Johnson, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

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Allen Joel, (Johnson) allo. physician and surgeon, Main St., h do.

Anderson Calvin B., (Johnson) allo. physician and surgeon.

Andrews Bros., (Johnson) (Sumner A. and Wallace G.,) dealers in dry goods, crockery, ready-made clothing, hardware, and boots and shoes.

ANDREWS EDWARD P., (Johnson) r is, farmer 40, and with Isaac 95. Andrews Isaac, (Johnson) r 11, farmer with Edward P. 110.

ANDREWS JOHN ATWOOD, (Johnson) r 35 cor 34, 1st selectman, town representative, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 190.

ANDREWS JOSEPH, (Johnson) r 11, farmer 100.

Andrews Mary, (Johnson) r 21, widow of Samuel, farm 125.

Andrews Sumner A., (Johnson) (Andrews Bros., also J. A. & S. A. Andrews.)

Andrews Wallace G., (Johnson) (Andrews Bros.,) bds Pearl St. Annis Edgar, (Johnson) r 38, farmer 87.

Atwell Asher E., (Johnson) off r 33, farmer.

Atwell Benjamin, (Johnson) off r 33, old resident, aged 78. Atwell Eli H., (Johnson) farm laborer, Pearl St.

ATWELL EVELINE C., (Johnson) widow of John, owns wild land 13 acres, h Pearl St.

Atwell Frank B., (Johnson) off r 33, farmer r00.

ATWELL JAMES, (Johnson) r rr, breeder of grade cattle, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, dairy 10 cows, farmer 200.

AUSTIN BARNUM L., (Johnson) postmaster, cabinet maker, and undertaker, dealer in stationary and fancy goods, Main St. Babcock Roxanna, (Johnson) r 32, widow of David.

BAILEY IRVING L., (North Hyde Park) r 7, sugar orchard 200 trees, farmer, leases of Leander Bailey 80.

Baker George W., (Johnson) photographer, and farmer 10, Main St. Baker Thomas J., (Johnson) farmer 230, h Main.

Balch Almon, (North Hyde Park) r s, farmer 93.

BALCH ENOS C., (Johnson) stone mason, h Railroad St.

BALCH HASKELL A., (Johnson) (Holmes & Balch) wheelwright, house Depot St.

BALCH JANE A., (Johnson) r 18, widow of Allen, farmer 40.

Balch Julia E., (Johnson) r 33, works in woolen factory.

BALCH LYDIA P., (Johnson) r 33, widow of Robert, owns h and lot. Barnard Joseph, (Johnson) works in saw-mill.

Barnes Lowell, (North Hyde Park) r 7, teamster.

BARROWS CHARLES 0., (Waterville) r 15, dairy 15 cows, farmer 100, and leases of J. P. Langdell 210.

Barton Jacob V., (Johnson) r 33, works in saw-mill.

Batchelder Millard, (Johnson) r 39, section hand on St. J. & L. C. R. R. Baulch Otis P., (Johnson) r 8, farmer 75.

Beecher Harvey A., (Johnson) r 30, sugar orchard, 350 trees, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 76.

BELDING SAMUEL, (Johnson) retired merchant and farmer 20, and of timber land 138, h Main St.

Bernard Joseph, (Johnson) works in saw-mill, Railroad St.

Bickford Ira C., (Johnson) r 41, agent for Cooley creamery, and farmer 150. Bickwell John S., (Johnson) r 42, teamster.

Bixby Joseph A., (Johnson) r 20, dairy 12 cows, breeder of pure blood Jersey

cattle, and farmer, leases of Jesse Hall 100, and of A. M. Bixby 50.

Bliss Julius, (North Hyde Park) r 25, sugar orchard 650 trees, dairy 11 cows, and farmer, leases of Jas. M. Parker 120.

Bowen Freeman, (North Hyde Park) r 5, farmer, leases of L. M. Fullington 100.

Boyer Horace F., (Johnson) off r 10, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 130 and leases of A. Bromly 150.

Boyer Joseph, (Johnson) r 39, log jobber, and farmer in Eden 120.

Boynton Thomas, J., (Johnson) town clerk, fire insurance agent, and attorney and counselor at law, h Main.

Bradley Harmon H., (Johnson) drives express wagon, Main. Bradley John E., (Johnson) r 40, wheelwright, farmer in Wolcott 75. Bradley Lucy A., (Johnson) r 40, widow of Joseph.

BRADLEY ROSWELL B., (Johnson) machinist and carriage maker, agent for mowers, rakes and wagons. Served in Co. C, 17th Vt. Reg., for 9. months, Pearl St.

Brooks Calvin M., (North Hyde Park) r 7, farmer 27.

BUCK ABIJAH H., (Johnson) (0. & A. H. Buck) h off r 40. BUCK MURRAY, (Johnson) r 16, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 200. BUCK ORANGE, (Johnson) (0. & A. H. Buck) h r 40. Buck Orvill G., (Johnson) manuf. of lumber, Buck St.

BUCK O. & A. H., (Johnson) general merchants, props. grist mill and three saw-mills, agents for Walter A. Wood’s mowing machines, also guano and lime, own timber land 2,000 acres.

BURNHAM FRANK H., (Johnson) r 17, mason, farmer, leases of M. B. Atwell 104.

Burnham John H., (Johnson) school teacher, and farmer, with Maria 35, Railroad St.

Burnham Levisa, (Johnson) widow of George P., h Main St.

BURNHAM MARIA E., (Johnson) widow of Harvey, farmer 35, Railroad St. Burnham Ozro P., (Johnson) r 31, painter.

Butler Clark G., (Johnson) r 16, farmer, with Mary A. Butler George L., (Johnson) r 14, farmer 25.

Butler H. Lee, (Johnson) r 14, farm laborer.

Butler Mary A., (Johnson) r 16, widow of Richard, owns share of 90 acres. Buttrick James A., (Johnson) r 19, farm laborer.

Cadue Luther, (Johnson) r 34, farm laborer.

Carpenter Edward P., (Johnson) prop. drug and jewelry store, Main St.,. h do.

Cass Celia, (Johnson) r 38, widow of Luke, resident.

Chadwick Electa S., (Johnson) widow of Christopher C., h Main St. CHAMBERLIN SARAH A., (Johnson) widow of Dr. Seaver, owns house and lot on r 40.

CLARK DARIUS G., (Johnson) r 35, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 250 trees, and farmer 46.

Clark Fred, (Johnson) r 31, carpenter and farmer.

Clark Seth, (Johnson) r 19, retired farmer.

CLERKIN GEORGE L., (Johnson) miller, Pearl St.

Codding Orlando A., (Johnson) r 11, farmer 130.

CODDING OSCAR P., (Johnson) r 37, apiary 40 swarms, manuf. of bee

keepers’ supplies, also stencil cutter, and farmer 100.

Collins DeForest E., (Johnson) r 13, farmer, leases of Samuel 100.

COLLINS HARVEY H., (Johnson) r 31, dairy 13 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer, owns undivided quarter of 130.

Collins Leonard S., (Johnson) r 13, farmer 90.

Collins Samuel S., (Johnson) r 13, retired farmer 100.

Colt Ambrose, (Johnson) r 9, dairy 10 cows, and farmer, leases of Edward Fox 75.

Comstock James H., (Johnson) r 38, cattle dealer and farmer, with Orison. Comstock Orison (Johnson) r 38, farmer do.

*CONANT EDWARD, (Johnson) principal of Johnson State Normal School, Main St.

Cook Charles, (Johnson) r 36, retired farmer.

Cota Ezeb, (Johnson) r 18, farmer 50.

COURSER GEORGE W., (Johnson) r 28, farmer, leases of Jane C. Rand 40, owns house and lot, served in Company D, 11th Vermont Regiment.

COWLES SOPHIA B., (Johnson) (Cowles & Page) bds Main St.

COWLES & PAGE, (Sophia B. C., and Mary C. P.,) dealers in drugs, books, toilet and fancy articles, and stationary, Main St.

Cristy Charles H., (Johnson) r 10 cor 9, with R. C. Cristy, farmer.

CRISTY ROBERT C., (Johnson) r 10 cor 9, sugar orchard 700 trees, farmer 300.

Crocker Chauncey B., (North Hyde Park) r 5, farmer 100.

Crowell Alfred, (Johnson) r 44, farmer 20.

Cunningham William, (Johnson) r 41, farmer.

Curmey Damin, (Johnson) r 43, works in woolen factory.

Curtis Andrew J.. (Johnson) cloth and yarn finisher in Pearl & Co.’s woolen mill, h Pearl St.

Davis Albert, (Johnson) r 39, farm laborer.

Davis Charles D., (Johnson) r 13, farmer 112.

Davis Cyrus, (Johnson) r 21, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 100.

Davis Henry, (Johnson) r 13, farmer 125.

Davis Myron, (Johnson) r 38, farmer 75.

Davis Philo T., (Johnson) off r 36, sugar orchard 235 trees, and farmer 75.

Demeritt Albin M., (Johnson) r 40, section hand on St. J. & L. C. R. R.

Dike Wilson, (Johnson) r 47, farmer 42.

Dillingham George, (Johnson) r 35, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 67.

Doane William C., (Johnson) constable, farmer 52, h Railroad St.

Dobra Seymour, (Johnson) r 40, farm laborer.

DODGE EUNICE, (Johnson) resident, Main St.

DODGE LUCINDA, (Johnson) resident, 1T Main St.

Dodge Jacob H., (Johnson) r 20, carpenter and sawyer.

Dodge Nathan, (Johnson) r 19, owns thresher and wood-saw, farmer 100. Dow Albert M., (Johnson) harnessmaker, Main cor Railroad, h do.

Drown Charles C., (North Hyde Park) r 5, farmer, leases of James Loveland 65.

Drown Henry, (Waterville) r 15, farmer 40, woodland 60.

Dubray Charles, (Johnson) r 49, farmer 50.

Dubray Isaiah, (Johnson) farm laborer.

Dubray Israel, (Johnson) r 49, sawyer, and farmer 50.

Dubray Seymour, (Johnson) r 49, farmer 15. Eaton Franklin W., (Johnson) r 51, farmer 100.

Eaton William, (Johnson) r 51, works in saw-mill, farmer.

Ellsworth Herbert M., (Johnson) r 12, farm laborer.

Ellsworth Homer, (Johnson) r 33, farm laborer.

Ellsworth Tyrantha, (Johnson) r 13, farmer 130.

Emerson Olive, (Johnson) r 33, widow of Benjamin B.

Fancher Hiram G., (Johnson) r 43, sugar orchard 900 trees, and farmer 250.

FARNUM JOSEPH, (Waterville) r 15, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 6 cows, farmer 75, and wood land 175.

Farnum William, (Waterville) r 15, retired farmer, aged 78.

Faulkins Henry, (Johnson) r 31, mill hand.

Fay Joseph, (Johnson) r 49, blacksmith and farmer 100.

FIELD CARMI O., (North Hyde Park) r 7, carpenter and farmer, with Margaret.

Field Charles, (North Hyde Park) r 25, farm laborer, owns house and lot.

Field Margaret H., (North Hyde Park) r 7, widow of Joel D., farmer 30.

Fitch Orlando M., (Johnson) off r 32, sugar orchard 550 trees, and farmer 50.

Fletcher Daniel P., (Johnson) off r 13, farmer 80.

Fletcher Horace A., (Johnson) r 12, farmer 70.

Fletcher Horace A., (Johnson) r 13, farmer 135.

FOOTE MERRITT C., (Johnson) r 35, town grand juror, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 192.

FOSTER ROSWELL, (Johnson) house and carriage painter, glazier and paper hanger, dealer in paints, oils and glass, shop Pearl, h Railroad St.

Fournea Joseph, (Johnson) works in saw-mill.

Fox Edward, (Johnson) r 22, farmer 25.

FULLINGTON BIRNEY S., (Johnson) traveling salesman for Safford Wetherby & Co., of Burlington, and farmer 270, h Main.

Fullington Lindley M., (Johnson) (Brown & Fullington, of Belvidere,) fire, life and accident insurance agent, justice of the peace, agent for Laffel water-wheel, and farmer 300, Pearl St.

Fullington Moses, (Johnson) old resident, aged 86, Pearl St.

Gaernoe Adolph B., (North Hyde Park) off r 5, dairy 10 cows, farmer 130. Gauvin Albert L., (Johnson) r 48, works in saw-mill.

Genette Henry, (Johnson) section boss on St. J. & L. C. R. R., h Railroad St. Gilbert Stephen, (Johnson) r 32, tub manufacturer.

Gomo Francis, (Johnson) r 13, farmer 100.

Gomo Isadore, (Johnson) r 20, sawyer and thresher.

Gonyeau Gilbert, (East Cambridge) r 38, postmaster, farmer, in Cambridge 126, and leases of L. H. Elliot 250.

Gonyeo Joseph, (Johnson) r 42, works in saw-mill.

Goodwin Horace, (Johnson) r 40, farmer, leases of J. B. Chesmore 37.

Goosey Charles, (Johnson) r 49, lumberman and farmer 220.

Goosey George A., (Johnson) r 49, farmer, with Charles.

Goosey Lewis P., (Johnson) r 49, farmer, with Charles.

Gray Elhannan, (Johnson) r 13, old resident, aged 75.

Gray Seneca, (Waterville) r 15, farmer 50.

Green Daniel, (Johnson) r 31, retired farmer, owns undivided three-fourths of 130.

Gregg Harrison, (Johnson) r 50, farm laborer.

GRISWOLD EDSON S., (North Hyde Park) r 24, sugar orchard 1i400 trees, stock grower, and farmer too.

GRISWOLD JOHN, (Johnson) r 23, justice of the peace, county grand juror and highway surveyor, breeder of grade Devon cattle and Cotswold sheep, farmer 165.

GRISWOLD SILAS A., (Johnson) r 31, head sawyer in O. & A. H. Buck’s mill.

Grow Charles S., (Johnson) r 50, farmer, with Leland H.

Grow Eugene P., (Johnson) r 46, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 98.

Grow Leland H., (Johnson) r 50, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 1 go.

HADLEY WILLARD H., (Johnson) r -, justice of the peace, tub manuf. and farmer 3.

Hall Jesse A., (Johnson) retired farmer.

Hall Lewis C., (Johnson) r 46, lumberman, and farmer 122.

HAYFORD AMOS C., (Johnson) r 27, stone mason, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 80.

HAYFORD CHANDLER, (Johnson) r 27, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer too.

Hayford Charles F., (Johnson) r 22, student.

Hayford Franklin S., (Johnson) r 32, prop. of general store.

Hayford Joseph A., (Johnson) r 27, painter, and farmer, with Amos C. Hayford Oscar F., (Johnson) r 31. farmer 82,

Hayford Solomon S., (Johnson) house painter.

Hayford William W., (Johnson) r 32, carpenter and builder.

HEATH FRANKLIN S., (Johnson) r 38, breeder of grade Devon cattle, dairy 24 cows, farmer, leases of his father, M. 0., 265.

HEATH MADISON 0., (Johnson) att’y and counselor at law, farmer 565, Main St., h do.

HEATH SARAH S., (Johnson) widow of Heman A., keeps boarders, Pearl St.

Hebb Edward, (Johnson) r 42, farmer, leases of the Misses Dougherty.

HEBB SMITH, (Johnson) r 42, sugar orchard 1,100 trees, dairy 35 cows, and farmer, leases of C. J. Patch, of Hyde Park 350.

Hickey James J., (Johnson) barber spinner in woolen factory, Railroad street.

Hill Eber A., (Waterville) r 15, farmer 86.

HILL GEORGE W., (Johnson) retired printer and farmer, owns farm 109, occupied by John R., h Pearl St.

Hill Hannah, (Johnson) widow of Partridge, owns house and lot, Railroad street.

Hill John R., (Johnson) trustee and treasurer of the State Normal School, farmer, wood lot 100, leases of George W. log, h Pearl St.

Hill Seth C., (Johnson) r 9, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 175.

HINDS PHINEAS D., (Johnson) r 21, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer, owns half of 117, served in 7th Vermont Regiment.

Holdridge Charles F., (Johnson) r 36, lumber manufacturer.

Holdridge David, (Johnson) r 36, justice of the peace, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 17.

Holdridge William E., (Johnson) r 36, farm laborer.

Holmes Darius G., (Johnson) r 32, wheelwright and farmer 17.

HOLMES EDWARD E., (Johnson) (Holmes & Balch) r 32, wheelwright and blacksmith, retail dealer in all kinds of malleable and wrought iron, also carriage wood works, h Main St.

Holmes James, (Johnson) r 37, breeder of Cotswold sheep, farmer 200.

HOLMES & BALCH, (Johnson) (Edward E. H. and Haskell A. B.,) wheelwrights, blacksmiths, etc., Pearl.

Hooper Jacob T., (North Hyde Park) r 25, mason and farmer 25.

HOWARD FRED F., (Johnson) r 27, agent for New American sewing machine, dairy 8 cows, farmer, leases of Joseph M. 90.

Howard Joseph M., (Johnson) r 21, retired farmer 90.

Hoyt Betsey, (Johnson) widow of Horace.

Hunt Miranda H., (Johnson) milliner and dealer in all kinds of fancy goods, Railroad St., h do.

Hunt Simeon, (Johnson) r 43, farmer 100.

Hunter Isaac S., (Waterville) r 15, farmer, leases of S. Clark 80.

Hunter John, (Waterville) r 15, carpenter and farmer 54.

Ingalls Charles S., (North Hyde Park) r 7, mill hand.

Jacobs Alson, (Johnson) r 49, farmer 40.

Jacobs Frank, (Johnson) r 48, works in saw-mill.

Jacobs John H., (Johnson) r 43, farmer 16.

Jacobs Joseph, (Johnson) r 48, works in saw-mill.

Janess Napoleon, (Johnson) laborer, h Railroad St.

JONES CHARLES P., (Johnson) r 44, (F. & C. P. Jones.)

Jones Edwin, (Johnson) r 26, farmer 15.

JONES F. & C. P., (Johnson) r 44, (Fletcher and Charles P.,) sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 17 cows, and farmers 570.

JONES FLETCHER, (Johnson) r 44, (F. & C. P. Jones.) Jones Loa W., (Johnson) r 23, farmer 50.

Jones Willie G., (Johnson) r 43, sugar orchard 700 trees, dairy 59 cows, and farmer, leases of B. S. Fullington 214.

Johnson House, (Johnson) George H. Saxby, prop., Main St.

*JOHNSON STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, (Johnson) Edward Conant, principal; 1st assistant, Helen L. Story; 2d assistant, Almena Farr.

Kidder James, (Johnson) r 56, farmer 65.

Kneeland James, (Johnson) r 13, farmer 50.

KNIGHT LEONARD M., (Johnson) (Knight & Nye) Main St., cor Railroad, h do.

KNIGHT & NYE, (Johnson) (L. M. Knight and William H. Nye) dealers in dry goods, boots and shoes, groceries, crockery, paints and oils, etc., Main St., cor Railroad.

Knowles Arba N., (Johnson) r 41, farmer and agent, with John H.

Knowles John H., (Johnson) r 45, agent for Randall harrow and Warrior mower, and patentee of J. H. Knowles’s draft equalizer, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 600 trees, dairy to cows, and farmer 500.

Laflam John, (Johnson) r 49, farmer 25.

Lambert Peter, (Johnson) off r 13, farmer 30, wood lot 100.

Langdell J. Perkins, (Johnson) r 32, farmer 30, and 210 occupied by C. Barrows.

Laraway Abraham L., (Johnson) resident, with Frank.

Laraway Alexander, (Johnson) r 49, farmer 33.

Laraway Francis, (Johnson) r 42, farm laborer.

Laraway Frank, (Johnson) teamster and farmer 25, h Main St.

Laraway Frank J., (Johnson) works for Frank.

Laraway John, (Johnson) teamster.

Larock Zebedee, (Johnson) r 48, works in saw-mill.

Leach Ahira, (Johnson) r 40, retired farmer.

Leach Welcome, (Johnson) off r 38, farm laborer.

LELAND ALBERT A., (Johnson) r 33, (C. & A. A. Leland,) maple sugar orchard 1,200 trees, farmer 125.

LELAND C. & A. A., (Johnson) (Charles and Albert A.,) props. of potato starch mills.

Leland Charles, (Johnson) off r 33, (Leland & Son) retired farmer.

LELAND FRANK A., (Johnson) r 33, route agent from Swanton to Portland, Me., farmer 80.

Lewis Chauncey L., (Johnson) engineer in saw-mill, Pearl St.

Lewis Seamon, (Johnson) old resident.

Libby Emmet J., (Johnson) works in tub factory, Railroad St.

Libby Isaac T., (Johnson) r 40, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 80.

Locke Francis, (North Hyde Park) r 2, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 200.

Longey Henry, (Johnson) r 40, dairy 20 cows, and farmer, leases of W. Ward about 120.

Loveland James H. (North Hyde Park) r 8, farmer, leases of Reuben 75.

Loveland Reuben, (North Hyde Park) off r 8, farmer 75.

Lowater Elias C., (Johnson) r 44, farmer 3.

Lumbra Frank, (Johnson) r 32, machinist.

Manning Edward, (Johnson) r 34, carpenter and joiner.

Manning Howard, (Johnson) r 34, farmer, leases of Isaac A. 250.

MANNING ISAAC A., (Johnson) r 34, town representative, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 20 cows, farmer 250.

Maror Wilson, (Johnson) farm laborer, Main St.

Marcia Lewis, (Johnson) r 42, works in saw-mill.

MARTIN SARAH A., (Johnson) r 33, widow of L. Tracy.

Massure Harrison, (North Hyde Park) r 3, farmer 100, owns h and lot in North Hyde Park.

Massure Peter, (North Hyde Park) r 3, retired farmer.

MASUER LYDIA MRS., (North Hyde Park) r 3, music teacher.

Mayo Francis, (Johnson) r 43, laborer.

McFarland Robert W., (Johnson) dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, clothing, boots and shoes, flour and grass seed, farmer 250, Main St., h do.

McKENTY DAVIS, (Johnson) r 40, carpenter and joiner. Served in 1st Vt. Reg. of artillery.

McLaren Carton S., (North Hyde Park) r 1, farmer 40.

McLENATHAN WILLIAM, (Johnson) r 32, prop. of grist and cardingmill, manuf. of drag rakes, farmer 2.

Mead Frank, (Johnson) farm laborer, h Main.

Merrill Nathaniel L., (Johnson) r 40, photographer.

Metcalf Eli S., (Johnson) r 3z, retired farmer, aged 73.

MILES GEORGE B., (Johnson) r 41, farmer, leases of J. C. Bickford 150.

MILLER HERMAN B., (Johnson) r 37, lister, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 570.

Miller James, (Johnson) r 34, head sawyer and farmer.

Miller Julia A. Mrs., (Johnson) r 37, farmer 100.

MILLS JOHN C., (Johnson) 126, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 80.

Mills George S., (Johnson) r 36, farmer 145.

MINER LEON A., (Johnson) r 41, farmer, with Charles H. Minor Francis, (Johnson) r 13, farmer 15.

MORGAN BENJAMIN 0., (Johnson) r 1g, dairy 9 cows, sugar orchard 700 trees, farmer 130, and wood land 27.

Morgan Daniel D., (Johnson) r 19, owns engine for sawing and threshing agent for the New Home sewing machine, farmer, with Benjamin O.

Morgan John, (Johnson) off r 13, farmer 35.

Morgan Philemon D., (Johnson) r 11, stone cutter, farmer 66, and wild land 83.

Morgan Sarah A., (Johnson) widow of Azariah, h Railroad St.

Morse Heman, (Johnson) carpenter for St. J. & L. C. R. R., h Main St.

Moulton Frank, (Johnson) r 48, works in saw-mill.

Mudget Henry E., (Johnson) r 27, farm laborer.

MUDGETT HOLLIS A., (Johnson) proprietor of the horse “William Tell,” sugar orchard 550 trees, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 100.

Muzzy Joseph, (Johnson) laborer, h Railroad St.

Munn Charles S., (Johnson) r 22, highway surveyor, and farmer, leases of E. Cobleigh 36.

Mussey Charles, (Johnson) r 48, works in saw-mill.

Newcomb James B., (Johnson) r 32, farmer, and butcher. Newcomb Lydia C., (Johnson) r 32, farmer 40.

Newton Heman W., (Johnson) r 34, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, farmer 175, and in Greensboro 275.

NEWTON SEWELL, (North Hyde Park) r 7, cattle buyer, farmer 77, and leases of Carlo Noyes 60.

Niblock Isaac J., (Johnson) r 43, works on railroad.

Nye William H., (Johnson) (Knight & Nye,) bds Main St., cor Railroad. Oaks Carlos D., (Johnson) r 40, with David, farmer.

Oaks David, (Johnson) r 40, breeder of pure Devon cattle, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 140.

Oaks Frank, (Johnson) r 40, with David, farmer.

OBER BENJAMIN T., (Johnson) r so, with Norman, farmer. Ober Norman, (Johnson) r 10, farmer 250.

Olds George W., (North Hyde Park) r 7, mill hand.

PAGE MARY C., (Johnson) (Cowles & Page) bds Main St.

PARKER CYRUS H., (North Hyde Park) r 8, lumberman and farmer 125.

Parker Everett E., (North Hyde Park) r 8, lumberman and farmer, with Cyrus H.

Parker Ezra S., (Johnson) r 13, farmer 35.

PARKER JAMES M., (North Hyde Park) r 25, sheriff, farmer 120. PARKHURST LUTHER H., (North Hyde Park) r 7, proprietor of sawmill, and farmer too.

PARMELEE HARRIET M., (Johnson) widow of Lewis D., owns h and lot, Main St.

Partlow Albert, (Johnson) r 49, day laborer.

PARTLOW HORACE H., (Johnson) carriage maker, blacksmith, and gun-smith, h Railroad St.

Partlow Joel H., (Johnson) retired farmer, h Pearl St.

Patch Frank M., (Johnson) r 5r, farm laborer.

Patch Isaac, (North Hyde Park) r 6 cor 8, dairy 10 cows, farmer 75.

Patch Mary C., (Johnson) r 51, widow of Caleb W.

Patch Roswell, (Johnson) r 11, old resident, aged 76.

Patch Samuel B., (Johnson) r 51, sugar orchard 650 trees, dairy 20 cows, farmer, leases of R. C. McFarland 150.

Patch Vernon A., (Johnson) r 11, farmer 90, served in Co: E, 7th Vt. Reg’t.

Patineau John, (Johnson) r 34, cooper and farm laborer.

PEARL I. L. & CO., (Johnson) manufs. of all kinds of woolen goods and yarns, Main St. cor Pearl.

PEARL ISAAC L., (Johnson) (I. L. Pearl & Co.,) h r 33.

Pearl Jed A., (Johnson) overseer of I. L. Pearl’s woolen mill, h Pearl.

Peck Hiel, (Johnson) retired mechanic, h Main St.

Peck Plummer W. J., (Johnson) dentist and farmer 41, Main St.

Perkins Edmund F., (Johnson) r 52, shoemaker and farmer.

Perkins Hannah L., (Johnson) r 12, widow of Hiram, dairy 9 cows, sugar orchard 800 trees, farmer 100, and wood land 125.

Perrin Mary, (Johnson) r 31, widow of Peter, owns h and lot.

PHILLIPS CHARLES E., (Johnson) r 51, farmer, with Stephen A. 210. Phillips George P., (Johnson) r 32, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 112. Phillips George W., (Johnson) r 51, farmer, works in saw-mill. Pierce James A., (Johnson) Baptist clergyman, school supt., Railroad St. Pierce Rufus D., (Johnson) retired clergyman, Railroad St. Pike Ann H., (Johnson) widow of Stoughton S., farmer 60, Main. Pike Arthur, (Johnson) carpenter and builder, Pearl St. Pike Minerva, (Johnson) widow of Seth B., farmer 2, Pearl St. Pike Sidney M., (Johnson) carpenter and laborer.

Potter E. Allen, (Johnson) works in saw-mill, Buck St.

Prince Daniel, (Johnson) r 382, farmer, leases of L. Fullington 240. Prince John, (Johnson) r 38, teamster and farm laborer. Prior Edward D., (Johnson) r 43, farm laborer.

Putnam Abel, (Johnson) r 42, sugar orchard 450 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 111.

Putnam William N., (Johnson) r 42, farmer, with Abel.

Rand Sylvester. (Johnson) r 21, farmer, owns half of 117.

Rassico Francis, (Johnson) off r 8, farmer, leases of Frank Allen 130.

Ravey George, (Waterville) r 15, farmer 50, and leases 104.

RAYMOND HORACE H., (Johnson) r 4, lumberman, and farmer 110. Served in the army 5 years, 9 months.

Reavey William, (Johnson) r 24, farmer 40.

RIDDLE THOMAS A., (Johnson) retail dealer in hardware, stoves, glass, tin and woodenware, Main St., h do.

Riddle Charles R., (Johnson) tinsmith, bds Main.

Ritterbush Ellen S., (Johnson) r 32, widow of Alonzo M., farmer 5.

RITTERBUSH STEPHEN G., (Johnson) r 32, farmer and stage driver.

Roberts Albert F., (Johnson) r 48, sawyer.

Rogers Burton H., (Johnson) son of Lewis G., blacksmith.

Rogers Charles C., (Johnson) works on railroad.

Rogers Lewis G., (Johnson) blacksmith and horse-shoer, Pearl St.

Rouser Francis, (North Hyde Park) off r 23, farmer, leases of Franklin Allen 100.

SARGENT CLINTON H., (North Hyde Park) r 7, stage driver between Hyde Park and North Troy.

Sargent Edward W., (North Hyde Park) r 7, lumberman and farmer, with George H.

SARGENT GEORGE H.,(North Hyde Park) r 7, lumberman, and farmer 70.

Sargent Orrin A., (Johnson) r 9, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy 13 cows, farmer 70, and leases of Ira Ober 170.

Saxby George H., (Johnson) (Saxby & Converse) prop. Johnson House, meat market and livery, and farmer 100, h Main.

Saxby & Converse, (Johnson) (G. H. S. and P. K. C.,) props. steam saw-mill, and farmers 500.

Scott Lucian, (Johnson) jeweler, dealer in confectionery, sporting goods, fancy groceries, etc., Main St., h do.

SCRIBNER BERTIE F., (Johnson) off r 28, farmer, with Samuel.

Scribner Carrie E., (Johnson) off r 32, dressmaker.

Scribner Leroy G., (Johnson) off r 32, farmer 79.

Scribner Samuel C., (Johnson) off r z8, breeder of grade Devon cattle, sugar orchard 600 trees, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 175

Scribner Sarah E., (Johnson) off r 3a, widow of George W., farmer 28.

Sears Eugene, (Johnson) blacksmith and horse-shoer, owns house and lot.

Shedd Zelah H., (Johnson) r 8, dairy 16 cows, and farmer, leases of M. Fullington 165.

Sinclair Franklin, (Johnson) r 30, carpenter and farmer, owns undivided half of 100.

Sinclair James K., (Johnson) r 40, sewing machine agent.

Sinclair John H., (Johnson) r 30, farmer, leases of William B. Crowell 100.

Sinclair Julius, (Johnson) r 30, sugar orchard 1,400 trees, dairy 11 cows, and farmer, owns undivided half of 100.

Sinclair Saul (Johnson) works in tub factory.

SMITH AZRO A., (Johnson) Congregational clergyman, h Main St.

Smith Elizabeth B., (Johnson) r 35 cor 36, widow of Moses B., farmer 50.

Smith George W., (Johnson) r 39, farmer 80.

SMITH LEWIS J., (Johnson) r 32, prop. of hand hay-rake factory, farmer 7, served in 1st Heavy Artilley from New Hampshire.

Smith Samuel H., (Johnson) r 32, works in rake factory.

SPAULDING MARTIN V. B., (Johnson) r 18, breeder of pure blood Chester white hogs, dairy To cows, and farmer 75.

Staggles Alpheus, (Johnson) r 13, farmer 25.

Stanley Homer, (Johnson) farm laborer, Main St.

Stearns Charles H., (Johnson) r 32, (0. W. Stearns & Son) town treasurer.

STEARNS JOHN H., (Johnson) r 31, retired rake manufacturer.

Stearns O. W. & Son, (Johnson) (0. W. & C. H. Stearns) props. of tub and butter box factory, and dealers in general merchandise.

Stearns Otis W., (Johnson) r 32, (O. W. Stearns & Son) farmer 20.

Stearns Parker C., (Johnson) manuf. tubs, h Main St.

STEARNS WILLIAM H., (Johnson) r 31, prop. of hand hay-rake factory and cider-mill, and farmer 20.

STEPHENSON JAMES M., (Johnson) r 45, dairy 15 cows, and farmer, leases of T. J. Baker 150.

STEWART JOHN, (Johnson) r 51, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 200.

Stoddard Betsey, (Johnson) r 41, widow of Robert O.

Stoddard Henry 0., (Johnson) r 24, farmer 26.

STODDARD PERRY C., (Johnson) r 41, farm laborer and book agent.

STONE JOHN P., (Johnson) r 13, farmer 35.

Storey Elijah 0., (Johnson) r 42, dairy 11 cows, agent for Champion mower farmer, with Ozias 120.

Story Ozias, (johnson) r 42, retired farmer, owned farm of 120, died Oct., 1882.

Stowell Allen, (North Hyde Park) r 3, carpenter and joiner.

STOWELL JAMES, (Johnson) teamster, h Pearl St.

STOWELL JEROME C., (North Hyde Park) r 3, farm laborer.

Stratton George E., (Johnson) r 46, farm laborer.

STRATTON JAMES A., (North Hyde Park) r 4, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 88.

Stratton Orrin, (North Hyde Park) r 4, retired farmer.

Stufflebean Elmore, (Johnson) r 31, laborer.

Sturtevant Adelbert G., (Johnson) works on railroad, h Railroad St.

TATRO THOMAS, (North Hyde Park) r 6, farmer 67, served in Co. K, 6th Vt. Reg’t, 19 months.

Townsend George R., (Johnson) r 38, night watchman in Buck’s mill.

Townsend Jonathan, (Johnson) r 38, farmer q.

Tracy Sylvester N., (Johnson) merchant tailor, has been located in town since 1835, h Railroad St.

Tuliper Henry B., (Johnson) r 43, saddler, and harnessmaker, shop over R. W. McFarland’s store, Main St.

Tupper John S., (Johnson) r 40, M. E. clergyman.

Ward Chester W., (Johnson) retired merchant, farmer 175, h Main St.

Warner Amos N., (Johnson) r 41, represents firms Jno. I. Brown & Sons, of Boston, and J. Curtis & Sons, New York City.

WARNER WILLIAM S., (Johnson) r 47, teamster and farmer, leases of O. M. Fowler 27.

Waster Ira, (North Hyde Park) r 5, farmer 40.

WATERMAN D. SANFORD, (Johnson) manufacturer of rough and planed

lumber, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 9 cows, farmer 425.

Waterman Frank H., (Johnson) r 34, son of Heman A., student.

WATERMAN HEMAN A., (Johnson) r 43, 3d selectman, superintendent

of poor farm, surveyor, and farmer 445, and mountain land 5,000.

Waterman Homer, (Johnson) r 46, with D. Sanford, farmer.

Waterman John L., (Johnson) r 43, resident.

Waterman Norman A., (Johnson) r 46, farmer, with D. Sanford.

Waterman Thomas, (Johnson) r 46, farmer, with D. Sanford.

Waters Luther R., (Johnson) r 20, with W. F., dairy 16 cows, and farmer 190.

Waters Wadsworth F., (Johnson) r 20, with L. R., dairy 16 cows, and farmer 190.

Waters Samuel G., (Johnson) r 20, fruit grower 200 trees, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 190, owned by Samuel H. of Lindon, Luther R., and Wadsworth F.

Webster Norman G., (Johnson) r 36, apiary 20 swarms, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 160.

WELCH CHARLES L., (North Hyde Park) r 7, head sawyer in Parkhurst’s mill.

Welch James C., (Johnson) works in Stearn’s tub factory, h Main.

Wellman Hannah K., (Johnson) r 40, widow of Rev. Jubilee, Main.

Wellman Mrs. H. M. & P. G., (Johnson) r 40, artist in India ink and watercolors.

Westover Charles, (North Hyde Park) r 4, farmer 22, and leases of Lucy Williams 85.

Wetherell Darwin D., (Johnson) r 37, carpenter and farm laborer.

Wheeler Asaph, (Johnson) r 38, retired farmer.

WHEELER LUCIUS H., (Johnson) r 38, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 245.

Whitcomb Bros., (Johnson) r 26, (Charles R. and Frank L.,) farmers 50.

Whitcomb Charles R., (Johnson) r 26, (Whitcomb Bros.)

Whitcomb Frank L., (Johnson) r 26, (Whitcomb Bros.)

Whitcomb Reuben, (Johnson) r 26, retired farmer.

WHITING ALMON, (Johnson) r 12, dairy 7 cows, farmer 200, and woodland 40.

WHITING DEXTER, (Johnson) r 33, retired farmer, owns farm of 50 in Hyde Park and in Johnson 80.

Whiting George V., (Johnson) r 33, dairy 9 cows, farmer, leases of Dexter 80.

WHITING ZACHARIAH,. (Johnson) r 19, overseer of poor, sugar orchard 700 trees, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 300.

Whitney Cornelia A., (Johnson) milliner, and dealer infancy goods, Main St. h do.

Wilson Hollis S., (Johnson) r 44, school teacher.

Wilson Orville H., (Johnson) r 44, farmer, with Samuel.

Wilson Samuel, (Johnson) r 44, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy to cows, and farmer 130.

WILSON THOMAS, (Johnson) r 46, dairy 12 cows, manuf. of maple sugar, farmer 147.

WINSLOW DON A., (Johnson) r 47, station agent St. J. & L. C. R. R. telegraph operator, express agent, and farmer in Westfield, Orleans Co., 125.

Wiswall Eli D., (Johnson) r 27, agent for agricultural implements, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, and farmer 70.

Wiswall Eunice, (Johnson) r 32, widow of Daniel.

Witherell David, (Johnson) r 27, retired machinist, and farmer 95, died Dec. 1882.

Witherell Thomas N., (Johnson) r 27, highway surveyor, and farmer, estate of David 95.

Woodward Daniel P., (Johnson) r 48, teamster, and keeps boarding-house for mill hands.

Woodward George, (Johnson) allo. physician and surgeon, office Main, h do.


Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and business directory of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, Vt., for 1883-1884. Hamilton Child. 1887.

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