Morristown) r 25 cor 37, dairy 10 cows, justice of peace, farmer 100.

THORP EDGAR W., (Morrisville) att’y and counselor at law, insurance agent.

Thresher Thomas, (Morristown) r 18, laborer.

Tifft Seymour, (Morrisville) r 57, farmer, son of Nathan.

Tifft Nathan, (Morrisville) r 57, farmer 100.

Tifft Stephen H., (Morrisville) general merchant, Main St., h do.

TILLOTSON HENRY S., (Morrisville) r 5, house painter, paper hanger, and calsominer.

TINKER ERNEST C., (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, farm laborer. Tinker George, (Morristown) r 46, farmer 11.

Tinker Lafavor W., (Morristown) r 38, dealer in live stock, owns 150 acres.

Tinker Mary M., (Morrisville) widow of Dr. Almerin, h Main St.

Tinker Orlando M., (Morristown) off r 48, dairy 8 cows, farms for Geo. W. Clark 150.

TOWN CHARLES A., (Morrisville) r 15 cor 14, mason, and farmer 31.

Town Hiram, (Hyde Park) r 5, farmer 118, in Wolcott 130.

TOWN NEHEMIAH, (Cady’s Falls) r 4, farmer 15.

Town Roswell, (Cady’s Falls) r 17, stone mason.

Town Samuel C., (Cady’s Falls) r 4, mason, and farmer 60.

TOWNE ELI B., (Hyde Park, or Cady’s Falls) r 4, western ticket agent, dealer in hemlock bark, lumber, coal, etc.

Towne George E., (Morrisville) r 34, farmer 50.

TROW JOSIAH, (Morrisville) manufacturer of granite monuments and headstones, coping and cemetery work, near depot, h Main St.

Tyndall Gavin, (Morristown) r 18, dairy 20 cows, farmer, leases of Edgar Thorp, of Underhill, Chitt. Co., 250 acres.

Tyndall John. (Morristown) r i8, dairy 16 cows, and with Gavin, farmer 128.

Utton Bros., (Morrisville) (Thomas W. and John,) horse trainers, and dealers in horses, and proprietors of boarding stable, Maple St., h do.

VERMONT HOUSE, (Morrisville) A. G. West, prop., Portland St.

VINCENT ISHMAEL T., (Cady’s Falls) r 26, farmer 100.

Waite Franklin B., (Morristown) off r 75, farmer 30.

Waite Martin, (Morrisville) drug clerk, bds Main.

Wakefield Daniel S., (Morristown) r 7, farmer 170.

Wakefield George G., (Stowe) r 72, farmer 100.

Wakefield Lewis, (Morristown) r 71, farmer 175.

Walker Cordella F., (Morrisville) laborer) h High, aged 73.

Warden Ann, (Morrisville) r 27, owns h and lot.

Warden Henry, (Morrisvile) r 27, hotel clerk.

Warren George W., (Morrisville) r 36, farmer.

WATERMAN VERNON W., (Cady’s Falls) r 4, postmaster, and farmer 125.

Webster Vincent, (Morrisville) r 16, laborer.

Wedgworth Clark, (Morrisville) pastor M. E. church, h Main.

Welch Ashley E., (Morrisville) r 78, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 100.

Welch Henry, (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, laborer.

West Addie J., (Morrisville) 5 and 10 cent store, Portland St., bds Vermont House.

WEST ASAHEL G., (Morrisville) prop. of Vermont House, and farmer 14, h Portland.

Wheeler Luman, (Morrisville) r 30, farmer 100.

Wheeler Oramel, (Morrisville) r 30, cooper and trapper.

Wheeler Sabria, (Morristown) r 45, widow of Abijah, h and lot.

Wheelock Martin, (Morristown) r 48, farmer, son of Winslow.

Wheelock Winslow, (Morristown) r 48, farmer 130.

Whipple Wilbur F., (Morrisville) (Clement & Whipple) h High.

Whitcomb Julia A., (Morrisville) widow of Ira, h Summer.

White Fred, (Cady’s Falls) r 26, farmer, with I. T. Vincent.

White Leslie, (Morrisville) r 14, laborer.

White Van Cleave, (Morristown) r 18, farmer, leases of Eliza C. Kenfield 110.

WHITNEY ABIJAH F., (Morrisville) r 15, manager of C. F.

Whitney’s saw and cider-mills, chair stock manuf.

Whitney Charles F., (Morrisville) r 25, prop. of saw and cider-mills, mill on r 36 1/2.

Wilder Betsey, (Morrisville) r 26, widow of Francis.

Wilder Charles S., (Morrisville) r 26, farmer 50.

WILKINS AUSTIN, (Hyde Park) r 4, dairy 1 1. cows, and farmer, leases of Almon Boardman ,s5.

WILKINS BIRNEY J. (Morrisville) r 36 1/2, pulp maker, h Randolph.

Wilkins Eveline Mrs., (Morristown) r 38, widow of Rodney.

Wilkins Leroy, (Morristown) r 47, farmer 15.

Wilson Charles, (Morristown) r 23, dairy so cows, leases of Rebecca G. Wilson 150.

Wilson Hollis S., (Morrisville) principal of People’s Academy and Morrisville Graded school, bds Main St.

Wilson J. Ives, (Morristown) off r 38, dairy 15 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 200.

Wilson James H., (Cady’s Falls) r 17, dealer in pianos and organs.

Wilson Rebecca G., (Morristown) r 23, widow of John, dairy 10 cows, farmer 150.

Winters –, (Stowe) r 77, farmer.

WOOD DAVID R., (Morrisville) r 59, (L. L. & D. R. Wood,) grower of garden seeds, and apple trees.

WOOD L. L. & D. R., (Morrisville) r 59, dairy 9 cows, proprietor of fruit drier, sugar orchard 600 trees, and farmer 125.

WOOD LORENZO L., (Morrisville) r 59, (L. L. & D. R. Wood,) agent for Butler’s sugar evaporator made by the Vermont Farm Machine Co.

Wood Morrillo, (Morristown) r 48, farmer, leases of E. B. Gile, of Belmont, Dakota, 150 acres.

Wood William S., (Morrisville) r 8, farmer 65.

WOODS OSCAR L., (Morrisville) merchant tailor, Portland St., h Cottage.

WOODWARD GEORGE E., (Morrisville) homeo. physician and surgeon, dealer in drugs and medicines of all kinds, and farmer 20, Portland St. h Main.

WOODWORTH LYMAN Z., (Morrisville) r 79, stock grower, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 300.


Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, Vt., for 1883-1884. Hamilton Child. 1887.

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