Hyde Park, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

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Allen Franklin M., (North Hyde Park) r i, farmer 110, with L. F. 75.

Allen Leonard F., (North Hyde Park) r 23, justice of the peace, and farmer 48, with Frank 95.

Allen Mary H., (North Hyde Park) r 4, widow of James.

*AMBLER MYRON, (Hyde Park) r 39, dealer in pianos and fancy lumber. [Card on page 418.j

*AMERICAN HOUSE, (Hyde Park) Carroll F. Randall, prop., Main. [Card on page 310.1

Andrews Christopher A. A., (North Hyde Park) r 2, painter, and farmer 30.

Bachum Albert, (Hyde Park) r 18, mason and builder, h and lot.

BAILEY HENRY A., (Hyde Park) farmer 1 10 on r 27, h Church.

Bailey Orison, (North Hyde Park) r 23, farmer 15.

Baker Dean, (Morrisville) r 14, farm laborer, aged 83.

Baker James, (Hyde Park) r 2z, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 7o.

Balch Catharine, (North Hyde Park) r 23, widow of Abijah, owns farm 5 acres.

Barnard William N., (Hyde Park) r 8, sawyer, has charge of C. S. Page’s saw mill.

BARNES EBEN, (Hyde Park) r 20 1/2, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 9o.

Barnes Robert C., (North Hyde Park) r 25, mason, and farmer 75.

Barnes Sardis P., (Hyde Park) r 38, farmer 56.

Bass Enoch, (Hyde Park) r 18, farm laborer.

Bean James C., (Morrisville) r 13, carpenter and farmer 150.

Bedell John, (Morrisville) r 9, sawyer for H. S. Haskins.

Belville Israel, (Morrisville) r 12, farmer 5o.

Belville Thomas, (Morrisville) r 42, farmer, leases of George Wilkins, of Stowe, L00.

Bennet Burton B., (Hyde Park) r 54, farmer 5o.

Bishop Hiram, (Hyde Park) r 29, teamster.

Bidwell John, (North Hyde Park) r z, laborer.

Blake George W., (Hyde Park, r 20, farmer 5o.

Blake John, (North Hyde Park) r r, farmer 4.

Blake Martin, (Hyde Park) r 29; laborer.

BLISS CHARLES H., (Hyde Park) r 31, dealer in all kinds of sewing machines, needles, oil, and repairs, farmer, with Harlow 111.

Bliss Frederick, (Hyde Park) r 36, wool grower 40 sheep, farmer 6o.

Bliss Harlow, (Hyde Park) r 3r, dairy 8 cows, farmer 111.

Bliss William Y., (Hyde Park) physician and surgeon, Main st.

Bowen John E., (Hyde Park) pastor of M. E. church.

Boyce Lucius, (Hyde Park) r 33, farmer 10.

Briggs Melvin W., (Hyde Park) r 37, farmer, leases of H. A. Bailey 110.

BRIGHAM WALDO, (Hyde Park) (Brigham & Waterman) president of Lamoille Central Academy Association, first and only president of Lamoille Valley R. R. Co., owns farm 3o acres.

Brigham & Waterman, (Hyde Park) (Waldo B. & George L. W.) att’ys and counselors at law, Main st.

Broadwell Hamilton H., (Hyde Park) r 25. telegraph operator and sawyer.

BROWN ELLEN E., (Hyde Park) (Mrs. Georgs W.) millinery and fancy goods, Main st.

BROWN GEORGE W., (Hyde Park) house painter, Main st.

Brown Rebecca, (Morrisville) off r 53, widow of Samson, farmer 77.

Bugbee John C., (Morrisville) r 53, wool grower, farmer 216.

BULLARD BERTRAND E., (North Hyde Park) clerk.

Bullard Edgar, (Hyde Park) r 40-, hop grower, and farmer 95.

Bullard Edwin, (North Hyde Park) carpenter and joiner, and farmer 8.

Bullard Ezekiel, (North Hyde Park) cooper, and farmer 62.

Bullard Fred, (North Hyde Park) teamster.

Bullard John, (North Hyde Park) manufacturer of lumber wagons, and farmer 35.

Bullard Vernon A., (North Hyde Park) school teacher.

BUNDY GEORGE G., (Morrisville) r 10, dairy 8 cows, farmer 300.

BUNDY HARVEY H., (North Wolcott) r rr, manufacturer of butter tubs, farmer 72, and in Eden l00.

Bundy Nelson, (Morrisville) r 16, works in saw-mill, veterinary doctor.

BUNDY WILLIAM G., (Morrisville) r 14, teamster and farmer 5o.

Burke Albert E., (Morrisville) r 52, farmer 30.

Burke Zebiah, (Morrisville) r 52, widow of Asahel, aged 83.

Burnham Harriet, (Hyde Park) r 40J, widow of Offen R., aged 75.

Butterfield John, (Morrisville) r 17, dairy 10 cows, farmer 10o.

Button John D., (Hyde Park) r 27, dairy 9, cows, and farmer 13o.

Button Jonathan, (Hyde Park) r 45, farmer.

BUTTS L. PORTER, (North Hyde Park) proprietor Valley House, farmer 30.

Calkins Henry W., (Hyde Park) r 38, farmer.

Calkins Lorenzo, (Hyde Park) r 18, laborer.

Calkins William, (Hyde Park) r r8, farmer 5o.

Campbell Andrew J., (Morrisville) r 13, sawyer.

CAMPBELL ANDREW J., (Hyde Park) r 40, justice of peace, dairy 8 cows, farmer r00.

Campbell Benjamin W., (Hyde Park) r 7, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 10 cows, farmer c00.

CAMPBELL CALVIN, (Hyde Park) r 18, dealer in general merchandise, justice of the peace, farmer 56.

Campbell David, (Hyde Park) r 38, farmer 9o.

Campbell George H., (Hyde Park) r 7, farmer, son of B. W. Campbell.

Campbell Robert P., (Hyde Park) r 18, farmer 4.

Carpenter Alma, (North Hyde Park) r i, widow of Edgar, dressmaker.

Carpenter Solomon, (North Hyde Park) off r 1, farmer 75.

CHENEY MYRON P., (Hyde Park) carpenter and joiner, 2d selectman, shipping clerk for C. S. Page, h Main st.

Child Chestina, (Hyde Park) widow of John A, owns farm 15 acres, h Main st.

CHILD FREDERICK R., (Hyde Park) proprietor livery and boarding stable, with C. M. Strong, dealer in wool, and farmer, Main st., h do.

Cinnamon Samuel, (North Hyde Park) r 23, farmer, leases of C. Warner, of Cambridge, 87 acres.

Cleveland Andrew J., (Hyde Park) off r 8, farmer, leases of R. S. Page 5o.

CLEVELAND CHARLES J. (Hyde Park) r 45, dairy so cows, farmer, leases of B. Hall, of Swanton, Franklin Co., 140.

Cleveland Joseph 0., (Hyde Park) off r 8, farmer 25.

CLEVELAND ORANGE, (Hyde Park) r 45, retired farmer, aged 82.

Cleveland Philo C., (Hyde Park) produce dealer, and farmer 142, h Main St.

Cleveland Sally Mrs., (Hyde Park) h and lot, Church St.

COBLEIGH ALONZO, (Hyde Park) constable and collector, insurance agent Vermont Mutual and Windsor Co. Mutual. Cobleigh Ira, (Hyde Park) r 21, farmer 75.

Cobleigh John, (Hyde Park) r 311, dairy 8 cows, farmer, leases of the estate of Edson Cook 131.

Coffrin Anson J., (Hyde Park) r 28, farmer 2.

Collins Ambrose C., (Hyde Park) r 18, hop grower, dairy 1o cows, and farmer 10o.

Cooley William A., (Morrisville) r 50, molder at Morrisville foundry, and farmer, leases of Solomon Wiles 70.

COMBS EDGAR 0., (Morrisville) off r 17, blacksmith, farmer 32.

COWAN ANDREW, (Hyde Park) r 4, dairy 10 cows, grower of young stock, and farmer 125.

CRANDALL CHARLES N., (Hyde Park) r 55, house, sign, carriage, and ornamental painter.

Crane Charles, (Hyde Park) dealer in coal, lime, plaster, guano, hardware, etc., Main st., h Pleasant ave.

Crocker James C., (North Hyde Park) r i, justice of the peace, and lister, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 125.

Crowell Almon, (Hyde Park) r 34, wool grower 50 sheep, and farmer 175.

Crowell Byron, (Hyde Park) r 28, farmer 25.

Crowell Philo, (Hyde Park) r 20, farmer 2.

Crowell William, (Hyde Park) farm laborer.

Crowell William B., (Hyde Park) r 33, farmer 6o.

Currier Barney M., (Hyde Park) r 25, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 200.

Currier Fred G., (Hyde Park) r 25, son of Barney M.

Currier John D., (Hyde Park) r 25, farmer 25.

Cutler George L., (Morrisville) r 14, laborer.

DARLING AQUILLA A., (Morrisville) r 13, farmer 1125.

Davis Amos C., (Hyde Park) r 21, dairy 5 cows, farmer, leases of Ira. Cobleigh 75.

Davis Charles M., (Hyde Park) r 17, dealer in lumber, dairy 12 cows, farmer 10o.

Davis Edward, (Hyde Park) r 17, stock grower, farmer 50.

Davis George, (Morrisville) r 16, mason, and farmer 25.

Denio Clifton E., (Hyde Park) r 57, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 150, with George.

Denio George, (Hyde Park) r 57, retired farmer 150, with Clifton E.

DENIO PRESTON T., (Hyde Park) r 35, breeder of pure blood brown Leghorn fowls, and farmer 5o.

Doty Harvey D. W., (Hyde Park) r 21, dairy 8 cows, sheep grower, farmer 100.

Dyke Carlos M., (Morrisville) off r 53, leases of George Wilkins, of Stowe, go.

Eastman Carlos, (Morrisville) r 12, farm laborer.

Eastman Carlos F., (Hyde Park) r 18, general blacksmith.

EASTMAN LEANDER L., (North Hyde Park) r 22, physician, wheelwright and blacksmith, and farmer 10.

EDGERTON ALONZO, (Morrisville) r 51-3d selectman, dairy to cows,. farmer 200. –

EDGERTON EDWARD F., (Morrisville) off r 43, dairy 8 cows, farmer 133.

Ellinwood Eri, (Hyde Park) r 54, farmer 41.

Ellsworth Cyrus J., (North Wolcott) r r r, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 88.

Ellsworth Myron, (Morrisville) r 12, farmer 9o.

Emerson Lot J., (Hyde Park) r 4r cor 45, farmer, son of Mial J.

Emerson Lee J., (Hyde Park) r 41 cor 45, farmer, son of Mial J.

Emerson Luther H. K., (North Hyde Park) r 19, farmer 32.

Emerson Mial J., (Hyde Park) r 41 cor 45, healer, inspired naturalist and prophetic seer, farmer l00.

Emerson Nancy, (North Hyde Park) r z, widow of Stillman.

Emerson Oliver A., (North Hyde Park) r 19, farmer 10o.

Emerson Oliver, Jr., (Hyde Park) r 39, farm laborer.

FAIR BANK LABAN R., (Hyde Park) school teacher, farmer 5o, h Main St.

FAIRFIELD GEORGE M., (Morrisville) r 15, sheep grower 3o head, owns threshing machine, lumberman, and farmer 150.

Fairfield George T., (Morrisville) r 15, farmer.

Farr Samuel (Hyde Park) r 21, life lease farm 170, h with S. K. Vaughn.

Farrand Sovestia M., (Hyde Park) clerk for C. S. Page.

FELCHER DARIUS F., (Hyde Park) r 30, dairy 10 cows, farms estate of Jonas Wiswell 113.

Felcher Darius J., (Hyde Park) r 30, farmer.

FERRY AMOS A, (North Hyde Park) r z, carpenter and joiner.

FERRY CARLOSTIN C., (North Hyde Park) r 2, carpenter and builder, cooper, lumber dealer, and farmer 56.

Ferry Frank, (North Hyde Park) r 2, laborer.

Finnegan Jane, (Hyde Park) r 55, (Mrs. Frank) farmer 150, worked by James Rody.

Finnegan Terrence, (Hyde Park) r 37, dairy 15 cows, and farmer z00.

Fitch Vernon D., (Hyde Park) r 37, dairy 14 cows, owner of D. Fitch farm of 97 acres.

Fletcher William, (North Hyde Park) r 2, farmer, leases of N. Robinson, of Manchester, N. H., i00.

Flint George H., (Hyde Park) clerk, boards American House.

FLINTON NELSON L., (Hyde Park) r 31, dairy 20 cows, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, farmer, leases of George Willkins, of Stowe, 217.

Foss Daniel A., (North Hyde Park) r 2, sawyer, and farmer 18.

Foss John M., (North Hyde Park) r z, dealer in picture frames.

Foss Joseph, (North Hyde Park) r 1, farmer 20, in Eden l00.

FOSS WILLIAM W., (North Hyde Park) botanic physician.

FOSTER PERRY B., (Hyde Park) r 37, house and carriage painter.

FRENCH LUCIUS S., (Morrisville) off r 43, carpenter and joiner and sawyer.

Gallup Edwin A., (North Hyde Park) r r, tinsmith.

Gates Benjamin N., (Hyde Park) r 40, carpenter and farmer.

GATES CALVIN L., (Hyde Park) r 40, dairy 12 cows, hop grower, farmer, with Mrs. Delia W. Gates 93•

GATES DELIA W., (Hyde Park) r 40, dairy 12 cows, farmer, with Calvin L., house and lot and 93 acres.

Gates Sophia, (North Hyde Park) (Mrs. Clark) r r, house and x acre.

Gauthier Alma, (Hyde Park) milliner, boards Church.

Gauthier Eugene J., (Hyde Park) general blacksmith, h Church.

GAUTHIER VICTOR, (Hyde Park) blacksmith, boards Church. Gearwar Michael, (North Hyde Park) r 25, farmer 25.

Gibson Richard, (Hyde Park) r 6, farmer 75.

Gilmour Volney A., (Hyde Park) r 31, farmer 118.

Goodrich Amos M., (Morrisville) r 14 cor 43, farmer 200.

GRAY CASSIUS M., (North Hyde Park) r 23, owner of Blackhawk stallion, dairy to cows, farmer 105, and in Eden 5o acres mountain land. Gray Ira, (North Hyde Park) retired Christian minister. Gray John H., (Hyde Park) r 18, farmer 50.

Gregg Charles F., (Morrisville) r 51, carpenter and farmer.

Grimes Leonard F., (Hyde Park) r 28, farmer, leases of Leonard b00.

GRISWOLD LEROY S., (North Hyde Park) r 23 and 24, farmer 5o.

Griswold Lincoln, (North Hyde. Park) r 24, farmer, son of Luther.

Griswold Lucretia Mrs., (Morrisville) r 16, widow of Eliel, aged 74.

GRISWOLD LUTHER, (North Hyde Park) r 24, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 10o, mountain lot 50.

GRISWOLD OTIS A., (Hyde Park) farmer 7, h Railroad st.

Griswold Pattie M., (North Hyde Park) r 2, widow of Barney.

Griswold Vernon L., (North Hyde Park) off r 27, farmer 50.

Griswold Zara H., (Morrisville) r 16, wool grower 5o sheep, dairy 1o cows, farmer, leases of Erastus Edgerton of Stowe r 16.

GROUT HARRISON, (Hyde Park) carpenter and builder, farmer 40, h Main.

Grover Leonard H., (Hyde Park) eclectic physician and surgeon, h Church st.

Hadley Orrin, (Hyde Park) r 34, son of Orson.

HADLEY ORSON, (Hyde Park) r 34, proprietor of cider-mill manufacturer of cider, apple orchard 500 trees, sugar orchard 600 trees, wool grower 130 sheep, and hop grower, farmer 10o, and in Johnson 100.

Hall George, (Morrisville) r 15, farmer 36.

HALL JOHN, (Hyde Park) contractor and builder, bds American House.

Hall Laodisea, (Hyde Park) r 37, widow of John, farm 8.

Hardy George P., (Hyde Park) general merchant.

Harlow Augustus N., (Hyde Park) r 44 cor 51, farmer 108.

Harrington Ephraim, (North Hyde Park) r 2, farmer 22 1/2.

HARRINGTON LAWSON E., (North Hyde Park) 1st selectman, dealer in general merchandise.

HASKINS ADORNO S., (Hyde Park) r 18, farmer 25.

HASKINS HIRAM S., (Morrisville) r 9, manufacturer of lumber, box stock, and farmer 1,000.

Hassett Jack, (Hyde Park) teamster, keeps two teams.

Hassett Patrick, (Hyde Park) laborer.

Hayford Jacob H., (North Hyde Park) laborer, bds Valley House.

Hazen Mary B., (Morrisville) r 53, widow of Horace, farmer 10o.

Heath Daniel, (Hyde Park) off r 32, farmer 35.

Hendrick Harrison W., (Hyde Park) physician and surgeon, h Main.

Hill Frank P., (Hyde Park) printer, foreman in “News and Citizen” job office, h Main st.

Hill James M., (Hyde Park) traveling photographer, h Main st.

HINDS SYLVENUS W., (North Hyde Park) postmaster, soldier in 11th Reg’t Vt. Vols., had both hands shot off Feb. 16, 1864.

Hitchcock Joseph W., (North Hyde Park) M. E. clergyman.

HOGABOOM GEORGE W., (Hyde Park) off r 7, farmer 75.

Holbrook Charles L., (Hyde Park) r 19, farmer 9o.

Holbrook Chester, (Hyde Park) r 19, with Lorenzo, farmer 155. Holbrook Lorenzo, (Hyde Park) r 19, with Chester, farmer r55

Hooper George E., (North Hyde Park) r 1, farmer 10.

Hooper Richmond, (North Hyde Park) r 24, farmer l00.

Horner Truman, (Morrisville) r 14, carpenter, and farmer 25.

Hubbard Alvin J., (Hyde Park) r 6, hop grower, dairy 15, cows, farmer 125.

Hubbard John, (Hyde Park) r 18, laborer.

Hulburd Roger W., (Hyde Park) principal Lamoille Central Academy.

HUNT ASA P., (Morrisville) r 9, carpenter and builder, and sawyer.

Hurlbut Hallett F., (North Hyde Park) r 4, carpenter, cooper, mason, and farmer 50.

Hyde Abigail (Hyde Park) widow of Thomas, h Church st.

Hyde Caroline N., (Hyde Park) widow of Russell B., aged 74 years.

Hyde George, (Hyde Park) r 20, farmer 50.

Hyde Julio D., (Hyde Park) r 20, farmer 50.

INGALLS SIMEON, (North Hyde Park) manufacturer of boots and shoes, Main st., h do.

Isham Willie D., (Hyde Park) r 18, farmer 40.

Ives George W., (Hyde Park) off r 4, with Josiah Jones, farmer 125.

Ives J. Rodney, (Hyde Park) r 19, farmer 2.

Ives Mary L., (North Hyde Park) r 2, widow of Charles H.

Jackson Luther P., (Hyde Park) barber and hair-dresser American House, h Main st.

Jackson Rufus, (Morrisville) r 41, dairy 8 cows, farmer 6o.

Jacob Levi, (Morrisville) r r6, farmer 5o.

Jewett Eli, (Hyde Park) r 40, hop grower, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100.

Jewett George 0., (Hyde Park) r 40, dairy 7 cows, farmer l00, and ;wood lot z00.

JEWETT VERNON W., (Hyde Park) general blacksmith, and manufacturer of wagons, carriages, and sleighs; lumber wagons a specialty, Church st., h do.

Jones Alfred, (Hyde Park) r 22, farmer 120.

Jones Alonzo, (Hyde Park) off r 4, dealer in wood, farmer 85. Jones Alvah H,, (Hyde Park) r 49, laborer.

JONES CHARLES N, (Hyde Park) r 201, lumberman, sugar orchard 800 trees, dairy 18 cows, farmer 150, farms for Jesse 50, for F. L. Jones and Jane Merrill 95, and for R. J. Jones 25.

Jones Charles, (Hyde Park) off r 25, farmer.

Jones Charles E., (Hyde Park) r 6, farmer 50.

Jones Ezra C., (Morrisville) r 10, runs a threshing machine, farmer 45.

Jones J. Monroe, (North Hyde Park) r 22, farmer, leases of Levi Nobles 25.

Jones James M., (Hyde Park) r 22, farmer 17.

Jones Jesse, (Hyde Park) r 20 1/2, farmer 50.

Jones Josiah C., (Hyde Park) off r 4, with Geo. W. Ives, farmer 125.

Jones Judson, (Hyde Park) r 6, farmer 15o.

JONES LORENZO P., (Hyde Park) r 4, farmer 95.

Keeler Fred N., (Hyde Park) commercial traveler, h Main.

KEELER SILAS A., (Hyde Park) farmer 65.

KELLEY JAMES P., (Hyde Park) r 33 cor 34, son of Patrick.

KELLEY PATRICK, (Hyde Park) r 35 cor 34, dairy 16 cows, breeder of Lambert horses, and farmer 150.

Kenfield C. Sanford, (Hyde Park) r 35, dairy so cows, and farmer, owns with Sarah 137, and farmer 75.

Kenfield Sarah, (Hyde Park) r 35k, widow of Martin, with Sanford, farmer 137.

Kenfield W. H. Harrison, (Hyde Park) county clerk, att’y and counselor at law, office at court-house, h Main.

King George, (North Hyde Park) r i, farmer 6o, leases of Horace Gates, of Meriden, N. H.

Lacky Edward, (Hyde Park) laborer, h Main.

Ladd Frank L., (Morrisville) r 52, leases of Allen l00 acres.

Ladeau Frank, (Morrisville) r 9, farmer.

Lamoille Central Academy Association, (Hyde Park) Waldo Brigham, president and acting secretary, Roger W. Hulburd, principal of academy.

LAMOILLE COUNTY NATIONAL BANK OF HYDE PARK, (Hyde Park) Carlos S. Noyes, of Morrisville, president; Carroll S. Page, vice president; Albert L. Noyes, cashier; capital $150,000.

Lamoille Creamery, (Hyde Park) H. M. Noyes, supt.

*LAMOILLE’ PUBLISHING COMPANY, (Hyde Park and Morrisville) George W. Hendee, pres.; L. H. Lewis, vice-pres.; C. H. Page, treas.; H. C. Fisk, sec’y; job printers and publishers of “News and Citizen.” [Card on page 400.]

Lamphier Larvire, (Hyde Park) r 40, farm laborer.

Lanpher Burton, (Hyde Park) r 22, dairy 7 cows, farmer 8o.

LANPHER HERBERT C., (Hyde Park) sheriff notary public, auctioneer, h Main.

Lanpher Leonard C., (Hyde Park) r 22, retired farmer.

LaPage Joseph, (Hyde Park) shoemaker, Main, h do.

LA PORTE ALEXANDER, (Hyde Park) farmer 2, h Church.

LaPorte John A., (Hyde Park) type setter at “News and Citizen” office, bds. Church.

Leach Linus 0., (North Hyde Park) shoemaker.

Lervey Edward, (Morrisville) r 9, teamster.

LEWIS L. HALSEY, (Hyde Park) editor “News and Citizen,” and job printer, postmaster, and notary public.

Lilley Anna, (Hyde, Park) widow of Luther, Main.

Lilley Carroll, (Hyde Park) son of H. J.

LILLEY H. J. & CO., (Hyde Park) (Carroll S. Page) manufs. and dealers in wagons, carriages, sleighs, etc., Church st.

LILLEY HENRY J., (Hyde Park) (H. J. Lilley & Co.,) undertaker and dealer in coffins and caskets, Church st., h do, cor Main.

LILLEY VANNESS, (Hyde Park) r 34, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 65.

Littel Herbert N., (North Wolcott) r rr, dairy 8 cows, farmer go.

Littel Justus A., (North Wolcott) r ii, cooper, dairy 13 cows, farmer, leases of A. Slicer 150.

Loveland Calvin R., (North Hyde Park) r 23, carpenter and joiner.

Loveland Moses B., (North Hyde Park) r z3, farmer 10.

LUCAS JAMES, (Hyde Park) r 28, hop grower, dairy 1o cows, wool grower 30 sheep, and farmer 130.

Lucas William E., (Hyde Park) r 28, dealer in picture frames, agent for Singer sewing machine.

Lurvey Lucian, (Morrisville) r 12, farmer 120.

Manley Ira S., (North Hyde Park) r 23, carpenter and joiner, and farmer.

Manley Loren, (Hyde Park) r 32, tailor,., and farmer 10.

Manley Samuel, (Hyde Park) r 32, laborer.

Manning Mary, (Hyde Park) off r 30, widow of Michael, Sr., aged 75 years.

Manning Michael, (Hyde Park) off r 30, dairy 9 cows, farmer l00.

Manning William, (Hyde Park) r 314-, dairy n 1 cows, farmer 100. Martin John C., (Hyde Park) farm laborer, h Church st. Mason Marie, (Morrisville) r 5r, widow of Alfred.

Masure Judson C., (North Hyde Park) carpenter and builder, h and lot. Maxfield Sarah, (Hyde Park) r 27, widow of George.

Maxfield William C., (Hyde Park) dealer in general merchandise, and manufacturer and dealer in tinware, Main st., h do.

MAY SIMON B., (Hyde Park) r 354-, manufacturer of May’s Bitters, and buys hides for C. S. Page, farmer 25.

McFarland Henry M., (Hyde Park) (McFarland & Page) superintendent of schools, notary public, and att’y and counselor at law, h Main st. McFarland Nathan, (Johnson) r 57, dairy 23 cows, farmer 500.

McFarland & Page, (Hyde Park) (Henry M. McF. and Carroll S. P.,) general insurance agents, Main st.

McKNIGHT THOMAS J., (Hyde Park) blacksmith, h Main st.

McWhorter Frank, (Hyde Park) clerk, bds American House.

Messer Benjamin L., (Morrisville) r 13, farmer 4.

Messer Benjamin E., (Morrisville) r r6, farmer 5o.

Messer Milton, (Morrisville) r 13, farm laborer.

MILLS ALONZO I., (Hyde Park) r 26, farmer, leases of L. A. Sweet, of Manchester, N. H., 70.

Minett Joseph, (Hyde Park) laborer, h Main st.

Minor Kate, (Hyde Park) washerwoman.

Moore Augustus L., (Hyde Park) r 27, farms for Mrs. A. L. Moore 25 acres.

Moxley. Alonzo R., (North Wolcott) r 1 r, dairy 7 cows, cooper, and farmer 10o.

MUDGETT GEORGE E., (Hyde Park) r 404-, justice of peace, dairy 8 cows, farmer 5o.

Mudgett John H., (Morrisville) r 13, carpenter and builder, dairy 10 cows, farmer 175.

Munson Russell C., (Hyde Park) r 17, farmer 50.

Newcity Austin, (Hyde Park) r 40, farmer 10o.

Newcity Moses, (Hyde Park) r 40, farmer.

Newland Augustus W., (Morrisville) off r 17, farmer.

Newland George W., (Morrisville) off r 17, farmer.

NEWLAND THADDEUS, (Morrisville) off r 17, general agent for the Excelsior gas burner for Lamoille Co.

-NEWS AND CITIZEN, (Hyde Park and Morrisville) Lamoille Publishing

Co., publishers, published every Thursday. [Card on page 400.]

Nichols Cushing, (Hyde Park) mail carrier, dealer in fish, farmer 6, h Prospect st.

Nichols Erastus G., (Morrisville) r 43 cor 52, farmer 43, leases of C. Page, of Morrisville, 75.

NOBLE CARROLL L., (Hyde Park) son of Levi, farmer.

Noble Fred B., (Hyde Park) r 40, son of Quartus, farmer.

Noble Quartus, (Hyde Park) r 40, farmer 110.

Noble Warren J., (Hyde Park) r 40, son of Quartus, farmer.

Nobles Levi, (Hyde Park) laborer, h Main.

NOYES ALBERT S., (Hyde Park) (Page & Noyes) cashier of Lamoille County National Bank.

Noyes Carrie E., (Hyde Park) r 47, teacher instrumental music.

Noyes Charles D., (Hyde Park) r 47, son of Edgar.

Noyes Diedama, (Hyde Park) widow of Lucius H.

NOYES EDGAR, (Hyde Park) r 47, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 250.

NOYES EDWARD L., (Hyde Park) teller of Lamoille County National Bank, h Pleasant.

Noyes Henry M., (Hyde Park) town clerk, dealer in produce, supt. Lamoille creamery.

Noyes Noble J., (Hyde Park) assistant teacher in academy.

Ober Jacob C., (North Hyde Park) farmer r5.

Osgood William, (Morrisville) r 9, farm laborer.

*PAGE CARROLL S., (Hyde Park) (Page & Noyes, also Page & McFarland) county treasurer, vice-president of Lamoille County National Bank, manuf. and dealer in lumber, dealer in mill machinery, wagons, real estate, stoves, skins and hides, Main, h do. [Card on page 436.]

PAGE RUSSELL S. HON., (Hyde Park) judge of probate, dealer in cattle,. owns 500 acres and 8 houses and lots.

Page William, (North Hyde Park) r 2, laborer.

Page William S., (Hyde Park) farmer 20, h Main.

PAGE &’ NOYES, (Hyde Park) (Carroll S. Page and Albert L. Noyes), manufs. and dealers in lumber of all kinds, wholesale and retail. Paige M. D., (Hyde Park) clerk for C. S. Page.

Pape Leonard W., (Hyde Park) r 18, works in saw-mill for C. S.

Page. Paratt Levi, (Hyde Park) r 32, farmer 45.

Parker Charles M., (North Hyde Park) r 2, laborer.

Parker Edward J., (Morrisville) off r 57, peddler of tinware, glassware and Yankee notions, farmer 10o.

Parker George, (Hyde Park) repairs and upholsters old furniture, Main st.

Parker Sarah T., (Morrisville) off r 5 r, widow of Alpha.

Parrin Peter A., (North Hyde Park) r 2, shoemaker.

PATCH CHARLES J., (Hyde Park) manuf. and dealer in lumber and

shingles, owns saw-mill, farmer 20, in Johnson 420, in Eden 35o acres, and in Belvidere 150, h Main.

Peake Delos, (Hyde Park) r 18, laborer.

Peck Harriet, (North Hyde Park) r 23, widow of Welcome, owns farm 6o. Peck John C., (Morrisville) r 15, farmer 200.

Peck Lyman, (North Hyde Park) r 23, farmer, leases of Harriet Peck 6o acres.

PECK MARQUIS D. L., (Morrisville) r 13, manuf. of lumber and clapboards, farmer 52.

Peck Thomas H., (North Hyde Park) r 27, farmer 55.

Peck Verno E., (Morrisville) r 13, son of M. D. L. Peck, farmer.

PERRY JOSIAH Q., (Hyde Park) r 40, (N. B. Perry & Sons.)

PERRY N. B. & SONS, (Hyde Park) r 40, (Norman B., Josiah Q., and Norman J.,) dairy 10 cows, farmers 118.

PERRY NORMAN B.. (Hyde Park) r 40, (N. B. Perry & Sons) carpenter and builder.

PERRY NORMAN J.. (Hyde Park) r 40, (N. B. Perry & Sons.)

Peterson Amader, (North Hyde Park) r 23, farmer 200 in Stowe.

Pierce Josiah, (North Hyde Park) r 2, laborer.

Pike Nancy, (Hyde Park) widow of William, owns farm 5o acres, bds. Main.

Porter Theron, (Hyde Park) laborer, Main.

PORTER THERON H., (Hyde Park) foreman for C. S. Page and Page & Noyes’s lumber yard, h Main.

Pratt Philip L., (Hyde Park) r 17, farmer 46.

Preston Edson, (Morrisville) r 16, merchant and farmer 10o.

Prior Heman A., (Hyde Park) r 9, farmer, leases of Pluma H. 5o.

Prior Henry G., (North Hyde Park) r 2, farmer 9r.

Prior Herbert E., (Hyde Park) r 9, farmer.

Prior Pluma H., (Hyde Park) r 9, widow of Geo. W., farmer 40.

Putman Curtis, (Hyde Park) r 8, farmer, leases of R. S. Page 5o.

Putnam Frank, (North Hyde Park) r 24, farmer, leases of Mary Spaulding 50.

Putnam Joseph M., (North Hyde Park) r 23, laborer.

Putnam Robert P., (Hyde Park) carpenter and builder, Main.

Rand Albert S., (Hyde Park) clerk, boards Main.

Rand Alviza B.. (Morrisville) r 52, works for Mrs. L. S. Rand 50.

Rand Lavina S. Mrs., (Morrisville( r 52, farmer 5o.

Rand Mary, (Hyde Park) r 40, widow of Eli.

RANDALL CARROLL F., (Hyde Park) town representative, prop. American Hotel, attorney and counselor at law, Main. [Card on page 310.]

RANDALL DAVID, (Hyde Park) physician and surgeon, owns American House, Main St.

Randall Foster D., (Hyde Park) retired farmer, Main.

Randall George P., (Morrisville) r 14, surveyor and farmer.

RAYMORE FRANK H., (North Hyde Park) carpenter and builder, h Terry.

Reed Charles G., (Hyde Park) r 46, peddler and farmer 7.

REED DAVID A., (North Hyde Park) r 23, peddler, speculator and dealer in peanuts, owns house and lot.

Reed David B., (Hyde Park) r 39, farmer 5o.

Reed Hiram J., (Hyde Park) r 39, farmer 12.

Reed John 0., (Morrisville) r 13, (Wilkins & Reed) manuf. of lumber, carpenter and builder, and moves buildings.

RICHARDSON JOSEPH C., (Morrisville) r 14, farmer 5o.

Robinson Alanson, (Hyde Park) r 54, laborer.

Robinson Chadmon, (North Hyde Park) r 2, laborer.

Robinson George, (Morrisville) r r4, has charge of cemetery, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 10o.

Robinson Lewis, (North Hyde Park) r 2, sawyer and farmer 10.

Rody James, (Hyde Park) r 55, farmer, leases of Jane Finnigan 150.

ROGERS ED. S., (Hyde Park) dealer in general merchandise and country produce, Main, boards American House.

ROONEY BARNEY G., (Hyde Park) r 46, breeder of Cotswold sheep, dairy 20 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 196.

ROY AMBROSE 2d, (Hyde Park) night watchman on the St. J. & L. C. R. R., h Main.

Ruggles Elihu H., (Hyde Park) r 27, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 75.

Russ Alanson, (Morrisville) r 43, farmer 8.

Russ Justin E., (Morrisville) r 42 cor 43, farmer.

Russ Sarah J., (Morrisville) cor r 42 and 43, widow of George, farmer 5o.

Russell Ira, (Hyde Park) laborer, h Main.

Salsbury John C., (Hyde Park) commercial traveler.

Sargent Jackson, (Hyde Park) farmer, Prospect ave.

Sargent Pember R., (Hyde Park) teamster and farmer 40, h Main.

Sawyer Bertha M., (Hyde Park) book-keeper for C. S. Page, boards Main.

SAWYER EDWARD B. COL., (Hyde Park) attorney and counselor at law, Main st.. h do.

SAWYER FRANKLIN E., (Hyde Park) justice of the peace, lister, farmer, leases of J. Miller 50, and of Mrs. J. A. Keeler 40, h Main st.

Sawyer Mary, (Hyde Park) widow of Joshua, aged 87, oldest person living who was born in town.

SHACETT EDWARD, (Morrisville) r 12, farmer 50.

Sheppard Stephen, (Morrisville) off r 9, farmer 50.

Sherwin David R., (Hyde Park) r 40, overseer of poor, and farmer 50.

Sherwin Elbridge G., (Hyde Park) r 38, book-keeper, and farmer 75.

SHERWIN ENOS H., (Hyde Park) station agent St. J. & L. C. R. R., U. S. & C. Exp. Co., western ticket agent, telegraph operator.

SHERWIN GILMAN M., (Hyde Park) r 38, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 10o.

SHERWIN LYMAN B., (Hyde Park) assistant postmaster, dealer in drugs,

medicines, groceries, flour, feed, etc, Main st., h do.

Shippy D. Willard, (Morrisville) r 53, carpenter.

Shippy David W., (Morrisville) r 53, carpenter and builder.

Shippy Gardner, (Morrisville) r 12, carpenter and builder.

SMALL LEANDER S., (Hyde Park) attorney and counselor at law, h Main st.

SMALLEY ABEL P., (Hyde Park) justice of the peace, retired farmer 8 acres, h Main st.

SMALLEY CORNELIUS A., (Hyde Park) r 8, farmer, works for Hannah 525.

SMALLEY ELMER A., (Hyde Park) r 39, breeder and dealer in thorough

bred Devon cattle and Lambert horses, dairy 26 cows, and farmer z65.

SMALLEY HANNAH, (Hyde Park) r 8, widow R. E., farmer 125.

Smalley & Ambler, (Hyde Park) r 39, (E. A. S. and Myron A.,) dealers in

piano and organ stock, owners of stallion ” Sterling Boy.”

Smith Calvin W., (Morrisville) r 14, farmer.

Smith Daniel C., (North Hyde Park) r 2, proprietor of saw-mill.

Smith Irwin, (North Hyde Park) laborer.

SPAULDING ORLIN S., (Hyde Park) r 7, lumberman and farmer 8o.

Spaulding Mary, (North Hyde Park) r 24, widow of Aseph, owns farm 50, aged 75.

SPICER ALBERT A., (Hyde Park) r 44, dairy 9 cows, farmer 10o.

SPICER SIMEON A., (Hyde Park) r 44, retired farmer, aged 85 years.

ST. JOHN PETER, (Hyde Park) manuf. and dealer in harnesses, and dealer in horse furnishing goods, Main, h do.

Stearns Herman, (North Hyde Park) r 2, son of Solomon.

Stearns Solomon, (North Hyde Park) r 2, farmer 70.

Stone Maxime B., (North Hyde Park) carpenter and joiner.

STONE SAMUEL A., (North Hyde Park) general blacksmith, carriage ironer, and horse farrier.

Stowell Allen, (North Hyde Park) carpenter and joiner, boards with F. Putnam.

Stowell Charles. (Hyde Park) off r 8, laborer.

Stowell Henry, (Hyde Park) r 5, laborer.

STRONG CHARLES M., (Hyde Park) dealer in general merchandise,

boots and shoes, flour, feed, etc., farmer 10, Main, h do.

Stygles Edwin, (Hyde Park) r 28, hop grower, wool grower 6o sheep, and farmer 516.

Sulham Jonas G., (Hyde Park) r 9, carpenter and builder, and farmer 114.

Sweetser W. Gilman, (Morrisville) r 53, leases of Geo. Wilkins, of Stowe, 10o.

Taylor Julia Mrs., (Morrisville) r 13, widow of Orsemus.

Taylor Oscar, (North Hyde Park) laborer.

Tenney Loren A., (Morrisville) r 51, sheep breeder, and farmer 10o.

TERRILL ABIAL R., (Hyde Park) r 5o, dairy 14 cows, farmer r00.

Terrill Loomis G., (Morrisville) r 5o, dairy 9 cows, leases of John Terrill 100.

Terrill Nancy, (Hyde Park) resident.

Thomas Walter W., (Hyde Park) r 31, leases of Abbie E. Allen farm 45.

THOMPSON CHARLES E., (Morrisville) r 16, works in saw-mill.

Thompson Hemon, (Hyde Park) r 8, farmer, leases of R. S. Page 50.

Thompson Judson, (Morrisville) r 43, farmer 150.

Tillotson James W., (Hyde Park) r 8, laborer.

Towle Edmond, (Hyde Park) r 19, farmer 50.

TOWLE JOSEPH L., (Hyde Park) prop. mail route between Hyde Park and North Troy.

Towle Morillo E., (Hyde Park) r 4, farmer 86.

Trescott Marcellus J., (Morrisville) r 14, farmer 25.

VALLEY HOUSE, (North Hyde Park) L. Porter Butts, prop. livery connected.

Vaughn Isaac. (Hyde Park) laborer, h Prospect ave.

VAUGHN STEPHEN K., (Hyde Park) r 21, agent for the Champion reaper and mower, Frye horse-hoe and cultivator, North American swivel plow, iron giant stone puller, dairy to cows, and farmer 170.

WAITE HORACE, (Hyde Park, or Eden Mills) r 54, assistant judge of the county court, farmer 72, and in town of Eden 400.

WARREN E. D. & H. S., (Hyde Park) r 39, (Edward D.’ and Harry S.,) manufacturers and dealers in lumber, own saw-mill and planing-mill.

WARREN EDWARD D., (Hyde Park) r 39, (E. D. & H. S.,) carpenter and joiner.

WARREN HARRY S., (Hyde Park) r 39, (E. D. & H. S.,) farmer.

WATERMAN GEORGE L., (Hyde Park) (Brigham & Waterman,) United States Commissioner, h Main st.

Westover Harriet,
(Hyde Park) widow of Asa.

Wheeler Frank W., (Morrisville) r 44, farmer, leases of D. Badell, of Greensburgh, 165.

Wheeler William, (Hyde Park) r 45, dairy 10 cows, farmer loo.

WHEELOCK ELIHU D., (Hyde Park) r, 8 carpenter, farmer, leases of Calvin Campbell 51, sergeant in Co. I, 1st Reg’t Cavalry, late war.

Whitcomb Adna L., (Hyde Park) r 6, farmer, leases of A. Whitcomb 50.

WHITCOMB ALBERT M., (Hyde Park) r 18 cor 6, 3d lister, hop grower, dairy 15 cows, farmer 25o.

WHITCOMB CHARLES E., (Hyde Park) r 35, wool grower, dairy 8 cows and farmer 115.

Whitcomb Edgar W., (Hyde Park) r 39, manufacturer of wagons and sleighs.

Whitcomb Elizabeth, (North Hyde Park) r z, widow of Lewis.

WHITCOMB FRED W., (North Hyde Park) r 22, son of Frederick, farmer.

WHITCOMB FREDERICK, (North Hyde Park) r 22, road builder and contractor, and farmer 86.

WHITCOMB SILAS N., (North Hyde Park) r 22, farmer 23.

Whitcomb Solon S., (Hyde Park) r 7, farmer 50.

Whitcomb Thomas, (Hyde Park) r z6, farmer 25.

Whitcomb Willard, (Hyde Park) r 6, farm laborer.

Wood Addison, (North Hyde Park) off r, 27, farmer.

Woodworth Patience S., (Hyde Park) milliner, Main st.

Wright Versel R. E., (Hyde Park) laborer, h Main.

Wilcox Cyrus B., (North Hyde Park) r 23, farmer 21.

WILKINS MARTIN D., (North Hyde Park) r 4, dairy 10 cows, and farmer, leases of Horace Wait 150.

Wilkins & Reed, (Morrisville) r 13, (George Wilkins, of Stowe, and J. O.

Reed,) manufacturers of lumber, clapboards, shingles, and box stock.

Williams Frank, (Hyde Park) r 9, mason, farmer, leases of Geo. Davis 35.

Wilson Arian K., (Hyde Park) r 6, dairy 10 cows, farmer i00.

Wilson Edward G., (Hyde Park) drug clerk, and agent for 3,000 different publications, also agent for rubber stamps, bds Main st. Wilson George, (Hyde Park) peddler, h Main st.

Wiswell Adna V., (Hyde Park) town treasurer, and justice of the peace, jeweler, and manufacturer of picture frames, Main st., h do.

WISWELL ORRA, (Hyde Park) farmer 34, h Main st.

Wiswell Samuel, (Hyde Park) farmer 24, h Main.


Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, Vt., for 1883-1884. Hamilton Child. 1887.

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